Prismatic Fountain of the Heavenly Hologram

Prismatic Fountain of the Heavenly Hologram

I first experienced Steve Willner, many years ago on his blog called “Labyrinth of the Psychonaut,” and as a YouTube producer of esoteric content —  he is in a class by himself. If you are looking to be up to speed on a various ancient and inner-knowledge disciplines his videos are highly recommended. His videos are a hodgepodge of multimedia dancing on a bed of creative transitioning kaleidoscope images interwoven with great musical taste.

He narrates the video giving the listener a clear understanding of Universal synthesis with an ancient introspection into the inner workings of man. If you are looking to find out the “secrets” of mankind this is one YouTube Channel you should not miss. He strings together related video footage from cartoons, television series, to movies and you are left with an indelible understanding of the subject matter.

Steve’s work is so entertaining I often wonder why he has not transitioned to television. This man has a gift and he freely offers it for the betterment of the collective conscious. He is a writer, poet, and visionary with flare for dramatics neatly wrapped up in a cocoon of holistic wisdom. His ability to bridge colloquialisms into shared ideas based on commonly known movies is brilliant. By the time you finish the video here you will understand what I have been saying. As Morpheus said in the Matrix, “No one can tell you what the Matrix is — You must experience it for yourself.”

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Michael Erevna

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