Beyonce and the Occult Rabbit Hole

Beyonce and the Occult Rabbit Hole

We have been getting request to synthesize our occult investigations of Beyonce and her connections to dark forces. It is understandable because our investigations of her behavior are compelling and begs the question: How can anyone who is seeking truth from the Word justifiably behave in such an occult driven manner? We have decided to arrange the Beyonce analysis content in sequential order and you of course can come to your own conclusions.

Beyonce Occult Track Record

Prediction: Beyonce's Super Bowl Half Time ShowWeeks before Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl a theory was presented which stated, her performance would incorporate motifs from the star alignments above the stadium. It was discovered the particular star alignment had an ancient reference known as the "Silver Gate" of the gods, angels, and fallen angels. It was known as the "back door" to the Heavens. We believed these performances have a dual purpose where an ancient science is playing out and we would see a representation of Taurus the Bull in her show as well as Gemini. Guess what? It was there! Taurus IN Super Bowl XLVII?
Evidence: Super Bowl Performance was OccultAnalysis of Beyonce's performance with EVIDENCE of the star constellation motif connection with images used through out her performance. Basically the theory was proven and it is no longer a theory. Her performance was also a ritual of some kind. Taurus the Bull constellation was overhead and many "bull" images were created using fire and light. Also the two-faces on the stage were related to Gemini. Beyonce Halftime Show: Bunch of Bull
Analysis: Beyonce Transformed During PerformanceA spiritual YouTube producer slowed down the video of Beyonce's face during her performance at the Super Bowl. You will see the actual transformation of her eyes and throat. The shape bulging from her throat looks curiously like a pose Rihanna made in her "Umbrella" video. Was there some connection between the "Silver Gate" and the possession of Beyonce? Beyonce's management complained of unflattering pictures after this performance and banned all photographers after it. In the end, Beyonce hired her own photographer. Watch Beyonce Demon Possessed at Super Bowl?
Theory: Connection between Beyonce's Transformation and Grey AlienWe leave no stone unturned in our investigation into Beyonce's performance and transformation. We noticed a similarity between a picture still of Beyonce's transformed face and the commonly promoted "grey alien" you see in the media. Are These the DEMONS of Beyonce?
Physical Evidence: Beyonce and Rihanna Share a DemonAfter further reviewing Beyonce's transformation during her performance we discovered a connection to a demonic entity represented in Rihanna's "Umbrella" video. This entity can be seen in the swollen image in Beyonce's throat. 83% of our viewers polled could see the connection! Beyonce and Rihanna Share a DEMON?
Connection Made: Jimi Hendrix and BeyonceJimi Hendrix was the first known artist to perform a "Silver Gate" ritual and the same thing happened at the end of the show. The power went out in the town! The exact same thing happened after Beyonce's performance. Also witness say UFO appear during his show. We believe the same effects were cloaked by Beyonce's light show. Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Beyonce and Star-Gates

As you can see there is a clear pattern of Beyonce associated with occult activity. We admit we are speculating in some areas because we are not members of the occult! You must admit Beyonce is not the Christian girl she claims to be and there is a dual purpose to her shows. She clearly needs fans to materialize occult plans into our reality. People must wake up and spread the word about her true nature.

Isaiah 47 – 12:13

12 “Keep on, then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries,
    which you have labored at since childhood.Perhaps you will succeed,
    perhaps you will cause terror.13 All the counsel you have received has only
worn you out!

The Bible makes it very clear there are people using magic and sorcery. They rely on the occult to manipulate their agenda in direct conflict against “The Most High.” It is obvious from our analysis entertainers like Beyonce are used to perform rituals. We believe there is a separate ritual running unbeknownst to the general public.

These sorcerers are in effect hijacking energy and do things only the occult knows but we know — God knows everything they are doing! All I can say is do not get caught up in the fake smiles and the sugary words when these entertainers are interviewed. It is what they do behind closed doors which represents their true nature and who they share their bodies!

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