MLK 50 Years Later: Dream to a Coma!

MLK 50 Years Later: Dream to a Coma!

Watching the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington was an affirmation on how far the leadership of Black America has plummeted. President Obama sullied the ideal of equal rights by turning the tribute into a machine for his economic agenda. He tied the following initiatives into civil rights:

  • Early childhood education
  • Increase in the minimum wage
  • College cost reduction; and
  • Stimulating the housing recovery

How exactly this ties into to civil rights for Black America is beyond me. You have to understand, there is a systemic problem in urban areas where the high school drop out rate is over 50% for Black males. The Black nuclear family is now a myth and a minimum wage increase will not buy you a home. 

Ironically, it was announced that Merrill Lynch has agreed to pay $160 million to settle a racial bias lawsuit that wound through the federal courts for eight years. Some of these financial institutions run their business like plantations out of the public spotlight. If you see a Black managing director at a financial institution — look again because they are most likely from India. There are no glass ceilings for Black employees at these banks but a wooden ceiling.

Racism, bias, and discrimination is alive and well in this country while President Obama sugar coats words to distract the masses from the real message from Martin Luther King, Jr. An equal and level playing field with transparency for all races to experience. We are obviously far from that and just because President Obama was elected, does not deflect us from the reality of oppression. (Merrill Lynch has 160 million reasons to agree with this analysis.)

“Part of what Dr. King talked about, part of what I think we have to get back to, is a recognition that the working man in Arkansas who happens to be white and the black woman in Philadelphia who wants to work but is having a tough time finding a job, that they have things in common. That in fact they can work together.”

President Obama

A read the above quote from President Obama and I was befuddled by the logic. Two broke ass people who live in different States, who can not afford a bus pass — are going to work together? Where, on a protest page on Facebook? This makes no sense. He charismatically vomits analogies where people are hypnotized by pseudo-intellectual prowess. Again, how does this tie into civil rights? Take a look at the graph below and see if you recognize equality or disparity.

Worsening wealth inequality by race

I think this says it all and clearly represents the “dog and pony” show of the politics and entertainment of the “50 Years Later” tribute. The real economic disparities are not being addressed in the Black economic base and even President Obama is disinterested in providing equal opportunities for Black people. This is why the guest speaker list was peppered with entertainers who have no known civic altruistic endeavors in the Black community.

In fact, Christian Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., would not have approved of many of the Black entertainers endorsing his dream. The whole civil rights movement was based on the cornerstone of Black theology of the 1960s. This was a Christian principled church driven movement. The non-violent applications of the civil-protest was inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What exactly has Jamie Foxx accomplished in civil rights? He has labeled President Obama “our Lord and Savior,” clearly mocking Jesus. He is a rumored bi-sexual who allegedly sleeps around Hollywood and mocks Jesus. Dr. King certainly would not have approved of him or his lifestyle.  Sadly, it took 45 years for Jamie to meet Harry Belafonte (why didn’t he speak?) to realize the magnitude of Jim Crow laws and racism prior to civil rights. Did he not  see “Roots?”

The most telling mind-hump of the Jamie Foxx speech was endorsing the next leaders of the Black generation:

  • Jay Z
  • Will Smith
  • Alicia Keys

and of course himself. Where do I even start? If you have been reading articles on this site you would know Jay Z has never read the Bible by his own admission. Wears occult riddled paraphernalia and claims he “talks” to the spirits. Dr. King would have to de-friend him on Facebook just for saying that out loud.  Not one Black family in America can rattle off any civic project deployed by Jay Z in the Black community. (At least Pit Bull opened a school in his old ‘hood!)

Will Smith is so deep into Scientology he believes 2 + 2 = (whatever he says it equals) and his rumored bi-sexual sex parties make Hugh Heffner melt. He is another Black celebrity you would be challenged to quote any of his special projects in the Black community. Who exactly is he leading? No need to mention Alicia Key that was just plain silly. This little escapade by Jamie Foxx was an attempt to brainwash the younger generation to venerate these entertainers as future civil right icons — with absolutely no track record! (Go ahead and scroll up and take a gander at the graph again!)

I feel bad for Black America because they have stopped fighting and have become complacent with themselves, their future, and Black leadership. President Obama hooked Black America with “Yes, we can” when Black America needs to be saying, “Hell to the no — we won’t.” Black Leadership in America is a joke and the graph says it all — equality is a long way away. Time to stop dreaming and start living for civil rights.

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