ROBOCOP (2014) Looks Boss!

ROBOCOP (2014) Looks Boss!

How many of you out there saw the original RoboCop? It was released in 1987 and it starred Peter Weller as a human grafted into a cybernetic police officer — after being gunned down by a Detroit crime organization. It was groundbreaking and it was a humanized take-off of the Terminator. The original RoboCop was quite prophetic when analyzing the (simple minded-entertainment) television commercials, gas guzzling cars, and even a bankrupt Detroit.

The unchecked evil corporation driving the technology behind RoboCop and an array of military robotic solutions is stunningly similar to mega-corporations of today.  A corporation run by criminals financing criminals to expand untaxed wealth through the drug trade. RoboCop was one of the best films merging human and cybernetics — it developed a cult following and spawned two sequels, not as good as the original.

I was excited to see the re-imagining of RoboCop and the trailer looks awesome!  The title was transposed to all caps as: ROBOCOP but that is where the similarities end. After waiting 26 years for a solid remake — this merging of technology with a human seems plausible, if not affordable (on an NSA budget). There has been a paradigm improvement in special effects since the original RoboCop fought the stop-motion animation bi-pedal tank. 

Science seems very close to making ROBOCOP a reality if they solve the hydrolic and energy issues. We might be less than 25 years away from ROBOCOPS and ROBO-ROBBERS. Whatever man can imagine he can achieve and if man can discover how to preserve a living brain then what is next — eternal life? Oh wait, just ask McDonalds how they make a cheeseburger stay preserved for years in the open air!

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