NSA: The All Seeing Digital Eye

NSA: The All Seeing Digital Eye

Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA all of our suspicions have been confirmed regarding domestic surveillance.  When we are online, in a seemingly private relationship with a website — we are not alone.  None of these online giants like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or Facebook (etc.) operate privately. The NSA has an open system architecture agreement with these online giants according to Snowden. Meaning whatever you do online is recorded for posterity.

This open architecture allows the NSA to capture massive amounts of data on anyone who opens an account on these websites. It also gives them the ability to build psychological profiles on you as well. They were doing all of this well before September 11, 2001, according to other independent researchers. These researchers claimed there was a “super-computer” in Belgium designed by IBM known as “The Beast” 666 series computer. This super-computer allegedly housed all of our personal data files. This is obviously extremely hard to prove, perhaps even impossible but with the testimony of Snowden certainly plausible.

Among the NSA’s annual budget of $52.6 billion are requests to bankroll “groundbreaking cryptanalytic capabilities” that can beat cryptography and mine regular Internet traffic, new documents leaked by Edward Snowden to the Washington Post reveal.


The NSA has a mind-boggling budget of over $52 billion dollars a year and they can certainly afford the massive hardware/software infrastructure including the human resources to implement a “mirror website” for every online giant they target. For example, if Facebook was asked how may servers they own to manage their sites and they reply 25,000 servers — this is what happens next. The infrastructure teams at the NSA would most likely order 3 servers to every one of Facebooks — in other words 75,0000 servers!

This would give the NSA the following capability:

  • Mirror Server
  • Staging Server 
  • Back up Server

This configuration would allow for XML updates, transforming data, and backing up the servers. They even could have a disaster recovery system in place in case all of the data is lost.  Wouldn’t you if you have a $52 billion dollar budget? Once the data is in the NSA’s environment they can set up queries for: key words (like bomb, kill, attack, etc.), target groups, target individuals, I.P. address tracking, ghosting, and many other predefined queries and applications. They can also generate alerts, share files, and create canned reports. 

The more of your life you share and store online, the more you increase your profile on the NSA servers. There are no secrets in cyber space. If you think you are going to have an affair online and no one will ever find out, you are as dumb as a a bag of hair. Sites like Facebook were always set up with a dual purpose in mind. The allure was sharing with friends but the undercurrent was sharing with government. The NSA claims they are protecting the people with their powers but absolute power corrupts absolutely. With no checks or balances of the NSA by the Senate, the NSA is nothing more than Sith Lords with super platinum American Express cards. 

Somebody’s Watch Me – by Rockwell: How prophetic was this song?

In summary, we are living in the information age where we freely share our intimate thoughts and desires with the online community. This leaves our electronic thought inscriptions engraved in stone for ages. This has the potential to affect our children leaving a psychological gossip (of the parents) trail regardless of our true intentions. We never agreed to give Facebook or Google our permission to share our life with the NSA. They profit off our membership yet we receive nothing but covert watchers. In the end good can be done by infringing upon our privacy but how valuable is privacy anymore? Once we give up our privacy what is next? We are giving total strangers power over us and their only response is — shhhhhhhhhh. 

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