Call of Duty Ghosts: Prophetic Fall of America?

Call of Duty Ghosts: Prophetic Fall of America?

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” will be released in November 2013, and the new storyline should be frightening to anyone with prophetic Bible knowledge — who lives in America. There should be a new Hollywood genre called “Destroy America” because this is the latest trend. Ironically, if the United States is the subject of destruction in Isaiah 47 this all gels together prophetically. Of course this depends if America is Babylon in the Bible. Which many theologians, biblical scholars, and independent researchers agree.

Isaiah 47: 8-9 (The Fall of Babylon)

“Now then, listen, you lover of pleasure, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow or suffer the loss of children.’ 9  Both of these will overtake you  in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood.  They will come upon you in full measure, in spite of your many sorceries and all your potent spells.”

America is on the ropes financially and her military is spread abroad. We are in the throes of the “bitchification” of America where the youth are taught to stand down to conflict. Where the new school terrorism is called “bullying” and some of the victims sadly commit suicide. Gone are the teachings of “walk tall and carry a big stick” –we now have a generation of softies. In my day you tease me you were going be held accountable in the ring of life.

Instead of being “poked” on Facebook you would get poked in the eye and guess what?  The bullying would stop. Many Americans have stories coming home as kids where they were beat up and their parents sent them back out for the rematch with special instructions — do not come home until you win. Now we are a nation brimming with sensitive men who wear lip gloss and actually cry for change. America will sorely miss the true masculine man when the line between civilization and totally anarchy is dissolved.

Especially when we are dealing with Russian or China, where a man can get his hand cut off, stops the bleeding, grabs some duck-tape and ties a buck knife to his bloody stump. Americans think they are tough because they watch these Hollywood action-hero movies where a five-foot-six actor destroys a whole army. Meanwhile in reality the softening of America is complete and when we are invaded the enemy will be met with a battalion of American snuggle bears.  

As Plato noted, magic (mageia) refers to “the Magian lore of Zoroaster” ( Alchibiades 1.122). The baresman (Phl. barsom), or sacred bundle of twigs (or “slender wands”), is a ritual implement which has played an important part in Zoroastrian religious practices since prehistoric times. According to Kotwal and Boyd, the baresman is an “ancient Indo-Iranian emblem of seeking the Holy”, and it “establishes a connecting link between this getig [material] world and the menog [spiritual] realm.


There is a method to this Hollywood madness and perhaps movies are actual spells being cast? If you know the origin of “Hollywood” you would know it represents the wand of sorcery. Even the powerful Harry Potter’s wand, was an 11″ holly wood, phoenix feather! Think about every witch movie you have ever seen, the witch has to tell you exactly what she is going to do to you (in her spell) before it will happen. If this is the case then Hollywood is casting powerful spells to destroy America. These are few of the latest movies where America is invaded: Red Dawn, Olympus Has Fallen, and White House is Down.

More synchronicity is represented in the movie “Gravity” where Sandra Bullock is an astronaut trying to survive after a terrible accident in space. This connects the space scene in “Call of Duty: Ghosts”  and an accident in space. Is this the desired effect? A space based attack or accident over the United States where it is weakened and instantly made ripe for invasion? You might find all of this silly but you must accept the fact Hollywood was built on the premise of magic. 

The Bible clearly states sorcery will be practiced by a nation. All we need to do to verify this is turn on the television and you will signs, symbols, behavior which are linked to the occult. America tries to share this “freedom” with other countries and those who are spiritually inclined kindly say no thanks. If America is not Babylon of Isaiah 47 then who is?

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