Seed of Satan: They Walk Amongst Us

Seed of Satan: They Walk Amongst Us

After spending years researching ancient cultures, where some honored the commandments of the Most High, and others who served the agenda of the Satanic Kingdom — I have come to a startling conclusion. Over the eons the names of the pagan gods changed but one element never changed. This was a need for blood to be spilled and offered to the unseen. Blood became the transmutator of the etheric into the physical and there needs to be a constant source.

Specific rituals based on key star alignments, ancient sites, and mass-murder is the doorway into our dimension. This is why we see a relationship to reptilian gods in ancient cultures. The Mayans god Quetzalcoatl is the perfect example. He was a reptilian feathered humanoid god who required blood sacrifice in order to manifest in our dimension. The Aztecs and Mayans were infamous for mass murder in order to harvest the blood of the victims. Once Quetzalcoatl materialized these human blood sacrifice rituals transitioned to hummingbirds and butterfly sacrifice — which sounds like reptile food to me!

Interestingly, enough the Mayans were misrepresented by mainstream media regarding their December 21, 2012 calendar which was not about the end of the world. This date was really about the return of the gods they worshipped which required blood sacrifice. The Mayan countdown was calculating when the portal would reopen and allow the reptilian gods entry back into our dimension. We will see more blood lust inspired mass killings and we will  have a World War III during this time.

Furthermore, many American Indians claim they are descendents of the serpent race, who lived deep underground of the earth. They mimicked the serpent beings with their plumed headdresses. They also cut their hands and those people they were entering a partnership to make sure they were of the same blood! The research by Morris Edward Opler was presented in his book, “Myths and Tales of the Jicarilla Apache Indians,” where they testify they are the offspring of subterranean serpent people.  

The more blood that is spilled the more of these serpent beings can manifest in our dimension. This ancient serpent race predates the Bible and coincidentally even Satan is identified as a serpent. Here we have Satan a serpent being who could talk and spent time with a naked woman without her husband around. What do you think the humanoid serpent being intentions were around a naked woman in a tropical environment?

The following is an extract from the Emerald Tablet VII of Thoth which is said to be 36,000 years old. Again you will hear of the serpent race which has been around before the dawn of mankind. It sounds like a race of beings created before man and quite possibly the true identity of Satan in the Bible. These beings are said to be able to astral project their bodies and at certain times they are able to physically blend in with human civilization. Where they infiltrate governments, actors, and musicians — most likely to influence and implement a nefarious agenda against mankind. 

Emerald Tablet VIII

In ages past were they conquered by Masters,
driven below to the place whence they came.
But some there were who remained,
hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man.
Lived they in Atlantis as shadows,
but at times they appeared among men.
Aye, when the blood was offered,
for they came they to dwell among men.

In the form of man they amongst us,
but only to sight were they as are men.
Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted
but appearing to man as men among men.
Crept they into the Councils,
taking forms that were like unto men.

Slaying by their arts
the chiefs of the kingdoms,
taking their form and ruling o’er man.
Only by magic could they be discovered.
Only by sound could their faces be seen.
Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows
to destroy man and rule in his place.

But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic,
able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent,
able to send him back to his place.
Came they to man and taught him the secret,
the WORD that only a man can pronounce.
Swift then they lifted the Veil from the serpent
and cast him forth from the place among men.

Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth
in a place that is open at times to the world.
Unseen they walk among thee
in places where the rites have been said.
Again as time passes onward
shall they take the semblance of men.

The Bible also speaks about placing emnity between the seed of the serpent — and woman.Meaning sexual activity could occur between the serpent being and a human woman. There is a hybrid race (with serpent characteristics) which has a natural aversion for the hue-man race. We know from ancient testimony this serpent race needs our flesh and blood most likely to assume human form. Hollywood has sensationalized ancient serpent being testimony and turned these eyewitness accounts into fiction.

emnity, hatred

From ‘ayab; hostility — emnity, hatred.

see HEBREW ‘ayab

This serpent race has a psychotic hatred toward the hue-man race and we have an extremely ancient account (36,0000) according to Thoth of an evil serpent race. Even to the point where they can surface and blend in with the human race during certain periods — which supports my theory the Mayan’s December 21, 2012 — was a countdown to the return of their god. As we know (see the picture above) the Mayan’s god was Quetzalcoatl and he was a feathered reptilian humanoid.

We know according to ancient accounts the serpent race hates the whole creation of man. What do you think happened when the “serpent being” Satan saw a voluptuous butt naked woman (and it does not have to be Eve, just a woman) walking around a tropical environment — without her husband around? A being who loathed the hue-man race and had the opportunity to spoil the genetic creation of mankind. It is not only plausible Satan who is of the serpent lineage and his fallen ones survived the flood and again have returned to possess and pollute the hue-man gene pool.

There must be a relationship to the Silver Gate mass murders and the blood spilled allowing these serpent beings to manifest in our dimension.  If this is the case then the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center, was a mega-ritual to bring thousands of them into our dimension. We need only to glean the patterns to postulate the formula:

Assassin + Ley Line  + Ancient (Pyramid) + Star-gate / Mass Murder (Blood) =  Open Serpent Portal

Is magic really making the unseen appear through occult rituals? The Emerald Tablets of Thoth validates the Biblical character Satan by establishing the fact there is a serpent race which lives under the earth. This serpent race is highly advanced because if the Emerald Tablets of Thoth are a benchmark of time — the serpent race is at least 36,0000 years older than hue-mans!  There is a wealth of tales regarding beings who live under the earth and the Bible is no stranger.

Philippians 2:10-11

New International Version (NIV)

10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

It is said after the crucifixion Jesus testified to the spirits under the earth.  It is His flesh that was made alive again, resurrected. Christ died in body only. We can prove this by 1 Peter 3:19-20: “By whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison, who formerly were disobedient, when once the divine longsuffering waited in the days of Noah…” This event occurred between Christ’s death and resurrection.

In the Book of Phillip which was not canonized but gives us a deeper insight into Christ, meditation, serpent beings, and the earth. We encounter the following Scripture from Phillip which again validates ancient accounts of an inner realm of the earth. This gives so much credence to Admiral Byrd’s account of a extremely large spaces in the earth — where you can fly a plane! 

The Gospel of Philip

The Holy Spirit, coming from the Abode of the Father, is present in His different states above the surface of the Earth (“the open space”) and inside our planet (“the hidden space”).

It makes you wonder who exactly decided to remove certain Gospels from the Bible which appear to corroborate ancient history, improve our understanding of the life of Christ, and who exactly the common enemy of the hue-man race is. According to Philippians there are beings who live under the earth who possess knees that bend. These beings actually recognized the Divinity of Christ and bowed to Him.

These serpent beings can live amongst men and you will be none the wiser. Perhaps certain Gospels were removed from the Bible as to not allow men to discover the nature of the enemy? This serpent race appears to be timeless beings bent on controlling the hue-man race through the elite and this is why they infiltrate the counsels of men. This may sound far-fetched but there is too much evidence to jettison this theory as fantasy. This is obviously the race of the devil and his minions. 

This also supports the fact that serpent beings can masquerade as an angel of light and angels can appear as human! This all neatly fits together and the ominous reality is December 21, 2012 was a countdown of their return! If we revisit the Emerald Tablet VIII it has a key phrase which supports the true nature of the Mayan time keeping. Thoth stated the following: “Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open at times to the world.” 

As you know, the Mayans were master time keepers and December 21, 2012 did not mark the end of the world, nor none of the promises from New Age charlatans like David Wilcox and Patrick Geryl. The Mayan god was of the serpent race and they wanted to know when he would return. Once this serpent race returns they could masquerade as hue-mans and we would not be able to tell. I ask you are they already not amongst us?

Revelation 5:3

New International Version (NIV)

But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it.

We see the hatred to mankind through senseless killing, poisoning of the food and water, destruction of the currency, and the poisoning of the air we breath. Are they not already in positions of power? Have they replaced our leaders with their own serpent people? We see the music of our Nation turn increasingly dark and sexual; incorporating ancient occult symbols with skulls and blood. We are not seeing “art.”  We are seeing a return to ancient pagan symbols linked to the serpent race.

The most troubling aspect of the serpent race is their need to drink our blood and eat our flesh. It sounds eerily similar to the Last Supper but without the symbology. What are the properties of human blood which allow the serpent beings to manifest in our dimension and look like us? I was having a stimulating phone chat with Steve Quayle and he mentioned to me our leaders have been replaced with clones. Perhaps not clones but the serpent beings? Obviously Steve Quayle is on the right track because the USA should not be in the dire straits she is living. This is part of a plan. 

I wonder when the serpent beings see us do they see a can of V8 with legs? Over vast epochs the recurring tale is beings from the inner earth with tails. This must be the most suppressed history of mankind because it certainly is not apart of the National Education Association’s curriculum. How could something so fascinating be swept under the proverbial rug? This is what I call a cover up. Is it possible the serpent race is the evolution of the dinosaurs? I do not know these things but we should be discussing them. 

In summary we have ancient tablets predating the Bible by over 36,000 years that speak of a race of serpent men who hate mankind. Next we have the Bible which clearly states there is a “hatred” between the seed of the serpent and woman. Meaning there is a hybrid race that is not 100% hue-man. We also have the Bible which speaks of beings with knees that bend, inside the earth, who bow to the Divinity of Jesus — this is also where Jesus went to testify of the judgment against these spirits in the earth. The Gospel of Philip also speaks to the hollow earth theory corroborated by the late Admiral Byrd’s journey inside the earth.

Now we understand who is behind these blood lust rituals on Ley Lines and under the Golden and Silver gate star-systems. This serpent race is harnessing energy and through blood, taking the form of powerful men on the earth. These are the demons and devils of yore who have created advanced underground cities and at certain times have direct access to our world. The Mayan’s the most advanced time keepers were marking time so they would know when their serpent king would return. Now you know the true form of Satan and he has the ability to masquerade as an angel or man. We have to keep digging because once we uncover the truth we will finally be set free.

John 14:12

New Living Translation

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.

It is imperative we as a hue-man race come together as one mind against these serpent devils. Instead of  superiority complexes we need unity complexes, instead of skin-tone analysis we hue-man verification analysis, instead of being divided by money we need to pool our resources, and finally we need to develop ourselves to achieve Christ consciousness. Jesus promised us we would have greater abilities than He yet we suffer with spiritual entropy. We have been taught to praise and not raise our consciousness. This means activating dormant spiritual abilities where we could see demons from afar. If you are attending a church and your Pastor can not walk on water, or replicate matter, or ascend . . . I think we might have the wrong spiritual advisors.

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