Kabbalah Magic on the MONEY (Part II)

Kabbalah Magic on the MONEY (Part II)

I think titling the this and the related post “Kabbalah Magic on the Money” is an injustice to this piece and quite misleading. The reason being, is the symbols and characters on the new $100 bill, is a tapestry of occult science. By itself, it is most likely neither good nor evil yet juxtaposed against the terror attacks, illustrated on the folded bills — speaks of a sinister intention. Becoming acclimated with the ancient symbols and characters, builds a case of great treachery directed at an unsuspecting target.



The first connection was obviously made with the symbols in the windows however there would be more discovered on the bill. Even a character connected to the Phoenician alphabet! The symbols and characters on the $100 bill were carefully planned and can be used to evoke destruction by fire and war. Understanding this everything else seems to fall into place.



The windows in the building, on the back of the $100 bill, Independence Hall, were used for a specific occult purpose. The occult practice and term used for the windows is “Magic Squares.” In its purest form may be defined as a series of consecutive numbers beginning with one that is arranged in a grid so that each row, column and diagonal of the grid has an equal sum. In the series 1 to n2, n is the base, root, module or order of the square — “order” being the most common term. 

The Hebrew and other ancient languages have a numerical value assigned to each letter. These accumulated numbers have a counter point in the realm of spirit. In other words the ability to activate a force to act in our physical realm. This is why some of the characters were placed in the windows. This was a well known occult practice in China around 2200 BC, which is told in the I-Ching.


“Symbols are connections between realms, as the hyperspace archetypes, one door here and one door there. A lot of symbols in Kabbalah are symbols referencing demon/angelic deities.”


We have lost the knowledge of these things and I can see why the Most High forbids this type of power because in the wrong hands — it is like giving a baby a Glock at a cook out. There are many occult techniques embedded on the $100 bill and it took extensive research to locate the symbols. Most of the time I can write off the top of my head (from over 20 years of research) but this was uncharted and forbidden territory. The irony is I purchased an occult book years ago and never read it or had a need to, until now!



There are astrological symbols on the $100 bill evoking Mars and Scorpio. An Israeli woman emailed me and erroneously state the “W” looking character was “Shin” but it is not. It is actually the symbol for Scorpio and it is one of the constellations of the “Golden Gate!” Which is the entrance into the Heavens according to mystics, philosophers, and holy men from the days of yore. 



There is also a symbol evoking the power of Saturn on the $100 bill. This is another interesting connection because Saturn loomed over the World Trade Center on the now infamous 9/11. Saturn is linked to destruction and has a very dark ancient past — some researchers even claim Saturn was the original Sun for the planet earth! The “three” looking symbol, captured in part one of this research is linked to Jupiter and there is another symbol evoking the Moon. Both Jupiter and the Moon were also looming over the World Trade Center for 9/11!



As you can see there is an astrological connection to the symbols and successful mass murders under the anciently revered star-gates. This spiritual connection to the symbols and the terror attacks on the folded bills should be painfully obvious now. We have unknowingly carried talisman with us and imbued it with our energy just by believing in power of the money!  In turn we have given power to the enchanter to open the door to the other side with specific intentions. 

It is no accident the ancient symbol for the “God of War” is evoked with the triangle representing fire over it. Especially since the successful terror attacks, as illustrated on the folded bills, involved explosives and fire!  Additionally, the 9/11 terror attack started a long-term war and presence in the Middle East sustained by fire visa vie bombs. The Hermetic principles were executed with great accuracy — as it is above so it is below



This is an occult science being used to manipulate and ensure events are carried out successfully. This is why you are seeing these symbols cleverly placed on the $100 bill. This bill is circulated around the world and it is imbued with great power. The value of it might be falling but not the occult power. The banking elite is most likely behind placing these symbols in the money because how could anyone who loves the Most High finance every world war? They are using enchantments and sorcery which is evident on the money. 

Ancient Jewish Mysticism may not be inherently evil but the US currency track record of sharing the same symbols certainly appears murderous and heinous. There is nothing good about these symbols being on the money; there is an astrological connection with Jupiter and Saturn as violent blood thirsty archetypes. I am no expert on the occult nor do I intend to be. I am merely sharing the patterns and facts. Do with it what you will but pray against it moving forward. 

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