The Ancient Game of Serpents

The Ancient Game of Serpents

The U.S. money is not the only money with reptilian features plastered over it! In fact it appears European currency carries the same motif and this is clearly a global collaboration with intention. Many Biblical scholars debate if the seed of the serpent is plausible from a Biblical perspective, yet serpents, flying serpents, or dragon worship is ubiquitous throughout all ancient cultures. 

2 Corinthians 4:4

New Living Translation (NLT)

4 Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

It is apparent serpent worship has never ended and most if not all of us, are unwittingly “worship pawns” in the game of snakes. The tactics to receive serpent worship have changed but never the objective. We have also identified a spiritual realm component where occult symbols are secretly illustrated in magic windows on the U.S. $100 bill. This tells us the serpent seed has a spiritual objective for influence over people, places, and events.

Without spiritual protection we are vulnerable to the influence and control of these occult spells especially those who are ignorant to these techniques. The greatest psychological achievement of the serpent seed is to have successfully suspended belief in their existence or the plausibility of it therein.  Ironically, the serpent images are plastered and peppered not just on global currency but in symbols and architecture of their buildings and domiciles.

The European $50 frank joins the serpent currency tradition and illustrates collusion across the international banking cartels. They are showing us the accuracy of 2 Corinthians 4:4 and serpent veneration has transgressed across epochs. Many Americans have assumed “the” antichrist will be an American but the true power brokers of global control are based in Europe. It is no accident all U.S. Presidents (except one) have been blood relatives to the King of England — including President Obama. 

In Europe, particularly Switzerland you will find banker buildings adorned with serpents and flying reptiles. This reptile recognition gives credence to the theory ancient Egyptian Pharaohs migrated to Europe (and most likely other continents) after the Hebrew Israelites were liberated by Moses. In ancient Egypt you will find the same serpent connection and gods worship embedded in stone. As well as the royal practice of passing the Kingdom through the bloodline to the first born.

The wealth accumulation of the Pharaonic Empire is mind-boggling as it progressively matured through the royal families in England — over thousands of years. Throughout all global cultures money is power and there is none richer than the royal families. The banking cartels are nothing more than instruments for these royal families with a nefarious objective in mind. All kingdoms must be united under one Pharaoh and one Priest. This is how ancient Egypt was run and this is how it will be again.

The strategy and the orders appear to be executed from the realm of spirit where these serpent beings have been encountered by modern day psychonauts. Michael Harner, who is the author of  “The Way of the SHAMAN” shared his ayahuasca driven experience where he encountered giant reptilian creatures, in the realm of spirit. He testifies there was connection to the lowermost depths of his brain and they had wings! These giant reptilian winged creatures shared a tale where they live inside all forms of life and are the creators of life on Earth.

In conformance with mixing truth and lie these giant reptilian beings told a vague origin story of “fleeing” from “something” out in space and Earth is where they escaped. These dragon like creatures claimed to be the true masters of humanity and the entire planet. Importantly, Harner’s soul began to feel a stark contrast between himself and these so-called ancient reptilian ancestors. He began to feel they were alien and possibly evil; filling his soul with an intense fear. Harner was able to signal the Shaman Indians he was in trouble and they administered a potion to lessen the effects of the ayahuasca.

This is evidence of serpents or dragons in the spirit realm and linked through archeological illustrations to royal families where this connection has never been severed. The serpent in the Garden of Eden can easily be connected to this very plausible evidence and the serpent motif is still very much in effect today. There is a clear distinction between man and serpent yet there is a group or race of men, which conspicuously and covertly promotes an ancient serpent agenda. 

We need only ask ourselves: Why so many serpent motifs illustrated on global currency? These banking cartels are financiers of both sides of every global war which suggest a complete disdain for human life. We can deduce the banking cartels are not putting the serpent kingdom under attack because serpent adorned buildings would be destroyed; and currency would not be imbued with images of reptiles. We are up against an extremely rich, well resourced, globally connected opponent with comlex infiltration of global governments. Their weak link is obviously in the realm of spirit which is why they operate in secret.

It is this realm of spirit we must explore and attack their plans through prayer and I am sure other suppressed knowledge at our disposal.  The serpent gods need blood sacrifice, fear, and hatred to prosper. We must short-circuit this life line to their realm. If they were so powerful, why must they operate in secrecy? Does a lion need to attack its prey from underground? Without us the serpent realm would have no power. 

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

American researchers have become very adept in uncovering the machinations of secret societies and the Government in America while these groups are most likely the hands of the beast. We are yet to deeply delve into the true European masters who are the head of the beast. These royal families have carte blanche to prosper at the behest of their serpent masters under the radar. Why do we obsess over the track records and behaviors of puppet Presidents? This is no different than strategy used by Emperor Palpatine’s rise to power in the Star War’s franchise.

We must seek truth by due diligence and not rely on other people’s research — including this article! I recently had a disappointing discussion with a gentlemen who prided himself as “being about truth.” The topic of discussion is really not important as the methods of research. He jumped to conclusion after watching one YouTube video on a subject he admittedly had no prior knowledge! Instead of proving and vetting a subject he was completely ignorant,  he passionately reinforced why this one video was enough for him. It is this type of celebrated ignorance which supersedes the process of fact finding and validation therein. I could easily accepted his viewpoints if he methodically dissected a subject and presented his own opinion yet he was content with celebrating the work of another, as conclusive.

This is exactly why the serpent race has been able to proliferate and prosper on the global stage. We have taken great comfort in the compartments of our egos. Not acknowledging the fact history has been suppressed and twisted by the elite of this world. If we do not seek knowledge that resonates with truth we are at the mercy of our own programming. Think about all of the experts on Comet ISON. Suddenly everyone with a YouTube account is describing what ISON really is and what will happen when it passes near the earth. This is exactly the same rhetoric we heard from David Wilcox and Richard Hoagland regarding comet Elenin and guess what happened? Nothing!

While people chase comets, UFO, and behavior of the Presidents the royal serpent race racks up great wealth and unleashes their global plan for control. While people are staring at the stars, our common enemy lives amongst us. I have news for all of you — they are already here and they have been here for eons. Why wait for the fake alien invasion, while the real alien invasion is parading around in plain view? If anything, the above-mentioned folks are playing right into their claws. 

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