New Year 2014: Seacrest and Serpent Eyes

New Year 2014: Seacrest and Serpent Eyes

I stayed home with my family to watch “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2014.” It was the usual over the top acting and musical groups to usher in the New Year, American style. I will jump right into this because if you are a frequent visitor to this site — this topic is nothing new. Ryan Seacrest was the man of the hour because his eyes were creepy. They were of an amber color. I have seen these color eyes before when Joel Osteen’s eyes manifested the same serpent like irises. 

I really do not believe the Tares care if this happens on TV anymore because the sheep are not just asleep they are under a spell. What to do, what to do? I am not sure but I have the absolute best judges because they are 7, 9, and 11 years old. Even they said it is a flip of the coin whether Ryan had snake eyes or cat eyes. The point is this manifestation of the pupil is not human. I just finished posting a story on Beyoncé and I saw her right eye looking very serpent like as well. Tare-Nation does not care if you know because just like the movie “Species” there are men on the earth right now, who would have sex with a non-human — as long as he thinks he is alone

What in all that is Holy is Ryan Seacrest doing where he openly manifests cobra like eyes in front of billions of viewers? It was so obvious I can not be the only one who witnessed this inhuman eye phenomenon. I scrambled to take pictures of the TV screen and I believe I captured some very compelling shots. I took them from all angles and some look irrefutable. I believe just as Satan promised Jesus riches, fame, and powers is also offered to celebrities. The richer you are the more you have to share your body. You are turning your body into a time-share with entities which cause your eyes to change. Does this mean your DNA has changed? I am going to vote yes on this one!

Take a gander at his ear.

Ryan’s eyes looked like an angry Sith Lord and all he needed was a red light saber and a breathing apparatus to go with his amber eyes. I can not say I am shocked anymore but to see this during a major broadcast tells me 2014 is going to be off the chain. We know something major just happened during the “Mandela Memorial Production” and the “ten kings” were present to usher in the final plan for 2014. Something wicked this way cometh and the writing is on the wall. Even Marilyn Manson chimed in with holy cross and inverted cross on Facebook. He tagged it with a cryptic message “The time is here.”

As you can tell from his testimony he is a student of occult philosophy as well as Satanism. The irony is he stated Satanism has been sensationalized to mean people who worship the devil but he segued it is more about us becoming gods. Exactly what Satan promised Eve in the Garden of Eden! Hence Satan is your god if you follow his teachings. Anyway, it appears to me Manson knows 2014 is the year something big is coming from the Satanist. This can not be good, just like putting two cats in heat in a pillow case.

2014 means there are tare-able times ahead and if they feel safe coming out of the closet then their system is in place. Ryan Seacrest is the perfect example of this. I noticed after his serpent eyes were so obvious the next commercial break the camera crew stayed away from close ups. Later when his eyes normalized the cameras returned to close ups. I also noticed a strange band of light across his face.

Now the question is what should we be doing? I strongly recommend you return to reading your Bibles. Do not rely on the pastor system. It appears the 501-3c churches are designed to keep us in a state of spiritual entropy. You should read the prophetic books in the Bible and follow the plan. There is a way out for all of us who study and show ourselves approved. It is called being worthy to escape all of these things! Look at those eyes again of Ryan Seacrest and ask yourself what spirit Ryan is filled with? I bet this was one of the ways Jesus could tell who was possessed because the eyes are the windows to the soul. Step up your spiritual efforts quickly because the Antichrist is coming out in 2014.

Update 1/3/2014 – 11:32 pm: A reader of this article just forwarded the following video of Ryan Seacrest’s serpent eye condition. This was uploaded on 10/3/2013.

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