Shirley Temple of Set?

Shirley Temple of Set?

Last evening a shocked person who would like to remain anonymous sent me a YouTube video of Shirley Temple.  The person told me they almost dropped their iPad with what they witnessed.  The video is of the July 20, 1976 inauguration of Shirley Temple Black as the State Department’s Chief (first female) of Protocol under the Ford administration. Mind you this video was filmed before the advent of special effect software like Adobe Photoshop.

Although this does not rule out the possibility it was manipulated — I truly doubt it.  I am still waiting on an explanation of this pupil eye slit phenomenon and how to create the lighting conditions to replicate it.  If this a natural and explainable phenomenon anybody should be able to naturally  create the effect.  We must remember the earth has an ancient history where reptilian beings were worshiped as gods.

I don’t know if you all are aware of this or not… But I came across this video of Shirley Temple when she was being sworn in (this video was taken when Gerald Ford was president…). Before I watched this video I prayed and I started watching it. Next thing I know her eyes catch me at 3:06/ the way she licks her lips and the normal eye change at 3:08… As soon as I saw this I dropped my iPad. As I’m sure they didn’t have photoshop during the 1970’s. There might be other things in the video, but that really stuck out to me and after thanking the Most High I wanted to send this to you. – Anonymous

All of the continents of the earth once not only venerated reptilian beings there is testimony of human women who mated with them. More importantly the Bible even describes Satan has a “serpent.”  Later scholars learned the Hebrew translation as “Shining One” and “Fiery Serpent.”  Is what we are seeing with slit pupil phenomenon a manifestation from within? If we are to accept the Emerald Tablets of Thoth which predates all known ancient civilizations — he too left clues.

This is 1939 painting by Salvador Dalí which depicts the child star Shirley Temple as a sphinx. Shirley Temple’s head, taken from a newspaper photograph, is superimposed on the body of a red lioness with breasts and white claws. On top of the head is a vampire bat. Surrounding the sphinx are a human skull and other bones, suggesting her latest kill. At the bottom of the painting is a trompe-l’œil label that reads: “Shirley!. at last in Technicolor.” The painting has been described as a satire on the sexualization of child stars by Hollywood.

Even he spoke of serpent headed men of another vibration whose origin is under the earth. There are plenty of ancient accounts for us to learn the history of the serpent beings. The serpent race is infamous for its hatred of mankind and also known for possessing the leaders of the world. Is this why the earth is being run into the toilet? These are questions we must collectively address to decipher this mystery.

For now please explain the slit pupils of Shirley Temple Black. As Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucille Ball, “Lucy you got some ‘splaining to do!”

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