Ancient Apollo Statue: What it tells us?

Ancient Apollo Statue: What it tells us?

Palestinian fisherman Joudat Ghrab claims he dragged an over 1,000 pound bronze statue from the sea.  How many people believe this guy and his family “dragged” it out of the ocean? Let’s just say this part sounds fishy. The oxidation of the statue looks very similar to that of the Statue of Liberty. It was most likely found on land and more artifacts were probably discovered.  Now that Hamas has seized the priceless statue not much else has been said except criminal charges will be filed.  That will teach you to put a national treasure on Ebay! 

I think the biggest benefactor of the discovery is the truth movement.  It is evidence of deity defined as the Antichrist was missing an eye.  Even the artist of the time embodied this truth in the representation of Apollo.  It now confirms what “conspiracy theorist” have perpetuated for over a decade now. Global celebrities are paying homage to their god by covering one of their eyes. This is evidence of collusion incorporating a vast network of members.

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The spectrum of this inclusion into this satanic order spans all forms of celebrity. There are no boundaries to membership and the agenda is subvert, corrupt, and pollute away from the Spirit of Truth. This is evident by the behaviors of all involved. The youngest who are recruited into this order normally end up in some type of rehabilitation. Apollo is a timeless being who is known also as Apollyon and many researchers believe he was also: Gilgamesh, Nimrod, Marduk, and Osiris.

The synchronicities never seem to end this days.  How about the fact the middle (Teutonic) name “Seymour” means mighty at sea. Remember the sad death of Philip Seymour Hoffman?  Now we will experience events which share a synchronicity with elements from the Super Bowl 48 mega ritual.  I submitted in my post “Mars Halftime Show: Peace, Wheat, and Pyramids” the Super Bowl 48 ritual targeted the Middle East. In my opinion we have just witnessed one of the fruits from it.


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