NBA All Stars:Color Alchemy from Super Bowl 48?

NBA All Stars:Color Alchemy from Super Bowl 48?

My close friend returned from New Orleans after attending the NBA All Star Game weekend.  What he shared with me sparked a clarity in me like a struck match stick. Immediately years of research coalesced into instant knowledge and insight given to me through the Spirit of Truth. The same themes from Super Bowl XLVIII (48) flowed through NBA All Star weekend! If you have been following the insight from Revelation Now you would understand these sporting events have dual purpose.

Look at the symbol on the walls as they practice

They are in fact sports entertainment games and also are occult rituals used with specific intentions for a certain result. In a previous post I presented the color alchemy aspect of the teams.  These colors are used to represent and build a symbolic connection to their heavenly counterparts.  In Super Bowl 48, the color “tin blue” and “orange-red” represented Jupiter and Mars. In alchemy throughout the ages “tin blue” was used in spells to represent Jupiter and “red” and “orange-red” would represent Mars.

We saw these colors represented with the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. There is a Gnostic saying, “As it is above so it is below” and I believe there is a relationship here to Matthew 18:18.  Here Yeshua said,

Matthew 18:18

Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

We must shed the obvious analysis of Scripture and learn to look under the “hood” with spiritual discernment. You will begin to see the patterns and understand the spell.  America is the sorcerer in the Isaiah 47 who relies on magic spells and charms to manipulate global events. What are the odds the same colors evoking the same planets from Super Bowl 48 would also be represented in the NBA All Star Game?  

This time the “tin blue” would be worn by the “East” All Stars and the red would be worn by the “West” All Stars.  I commenter left a message regarding the colors on “Revelation Now” and it did not hit me immediately. What he realized was the relationship between the Super Bowl 48 teams and the NBA All Star Game teams. He was spot on and I commend him for his insight. By following this trail we will see other repeated synchronicities!

After reading this, I noticed that these were the same colors used in the NBA All Star game. Very strange color for the East, the same color as the Seahawks. When I saw this I said the East would probably win, they were down by 18 at that point and did end up winning. Anyways, just found it interesting. Great work.

– Chris

You will also see the “le fleur de lys” ancient symbol on the All Star Game jerseys. Of course this was chosen because of the French connection to New Orleans but it has a storied ancient past as it was adopted by many groups over time. The fleur-de-lis or fleur-de-lys in French literally means “lily flower” (fleur means flower, and lis means lily or iris). However, let me state that when you see this symbol emblazoned today on various flags or engraved on royal crowns, the fleur-de-lis does not represent the lily flower, but the Trinity of the Brotherhood. For it is and emblem of a blood line of divine majesty and the symbol of a particular royal Brotherhood that had originated long before the foundation of Rome, or the founding royal houses of France. Source

This year the NBA All Star Game was played in the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome in New Orleans Louisiana. We have also learned the Mercedes-Benz symbol is hung from the ceiling of the stadium.  This Mercedes-Benz logo is actually related to an ancient symbol known as the Triquetra.  This particular symbol gained popularity from the WB series “Charmed.” The occult has used the symbol to evoke the “power of three.”

We also know the time of the game allowed the Halftime show to be performed while the “Silver Gate” was aligned over the Mercedes-Benz Super Dome. Again, these are all carefully planned events as to not to avert attention to the true nature.  Ironically, next years NBA All Star Game will be in NY/NJ. The exact same stadium as Super Bowl 48! Again, we are seeing a plan unfold with exactness in regards to the patterns.

Janelle Monae satanic agent for homosexuality/lesbian agenda

Let us get back to the NBA All Star Game ritual where will see the same energies call upon.  So we know the colors were there but we also see the Armed Forces “honored” again in this ritual.  If you read my “Mars Halftime Show: Peace, Wheat, and Pyramids” you would know the ritual is about bringing peace to the Middle East by using war or the threat therein. The main objective is simply peace in the Middle East.

*WARNING* Adult content from a very fluffy character

There were other objectives as well such as the homosexual/lesbian agendas.  This is why lesbian artist Janelle Monae comes into play. Her behavior was so disturbing that up and coming guitarist was said to have looked disturbed. He would not take part in the same-sex celebration Janelle Monae was celebrating. This was the same agenda we saw at the Grammys.

Janelle Monae another satanic musical agent for the same-sex agenda

I have recently experienced an epiphany to how and why the satanic kingdoms use of the same-sex agenda. Satan knows this war is about the energy of love vs. fear, normal vs. abnormal, and balance vs. imbalance. The energy state of the earth will reach a tipping point and the wrath of the Most High will be incurred. Satan knows this is what will happen and this way more souls will be doomed! It is this same pursuit of “equality” for imbalance which is the harbinger of doom.

The whole “born-this-way” mantra has no genetic evidence but most likely is created by a chemical catalyst. Meaning it has been designed by this I mean the trace amounts of estrogen found in the public drinking supply. Do not trust the water! The is like a bird saying they were born this way and refuse to fly. They claim instead of flying from the nest they strutted down the tree!

In closing this sounds very unbelievable but the Bible tells us in Isaiah 47 there is a country performing “magic” and spells. I do not put the 2014 NBA All Star Weekend in the same category as Super Bowl 48. We can not turn a blind eye to the synchronicities carried over from Super Bowl 48 to the NBA All Star Game. Again, we have the colors to evoke Jupiter (tin blue) and Mars (orange/red) in the uniforms. We also have a tribute to the armed forces. Finally we have the headlining act of Janelle Monae brainwashing the masses into sexual immorality. None of this is an accident. Keep your eye on the Middle East! BTW,the red team losing was a sacrifice to Mars . . . again.

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