Katy Perry: Sex, Magick, and War

Katy Perry: Sex, Magick, and War

I caught wind of Katy Perry’s performance at the 2014 Brit Awards. The Brit Awards are like the Grammys but the difference is everyone speaks the king’s english properly. Katy’s performance was an immediate departure from her Grammy’s performance of her song title “Dark Horse.” Her Grammy performance was in tune with the lyrics in the song because she used a dark scary demonic looking horse.

Her Brit Award performance was a totally new occult imagining where ancient egyptian motifs were used to illustrate the next chapter from her spell book.  It was also a transition into further promoting the war and destruction theme from the Super Bowl. We have to think in terms of energy being manipulated like a beam of light through a prism. The television is being used to spell cast a net which can trap millions of unsuspecting ignorant people.

You will see this ignorance when people rush to defend Katy Perry as an artist. Yet, because of their ignorance they have no point of reference regarding the origin of the motifs used in her video. These are ancient practices based on scientific knowledge from the realm of spirit. The spirit’s vision is synonymous with the scene in “The Matrix” where Neo begins to see everything in binary code. Scientist now understand that colors emit their own frequency and music creates colors.

This means it is an energy which can be absorbed by the observer. When the person observes this energy they will resonate the energy out to the heavens. These musical performances are carefully orchestrated with an end result in mind.  Plato said, “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of a society show me their music.”  This is a very powerful and meaningful statement if you have the spiritual depth to interpret it.

Plato is telling us that “spiritual depth” is an observable state and a measurement can be applied to it. How can this be? Spirit is the invisible realm to the human visible eye spectrum.  What Plato is saying is comparable to what Yeshua said in Matthew 7:16, “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” This current societal behavior is a direct result of spiritual programming.

We need only to mark the metamorphosis of America to realize this truth. It is quite easy to do as well. Just watch one episode of “Leave it to Beaver” and then look at pictures of the new Miley Cyrus tour. ‘Nuff said?  There is a clear sexual spirit (energy) which is sweeping the earth with no clear boundaries. All of these energies are being executed from the realm of spirit. They need to manifest into the physical realm so they can feel.

Is there ever a demonic possession where the possessed wants to abstain from sex? Or not ply their bodies with drugs? This shows an intention to breach the physical realm in order to enjoy sex and drugs. The immaterial taking on a material form! Plato is right and Jesus said it best . . . we will know them by their fruits. Katy Perry has a specific spiritual mission to accomplish and that is to cause people to resonate with the energy from the video or performance.

It makes sense to me she is following up Super Bowl 48’s Halftime Show with more war overtures in her new “Dark Horse” video. I believe the Super Bowl performance involves the armed forces in order to bring in a false peace. The armed forces were also “honored” in the 2014 NBA All Star Game weekend. In the new “Dark Horse” video Katy symbolizes the “Goddess of War” and she danced at the base of an egyptian statue in her 2014 Brit Awards performance.

People do not understand but the occult manipulators have to continue to ritual on television (tell-eye-vision) in order to calibrate the necessary energy to resonate. It turns people into living biological array stations that polarize the energy into the atmosphere. Think this is not possible? You need only to see the story of the “100th Monkey Effect.”

The occult manipulators rely on subconscious programming and the memories of our collective conscious. Let’s just say deep down inside we know all of these things! When Katy performs in the theater of the spell she is evoking subconscious memories from us and is pulling  them out of us. Even if we do not recognize what we witness consciously — subconsciously we are releasing the energy into the air.

When enough of us do this change will occur and be adopted by all people.  This is the science of spiritual change. It all begins in spirit which takes root in the psyche and manifest collectively in the physical world. It is more than just showing us what they are doing they are using us to achieve a change. They need us in order to change the world or they would do what they do in secret!  This is why you are seeing the celebration of same-sex love now.

It is more than just equality it is a full blown assault on the sense to not just accept same-sex unions but to be trained in the art of unnatural acts. Right after the Grammy Awards a same sex marriage was featured on the Disney Channel. That is correct! The show “Good Luck Charlie” featured two lesbians who were married bring their child over for a play date.  You have special projects in the United Kingdom where fairytales have been re-imagined into gay fairy tales — to be read to kindergartners!

A Pastor sent me a YouTube video about Katy Perry this morning and it matches my interpretation of the war theme from Super  Bowl 48.  I am not affiliated with “The Groxt” in anyway and we have never spoken before. His analysis is very keen and some of his points are in line with mine. I just believe the spell being cast by Katy Perry is for the Middle East. The skirmishes in the Ukraine and Venezuela have a short shelf life compared to the ancient war in the Middle East.

The Middle East must be controlled and manipulated into a state of peace. This will only happen through war. The biggest problem will have to be eliminated — those in opposition to Israel. This will be the brown people in opposition to Israel. The United Stated pays Israel $8 million dollars a day! The United States has put their money where their mouth is when it comes to Israel. The Super Bowl is the best and far reaching opportunity to cast a spell. In 2014,  over 111 million people observed the ritual.

*Warning* Adult language and profanity

Now Katy Perry is included ancient Egyptian magick into her performance through symbols and archetypes.  I stated earlier this year that 2014 will be the year of the blood. We are seeing it in the Middle East, Venezuela, Ukraine, and a rise in admitted Satanic killings. All that needs to happen is war in the Middle East to usher in the false peace. Keep your eye on this April 15 Blood Moon!

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