The Silencing of a Lamb

The Silencing of a Lamb

I decided after experiencing the true political nature of the “watchman” universe I would remain mum and let The Most High sort it out. This was until today, I received an email which was sent to me and three other so-called watchmen. In this email was a link to and a post by Stew Webb and Glenn Canaday. In it they authored (and published) a well researched post and an admonishment to the truth movement. Mr. Webb and Mr. Canaday put Alex Jones under the proverbial microscope and hit a homerun. 

The bad thing about the post is by association, I am in the dugout with the teammates of Alex Jones. I am writing this piece to afford full disclosure to my readership and to separate myself from these other so-called watchmen. By learning this truth you will understand several things. Firstly, these men are not disciples of Christ because their behavior is a total contradiction to His teachings. Secondarily, they operate in collusion which is synonymous with a “good-ole-boy” system or a higher controlling organization.

You either talk-the-talk, walk-the-walk and support all of their political relationships or you will be ignored. If these men would have performed their due diligence, they would have known I have been openly critical of Alex Jones before crossing paths with them. I had no idea of the politics of the watchman universe nor am I interested. I serve the Most High and the Spirit of Truth.  If by seeking the truth, I was ever to make an error in judgement  I would correct it.

A few months ago I wrote a post about Alex Jones and his fallacy on the Bible. I made it perfectly clear Jesus Christ was not a political activist nor a militia freedom fighter. Furthermore, I asked for Biblical proof Jesus ever promoted an agenda based on politics or fear. To this day no one has been able to provide any Scripture where Jesus involved himself in the politics of Rome or spread fear!

Next, I received a video from a commenter on our YouTube Channel where a video link was shared with me. In this video I saw the pupils of Alex Jones appearing as slits — in the daylight. If you visit my site you are aware of the slit eye phenomenon many prominent people are displaying. Until someone provides a satisfactory explanation which I can recreate, I will continue to feature the eye slit phenomenon.

Soon after the video of Alex Jones was posted my site caught the attention of shills and some genuine truth seekers. The shills claimed Revelation Now was attempting to “blow up” based on the fame of Alex Jones. Yeah, is really blowing up like Church’s Chicken off four Alex Jones stories — SMH. Also, it was said I am not serving the King. It amused me when I heard this particular shill whose profile picture was Hitler. I rarely hear any followers referring to the Most High as just the “King.”  I said to myself which king are you referring Elvis or Burger? 

Seriously, I used sound scripture to address any shill attack and they went away never to return. The point is you can not try to turn Christ into a political activist or a purveyor of fear. Soon after the shills came my emails were no longer being addressed by the so-called prominent watchmen. Other strange things began to happen as well.

My post titled, “Mars Halftime Show:Peace,Wheat, and Pyramids” appeared on a prominent watchman’s website (news feed) and it was then removed. A person commented on my site they were glad it was deleted because I spoke against Alex Jones (whom this watchmen is friends with) and I am a liar. Weeks later another website copied my post almost in entirety then this so-called watchmen created a link to their site.  It was then I had seen the writing on the wall.

Next my emails which were sent to a blog talk radio site were no longer being responded to and prior to this incident they were. After sending 4 or 5 emails I gave up. Then a Facebook friend sent me a link to their blog talk show where they read my Spirit World WINNER of Super Bowl 48 prediction on the air. They later replaced my Super Bowl analysis with another person and I have not heard from them since.

Please understand all of this started because I was exposing Alex Jones.  All of their feathers were ruffled because I spoke against Alex Jones. I never had an unkind word to any of them yet they treated me as if I attacked them directly.  What does that tell you? Are they not of the same ilk as Alex Jones?  There are now attempts to bundle the political agenda of Alex Jones with Christ. Are these men somehow supposed to validate Alex Jones with the Blood of Christ?

You can see from their behind the scenes behavior, they have nothing to do with the teachings of Christ. I was not even afforded a courtesy conversation before being ostracized by them. They plotted the very same way they claim our Government does against the truth — by censorship. This is the same behavior of the Pharisees who plotted to kill Christ.  Their choices should tell you everything you need to know about the true spiritual nature of these men. These men are not serving the Kingdom of the Most High.

They are serving something else and all the people who follow them have been hoodwinked. They are not attempting to teach you about the principles of Spirit as taught by Jesus Christ. They are selling fear and turning fear into currency. How exactly is anyone benefiting spiritually from listening to fear? Furthermore, they are supporting the satanic agenda by causing more fear to be projected into the atmosphere. 

It does not matter what form the fear excuse takes from: waking people up, to turning people to Christ, to global awareness; because the by-product is always fear — which is not of the Kingdom of the Most High.  Love and fear can never mingle because they are of two different states of energy.  This is the agenda of Alex Jones and his super friends. I ask this to Alex Jones and the rest of the Fear League: Why are we still here after Y2K when Jones said this is the end? 

Where are the Russian or Chinese troops which were to invade the west coast last year or this year? What we know for sure is, there is a steady stream of products being sold, while fear vomit is spewed over the airwaves. How is it, the elite controlled media would allow a person on their networks like Alex Jones — who is allegedly against them? How can a kingdom divided stand? Alex Jones has made his rounds on mainstream television (tell-eye-vision) on shows such as the View, Piers Morgan, and many others.

The elite are in fact promoting Alex Jones on prime-time television, when he is supposed to be against them! This is all a distraction to keep you from truly learning about the path Christ demonstrated for us. And the men who have aligned themselves with him are either his teammates or minions. Either way you know this has nothing to do with truth. The article by “Veteran’s Today” did a fine job illustrating these points.

You must now rely on your common sense and remove emotionalism because the writing is on the wall. These men have hidden their true (behind the scenes) behavior from the masses. These same men go on the radio and throw the Blood of Christ around like an action painter. Where was my Book of Matthew moment? I have heard one of them preach about on the radio. Where we should have had a discussion to let me know their issues. I had no idea by exposing Alex Jones I would be indirectly exposing them!

I was ostracized because they knew I was not like them and I called out Alex Jones for what he is — an elite controlled opposition creation. They quickly circled the wagons around him and used the weapon of alienation against me. So to the lady who sent me the email please remove my affiliation from these men.  The only one who is standing with me is the Spirit of Truth. 

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