Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, and Book of Shadows

Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, and Book of Shadows

Beyoncé and her entertainment career has been embroiled in much controversy for her connection to the occult.  She adorns herself with Baphomet  jewelry or other occult related symbols.  She was once known as a Christian but over the years her behavior is a contradiction to the principles of the Word.

Her most infamous connection to the occult was when she admitted she felt something come into her before her BET coming out solo performance. This was a validation of spiritualism and even her husband Jay Z (Shawn Carter) admitted he “talks” to the spirits. Beyoncé went as far as naming her alter ego “Sasha Fierce.” Beyoncé has freely admitted this is the name she feels takes over her when she performs.



You would think the name “Sasha Fierce” is a figment of her imagination and there is no link to the occult.  Some people believe this is a name that has no meaning but this is not true. There is a connection between the name Sasha Fierce and the occult. This connection illustrates another brick in the wall of Beyoncé’s occult legacy. 



There is a powerful occult book known as the “Book of Shadows.”  This book is a cauldron of spells which is considered white and black magick.  The book also provides a deep insight and acts as guide into the realm of spirit.  It is a comprehensive spell book populated by Wiccan, Pagan, White, and Black Magick. The author of the book goes by the name . . . Sasha Fierce!


The Book Of Shadows, written by Sasha Fierce, is a collection of wiccan spells, pagan spells, black and white magic spells. The author of this book is a well known Indian spiritualist healer. He had a lot of practice to use different spells for treatment with the help of spirits. Sasha Fierce is a great specialist in the study of the spirit world. In his book he has collected the most efficient and easy spells. In his Book of Shadows there are detailed descriptions of love spells, candle magic, earth magic, different rituals, such as ritual of a casting a sacred circle or electric circle ceremony for solitaries. The book will be very interesting for professionals of magic. By spells of the book, you can help yourself and your family find health, luck and prosperity.


As you can see Beyoncé again is connected to the occult. This time by her alter ego’s name who she shares with the author of one of the most powerful occult spell books. What are the odds Beyoncé would pull a name out of the air which would be shared with the author of an occult spell book? Allegedly, the author of the occult spell book is a well known spiritualist. 



Remember Beyoncé’s husband claims he talks to the spirits. This appears to be more than a claim and more like a fact. Is it possible that Beyoncé and the author of the Book of Shadows share a spirit?  Is Sasha Fierce moonlighting as an African American entertainer as the internal host who is an expert on the spells? Perhaps, an expert spirit is needed to bring the spells to life?


All spells of a destructive or banishing nature should be performed when the moon is dark, that is waning to new. These would include banishment of negativity, binding, certain works of necromancy, and agricultual magic designed to ward off pests and disease.
– Sasha Fierce


I no longer believe in coincidences and Beyoncé’s shared connection to the occult vis-à-vis the author of the Book of Shadows is self evident.  Even Satan promised Jesus Christ riches and fame if He would bow down to him. What we are seeing is the same reward system promised to Christ manifesting in the lives of these entertainers.  Beyoncé is riding the waves of success for her involvement in the occult world.



Vocally she is moderately talented compared to the late Whitney Houston or even Mariah Carey.  What she does do is electrify the stage with sultry dance moves in which she expresses herself sexually. This spirit who operates from within allows her to hit vocal notes she can not normally.  This is according to her own testimony.  

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In closing you must admit it is strange indeed to see the author “Sasha Fierce” of the Book of Shadows share the name of the entity which populates the body of Beyoncé. Jay Z freely admits to communicating with the spirits. Beyoncé has stated she “time-shares” her body with Sasha Fierce. At least now we can truly see the occult connection to it all.

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