Pharaohs Did Not Die They Multiplied

Pharaohs Did Not Die They Multiplied

After the chosen people were liberated from ancient Egypt it was like the RUN DMC record “Hard Times” for the Pharonic Empire. The entire labor/slave infrastructure of ancient Egypt was immobilized and it was the beginning of the end of the glory days. Imagine not being able to get your chariot washed or nobody there to prepare your meals or clean your toilet. That is why Pharaoh Ramesses II risked the lives of his army to bring back the help. When he thought about it he was like, “Oh hell naw, I ain’t letting the help go!” I am aware there is a lack of archeology evidence regarding the Book of Exodus but let us assume the evidence has yet to be discovered! This is not a stretch recognizing the fact King David’s palace has only recently been discovered.

The questions of the day are: What happened to the Pharonic royalty when they left ancient Egypt? Where did they migrate? Try to imagine a gargantuan fortune acquired and passed down through the generations. The wealth of these Pharaohs made the bank accounts of Zuckerberg, Gates, Winfrey, and all of the Middle East look like chump change. Imagine THOUSANDS of years of wealth generation which went where exactly? Any treasures acquired from the tombs represents an inkling of the potential volume of the wealth.



This was real currency as well not this fake paper money valued by a wish and strong belief. This is the type and volume of wealth you see dragons protecting. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and gold; including precious artifacts like diamond encrusted goblets, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, etc. When the Pharonic empire left ancient Egypt they left with a “fresh-start” attitude and the sky is the limit. Wherever they ended up they would be the riches families in the land. Nice right? Money translates into great power and influence especially after you create a banking system.

This is where you will sniff the vapors of the smoking gun . . . the gambit of royal families, banking industry and the secret society hierarchies. From here we just need to follow the trail of bodies and rape of each nation . . . literally. They are all nested there in the upper epsilon of the highest order of secret societies like the Jesuits, Freemasons, and the infamous Illuminati. This is about the blood line of the royals not a former crack slinging rapper and his singing or lip syncing wife.



I know many African Americans will attempt to tell me ancient Egypt was populated by African looking people. I will tell them this. Yes, at one point I agree with that truth; however, there is no time like the present to illustrate this example. The ancient Egyptian Dynasty lasted thousands of years. In the very beginning the chosen people were running it. This means 12 tribes had to be in the genetic mix. The book of Deuteronomy tells us of the covenant between the 12 tribes and the Most High.  He promised them the world . . . literally. If the 12 tribes broke the covenant which they obviously did they would no longer be at the top!


According to geneticists in Switzerland, the majority of British men and half of all Western European men are related to King Tutankhamun. The scientists carried out comparative analysis of their DNA with the DNA of mummies of Pharaohs. Moreover, they insist that they all had a common ancestor who lived in the Caucasus but not in Egypt almost 10 thousand years ago.


If the earliest Pharaohs were of African heritage they were soon played out of the role. This could have happened for a number of reasons, such as: violence, marriage, or cataclysms. Much like today you see how the African American culture has been studied and replaced in rap music. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis snatched up 4 Grammys for best rap and Robin Thicke and Justine Timberlake are the new poster boys of soul music! The point is once you are out of the spotlight . . . you are out of the spotlight.  At some point there was a European infiltration of the African nation of Egypt. Once they got in they stayed in power. The moral of the story is the next time 12 tribes make a promise with the Most High . . . keep it!



The next “Blues Clue” is even the scientific community has validated the mummy Ramesses II and King Tutt have European DNA.  Now we know we must trace routes through Europe to deduce how the Pharaohs set up and what drama ensued with their arrival.  We must also look for ancient Egyptian constructs like obelisk and pyramids. These are necessary for marking the territory and most likely used within their occult system. The European culture was quite nomadic leaving the African continent and returned from the Caucasus Mountains; where they were known as conquerors. Perhaps, the Europeans became trapped in the mountains during the ice age?

The DNA proves the European Pharaohs were not native to Egypt and had in fact migrated to Egypt in the later dynasties of Egypt — lest their DNA would be mixed with the people of Egypt. Although this is also inclusive because it is highly possible the current Egyptian are not the original inhabitants. Anymore than the current citizens of America are the original stewards of America. It also sheds light on the fact the European Pharaohs are not of the same genetic line of the previous Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom where the statues have Negroid features. Meaning the European Pharaohs seized power and inherited  thousands of years of technology and riches. There are ways to inherit a culture without firing a shot according to the now scientifically endorsed research of Velikovsky.



Velikovsky was a brilliant scientist and contemporary of Einstein whose theories were shunned by the scientific community during his lifetime. He believed cataclysms were the cause of shifts in power of the ancient Egyptian Dynasties. I recollect one of his theories regarding a collapsed star known as Vela X.  It was close enough to the earth to cause major destruction and a shift in power. There are actual discoveries of ancient Egyptian cities found at the bed of the ocean! It would have been easy to infiltrate a kingdom in disarray and assume control.

The European infiltrators would have adopted the customs of the land as to not disrupt the harmony of the culture. The spiritual realm would have been unaffected as long as the rituals and worship continued as mapped out from the realm of spirit. Imagine the poles of the earth flipping and a civilization fractured and the Europeans arrive to rebuild or assume power based on dark spiritual guidance. This guidance came from the entities which eventually Moses would liberate his people from.



So let us recap before we move on. The ancient Egyptian empire was birthed from 3150 BC and lasted 3,000 years! It most likely started out with African looking Pharaohs but it certainly did not end like this according to DNA records of latter Pharaohs. Like any super power all races were vying to partake of her riches. Velikovsky has shown us cataclysms have the power to destroyed Egyptian cities but changed the racial complexion of the power structure therein. The European Pharaohs picked up the pieces and ruled out until they migrated back to Europe.

Just like history shows us the Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. the Europeans converted to ancient Egyptian customs evident in customary trappings and rituals practiced in Great Britain today. It clearly makes the Europeans part of the ancient Egyptian history but not the originators. In my opinion racial groups arguing over the ethnicity should accept these facts. Just like rap and soul music have Europeans as the new face of the music. It does not mean both groups are not part of the history where one was the originator and the other the continuance!

Now here is the problem with the Pharonic Dynasties still in control and manipulating global events. If Moses was empowered with the task of liberating the 12 tribes from Egypt is it not detrimental to the earth the European Pharaohs are still in power? This means their polytheistic rituals are still being practiced. This means their occult science is still being deployed against an ignorant and unsuspecting people. This means the gods of ancient Egypt are still being worshiped!



Now here is the rub: If these Europeans who claim they are related to the original Pharaohs of ancient Egypt it is not true. They have no claim to true “royal” blood and their role is akin to a new actor playing Carly on General Hospital. True they can trace their lineage back to this “new Carly” but that does not make them the orignal. We can see when they returned to Europe they carried on the ancient Egyptian royal traditions where they adjusted the royal wardrobe to the climate and the beat goes on.



What we know is they spread their seed throughout Europe. Every marriage required the wife to have sexual intercourse with a royal and produce a child. The movie “Braveheart” illustrated this practice but it certainly did begin or end there. Why was it important to pollute the human genome with so-called royal genes? There are many genetic issues as a result of this practice including the fact the royals interbred.

I suspect the Ashkenazi Jews practiced this as well because this is a standard question for women dealing with breast cancer. They literally want to know if you are an Ashkenazi Jew. There are other genetic mutations such as the “Habsberg Jaw” and tumors on the adrenal glands specific to their lineage. I just wanted to emphasize the royal DNA is seeded throughout Europe and Africa with many genetic mutations and it also speaks to mental health. If we can trace the Pharonic bloodline to the royal families, secret societies and elite banking families it will explain why the world is being destroyed.

Now we know to follow the obelisk and pyramids to identify who the real enemy is to the human population. These people are the spiritual host to wickedness because they are certainly not filled with the Holy Spirit. These are the very people who are working directly with dark forces as stated in Ephesians 6:12. This why the Word tells us these are ancient things not yet done! You must agree what you have learned today is not common knowledge and omitted from the history books.

In closing, it is obvious the Pharonic Dynasty is not just ancient but current. Ironically, people argue about whether the ancient Egyptian Dynasty was Negroid or European during the ancient history. I say why not both? Why could it not have started out strictly Negroid and latter down the road morph into European royalty? Just like today’s rap and soul music landscape. What people are missing is that this ancient Egyptian Dynasty worshiped many gods and Moses had to separate the 12 tribes from it — spiritually.

This also means the lineage of these Pharaohs not only currently worshiping these “gods” but are working with them. History has shown us incestuous practices were practiced within all races of the ruling elite. When it comes to ancient Egypt the real question should be: Where are the Pharaohs now? By tracing their bloodline we can identify who is pulling the strings of the global governments. You wanted to know who exactly the enemy is . . . well look no further. They are clearly operating out of Europe.

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