The Dark Side of the Moon, UFO and Life On Planets

The Dark Side of the Moon, UFO and Life On Planets

As the “truth movement” matures and more independent researchers join the fray fascinating discoveries are being shared in cyberspace. YouTube is the platform for sharing video compilations and some videos stand out more than others. The video below is one of them! Here you see transcripts from astronauts on the moon and what they encountered. Some of their statements correlate with angelic beings singing in the heavens. While other video segments beg the question: Are some of these “UFO” biological entities?

This theory should be considered especially since scientist are discovering life in the most inhospitable environments. Such as biological life forms dancing in boiling heat vents at the bottom of the oceans. These light form UFO tend to appear very malleable and even merge together into seemingly one object.  There is obviously a consciousness to these UFO and they clearly navigate through space at amazing speeds. 

The video also illustrates geometric shapes on other planets which defy a natural causation. There are obvious “pipes” protruding from mounds which suggest a kind of venting system. We can not separate these UFO or possible constructs from the angelic beings who rebelled and were removed from their original habitat. These “fallen” life forms created by the Most High had to escape and create a new habitat some where. Why not inside the planets?

According to the Word these beings could traverse the heavens to the earth. They could also change their shape into that of a human appearance and procreate with earth women. This suggest they have learned to master the energy of matter. If this is true their minds are clearly over matter. We should not be surprised at this notion because they appear to have been around long before mankind was even created.

We also see these “beings” entering and exiting the earth’s atmosphere at will. What are these beings intentions? It seems very secretive in nature — and that can not be good. We also have video footage of orbs of light very similar to what we see entering into humans. Is what we are seeing possession? Or can it be parasitic? Whatever the case may be they can not be trusted because they are operating under the veil of secrecy.

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