Aurora, CO Century Movie Theater Occult Etchings?

Aurora, CO Century Movie Theater Occult Etchings?

After researching the occult symbols used for spells on the new $100 US bill; I have seen similar etchings in the logo of an infamous movie theater. Aurora, Colorado’s movie theater appears to have been marked in plain view. If this is accurate it will illustrate how far in advance the occult elite plan and how they mark locations for massacres. It is necessary for the occult to mark a location with specific symbols or ancient characters in order for a spell to materialize in the physical realm.

Remember the occult must telegraph their intentions

This might sound far fetched to some but after the article I posted on “Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Book of Shadows” I affirmed some of my conclusions. These conclusions I made were not from any research but information that just came to me. I realized I am able to understand the occult with never having studied it! This epiphany came to me after I downloaded the “Book of Shadow” and perused through it.

The occult practitioners must do the following:

  • mark people, animals, or objects with specific symbols (this represents the target)
  • use specific colors to be evoked based on the intention
  • speak specific phrases
  • perform spell at a certain time of day or night

I realized much of the analysis I have performed and predicted with great success was without researching the occult. I have been able to intuitively sense and interpret the mechanics of the occult including the role of the cosmic canopy. Now I understand there are many other occult symbols and etchings in plain sight. The purpose of them is to be in position to be activated by a spell on the unsuspecting public.

Matrix taken for an occult research book for spell casting

This is how I feel about the “Century Movie Theater” and the markings in the theater’s sign. This particular theater was ground zero for a horrific massacre of men, women, and a child. The occult symbols tell me there was a spell involved in the massacre and the location. None of this happens without the aid of the dark forces referenced in Ephesians 6:12. In sorting about the mechanics of this dreadful day we can look at the etchings as a beacon of some sort.

Most of us have not experienced a near-death-experience so we are unfamiliar with the spiritual plane of existence. It is normally explained as a tunnel or a light and this represents the transportation between realms. Is it possible the markings on the theater act as a marker on the spiritual realm? Is this where the dark forces “see” where they are to manifest? There had to be a witch or warlock speaking the occult words in a circle and perhaps the same occult symbols were etched around the circle?  

Whatever the case is I do not think it is a mistake those particular shapes were chosen for that theater’s logo. They have an ancient occult origin which can not be chalked up to art. There are most certainly other locations with occult spell symbols in plain view around the world. They could have a number of purposes and specific intentions. These spell books are a mixture of white and black magick; and the black is where things get evil.

I hope this post compels people to look at symbols like the Aurora, Colorado, Century Movie Theater’s logo. Because prayer can be used against them. The spells of the Book of Shadows appear to be mentally and emotionally driven after all of the trappings are set up. So I believe the power of prayer will trump the spell. We must know what were are looking at first and how to direct the prayer. 

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