Science of Dis-Info: Enochian Magician Dahboo777

Science of Dis-Info: Enochian Magician Dahboo777

Would you like to know how disinfo works? The first thing you need to do is build trust in the observer. Make them believe you care and are only seeking to share truth with them. Once the trust is established you can basically plant whatever seed you would like. The recipe is quite simple. You need 1 part truth and then you paint whatever details you want around it! Most of the time the intention is to paint some type of fear around it.  The dark forces need fear energy to survive and prosper. They use a number of host in the physical realm to make this happen. 

See the art of disinformation at its best

For this particular example we will use Enochian magician Dabooh777. In his latest disinfo video trick he presents, “Hudson Riverfront 9/11 Memorial” as his latest “news” update. I took interest in this because I have seen this memorial for years. In 2011, many communities received steel from the World Trade Center, in New York, and erected memorials replete with ceremonies where the Governor would speak.

So let’s move on to the disinfo technique used by our Tarot of the Bohemian agent of fear. In this video he presents, “Hudson Riverfront 9/11 Memorial” as being tridents which is true. Everything else from this point is false. He tells his gullible listeners he is upset  and full of emotion about these tridents. He then tells them the tridents are in place of the former World Trade Center Towers. The Enochian magician then uses the trident symbols from other events gaining steam in the blog-sphere like the missing airliner (Malaysia) and Maserati (from the Super Bowl 48 commercial.) 

This technique is used to build a thread in the minds of the observers and creates the conspiracy of fear. He then segues into the “huge hole” which is being filled with water to cool of the radiation. First of all, radiation would be the by-product of nuclear material. Thermite and sliced support beams were the culprits for bringing down the World Trade Center, according to expert construction engineers, not nuclear elements. There is no molten rock down there! The sad thing is Dabooh777 really thinks people are this gullible to believe molten rock is in a pit 12 years later and it might be radioactive!

The bottom line is nothing this Enochian magician says is true in this sense. It gets even more hilarious as he proceeds to warn us, “We were told to be prepared and they are going to strike.” Again, he revisits the trident symbols and focuses on the trident of the Ukraine and claims it is also the Baphomet symbol. Then he says the tridents are across from New York and then he says they were erected in New York.  This is the best piece of schizophrenic disinfo I have come across in some time. He then closes with “these must have been put up over night.”

Hudson Riverfront 9/11 Memorial is unveiled in Weehawken

Now that we have set the proverbial table let’s talk about the facts. By doing so you will be able to understand the psychology of this type of news reporting. The end goal is to keep you in a state of fear because demonic entities feed and need fear to exist in the physical realm. Below is an excerpt from published on September 8, 2011. As you can see this memorial did not pop up overnight!

The memorial, on Port Imperial Boulevard off Pershing Road, marks the site where about 60,000 people received medical attention, water, and food after being evacuated by ferry from Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001, after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

The memorial consists of two trident-shaped beams that were supports for the towers, salvaged from the WTC site. The structures, which were donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, stand 8 feet wide, 30 feet long, and weigh 25 tons. The memorial includes an infinity pool and fountain.

The memorial’s design was a collaboration between landscape architects Melillo & Bauer Associates, Inc. and Linda Tycher and Associates, with input from the Weehawken Planning Board. The cost of the memorial was $1.5 million, which was paid by several Port Imperial developers in Weehawken.

The project had been in the works since 2005, and finally broke ground in April.

A host of state and local officials including Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, state Attorney General Paula Dow, U.S. Rep. Albio Sires, D-West New York, and Union City Mayor and state Sen. Brian Stack attended the 11 a.m. dedication ceremony. – Source

As you can see this memorial was not a secret and many other towns and villages in the New Jersey and New York areas received steel and created monuments. Is it a stretch to say it is a trident because it is near the water? I am not supporting the trident symbol at all.  I am exposing this type of disinfo news being perpetuated by an Enochian magician. It is clear this news has one thing in mind . . . fear.  People that subscribe and follow this fear based journalism (if you can call it that) become mini biological fear producing stations. 

This fear energy is then harnessed by the demonic entities to breach the barriers into the physical realms and sustain their visits therein.  Once you fact check this story and then listen to Dabooh777 again it will be crystal clear his goal is to create fear in the hearts and minds of the listeners.  There are many traps set in the world. We see them in mainstream media and we also see them in alternative media. Do not be fooled! Start fact checking and wake up. Turn away from fear and shun the men or entity peddling it. The real power is unlocking the teachings of Christ and applying them to your life. This is what the powers that be do not want to happen. This is why men of the Bible who were about to blossom into full power were beheaded. 

The kingdoms feared these men operating in plain view would inspire others to follow the teachings of Christ and would no longer be enslaved to the kingdoms.  It would truly be a kingdom and divided and they knew the words of Christ were true. How can a kingdom divided stand? We have access to great power according to Christ and this is what they do not want us to figure out. The dark forces are practicing spiritual laws against us including this Enochian magician to breed fear.

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