Illuminated Art or Simply Art?

Illuminated Art or Simply Art?

Many occult symbols are hidden and plain sight and this “Red X” seems to fit the bill. This giant “Red X” also has the all-seeing eye inlaid with a pyramid pattern and from a distance the top of a beam resembles the Baphomet symbol. The Red X is the creation of world renowned Mexican sculptor Sebastian ( Enrique Carbajal González ) who was paid a fee off a $2.8  million dollar investment from the city of Juarez, Mexico. 

Acuden familias a conocer la equis gigante – Family gets familiar with the giant X

This sculpture is 197 feet tall and from a distance the top of a beam looks like the baphomet symbol. In the center of the “Red X” is the shape of an eye inlayed with triangles. If this is not an occult recipe I do not know what is! It should not be a surprise Sebastian states it is an Aztec religious symbol “the Nahui-Ollin” of the ancestral Mexicans. It symbolizes the blood sacrifices offered to the gods during the Aztec times.

“I wanted to share this with you, not sure if you had seen or heard of it before, but I thought it was really creepy. My family and I were down visiting my hometown of El Paso, Texas. We had seen this Red X before but this time drove past it. It is located in Juarez, Mexico and faces north towards the US. The closer we got to it, we could see what looked like one eye (full of little pyramids and one big pyramid) and looked like it was throwing the baphomet horns as we drove past it, the horns turned into rows. I was interested in your opinion on this, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I do read your blogs and respect what you have to say. Thank you for your time.”

– Anonymous

I often wonder as we begin the fifth age will we see more occult symbols venerating the satanic kingdom. We know there is an active project in Oklahoma to create an actual statue of Satan. What of these occult related sculptures like this? Do they have a dual purpose and occult influence on the surrounding area? I am not sure but is this harmless art? Why the close resemblance to the Baphomet hand sigal? 

I have a feeling occult territories are being set up and marked with these giant occult related symbols. It is safe to say the Aztecs who practiced the removal of the hearts of people under there rituals of blood sacrifice were not following the Most High . . . but something else. From a spiritual perspective to kill is to be in a state of conflict which breeds more conflict. I have to agree with the anonymous sender because there is something creepy about this sculpture, however, I could be wrong and this is just simply art.

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