Sun Sets into PYRAMID with GREEN Capstone!

Sun Sets into PYRAMID with GREEN Capstone!

There are many theories why the ancients designed the pyramid. Now this new phenomenon of the sun setting as a giant pyramid with a green capstone must be added. Some pyramid theories conclude the pyramids produced energy because of their placement on ley lines and the stone material is also conducive to magnetics.  This natural phenomenon could be a link to the engineering behind the mechanics of the pyramid. There is also a correlation between the green capstone and the fact Osiris is depicted as green.

Some funky aberrations and distortions in this one. We had nice seeing in Perth this evening, so I shot a video of the sun setting behind Rottnest island lighthouse from Cottesloe beach. To avoid wind jitter, I setup at the local rugby tavern and asked the players to not kick in my direction. Pretty impressive view through 23 km of atmosphere.

– Colin Legg of Australia

Solar Cauldron – sun setting over Rottnest Island lighthouse.

I never thought the round shape of the sun could ever morph into the shape of a pyramid. This phenomenon alone gives pause to ponder the minds of the ancients. I am one of the many independent researchers that believe all of these pyramids and Greek structions harnessed energy for a number of applications. In my opinion, this was an amazing shot and opens the window to a new series of discussions.

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