BBC Commerical: Spells to HIJACK Soul POWER

BBC Commerical: Spells to HIJACK Soul POWER

A friend of mine in the United Kingdom emails me this evening with a disturbing commercial he witnessed on television, after the Manchester v. Liverpool soccer match. This commercial was produced by the BBC and in it they flash ancient symbols and I believe the Roman gods. For every symbol we see from the ancient times there is a counter-point in the realm of spirit. Why would anyone include brief flashed of these symbols in a commercial? There is an intention here to hypnotize people.

I believe once these symbols are planted in the subconscious mind we become carries. Our subconscious stores everything we see and hear. We also know that all matter resonates and just because we can not hear it does not mean it is not resonating. This is known as ultra-low frequency. This symbol is resonating a frequency and based on the law of sympathetic harmonics there is the same  symbol resonating in the realm of spirit.

What I seen next chilled me to the bone. The montage the BBC put together was full of Illuminati symbolism, pyramids with the evil eye , sun-rays etc etc . These symbols flash up onto the screen repeatedly, while in the background somebody has edited lots of different bits of commentary from all the matches during the season and they overlay the sound with the symbols. Myself and the other Liberty Boys spent an hour last night writing down the commentary during this, see below also.

– Anonymous in the United Kingdom

This was another case of activating something in the spirit realm. The manipulators need our collective energy to make this happen. This is why they use these major sporting events to capture our energy and plant the symbols in our subconscious. Trust me when I tell you this is not about showing us who they are! There is an ancient application being applied here to the people. The best thing we can do is not to participate in the exchange. Our only defense is to ignore.

The BBC has a lot of explaining to do because these symbols have nothing to do with soccer. I believe “they” need more energy to make war. Was this the final push to initiate the war in the Middle East? We will soon find out because this was another example of the energy hijack. It is good people are becoming aware but we can not continue to participate in these events. It is going to be very hard for people to disassociate themselves from their favorite sport.

Below you will find what my friend in the UK and the Liberty Boys captured out of the message in the commercial:

Beware the Ides of March

So much pressure on his shoulders

A date for ever laced with portent and foreboding

Who knows whats going on inside

When futures can be shaped and destinies determined and you will be slave to the fortunes today

Everybody needs a hero

There is anxiety in the air

Fortune favours the brave, Oh how he needs some late intervention from somewhere

Distraught and defeated, it’s a day for the strong minded

Today may be the day when the walls come tumbling down.

In closing I am convinced these ancient symbols are constantly pushed into the minds of the people to keep an energy flow from the spirit realm. They use them to make sure there plans materialize in the physical realm. This energy is so subtle it does not register with our human senses. I am sure it can be measured if not now then sometime in the near future. We can expect more war in the near future. 

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I believe the beast system needs chaos to bring the new order and the war is the next step. Why else would the BBC flash these symbols during a “soccer” commercial? Remember the Seattle Seahawk who wore the shirt with the pyramid and the all-seeing-eye on it?  “They” are always figuring a way to push this symbol into the subconscious of millions of people at once. Now we just have to wait for the fireworks because they are coming. 

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