Human Woman Mixed with Grey Alien?

Human Woman Mixed with Grey Alien?

A lady friend of mine sent me this video and she swears it is real. Many of her friends also chimed in and told her about underground alien bases. We are living in an age where software can mimic any human and look real. I remember hearing the animators who worked on Shrek rolled back some of the effects because it looked so real. This should tell you a lot! I wondered how easy it would be to fool people using this technology.

I watched the video and I noticed a very subtle field over the woman’s face. This was the first red flag. Next I noticed the pronounced ridges for eye brows and the spacing of the eyes. Most of us have been brainwashed with grey aliens. Almost every alien movie uses the grey alien or a derivative of them. We have been conditioned as a culture to expect the grey alien. This woman is no different.

I know many of you might have seen this video before but videos have a way of coming back around. I am shocked how people will believe anything they see because they trust their own instincts. It does not matter if they have no background with technology. I think this friend of mine represents a large segment of the population. Once people huddle together believing the same idea without inspection then they are all easily fooled.

Long story short is no this is not an alien/human hybrid. The ladies name is Fiona McLaine and you probably have guessed she is Scottish. She was the subject of a PlayStation advertisement and it caused quite a stir at the time. Now years later it is making its rounds testing the common sense of the people. We must be on guard now and especially from the television. Next time someone shares a video with you and they are telling you it is truth . . . check it out yourself. If you are not qualified then ask around until you find a qualified person to consult with on the subject.

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