PRFID for Government (Mandatory)

PRFID for Government (Mandatory)

Since the government is bent on forcing the population of America to receive an RFID chip for “better” health record management I have a wonderful idea. All politicians must also receive an RFID chip, but not for health care. This particular RFID chip will capture all of their political records and post them to a website. This way every decision they make will immediately be accessible to their constituents. 

Anytime they submit, amend, or vote on a bill the information will be accessible from their chip. It will provide the people with a dynamic snapshot of the politicians voting records which can be juxtaposed against their campaign promises. It can then rate them based on how close they are to keeping their word. Imagine being able to systematically capture how truthful they are in real time?

We would then see the real concerns these politicians would have against RFID technology merged with humans. What if hackers took control of a politicians RFID chip? Is it possible they could be manipulated? Is there a potential mind control element to the RFID inserted in the human body? We would certainly learn the truth if the “Political RFID” (PRFID) posed a threat to their job performance.

Phone applications could also interface with the PRFID system and political records could be accessed immediately from these devices. This would improve the politicians accountability to the people. Voters could also check the voting-to-truth ratio while in the voting booth! Would this not keep all of these politicians honest? The system could also initiate petitions against these politicians and initiate movements against them while categorizing and rating the outcomes.

PRFID would also capture associations the politician have with corporations and lobbying groups. It will share and rank the dollar amounts “gifted” to these politicians. This is the transparency needed to ensure these public servants are accountable to the people. What better way than to chip them with their own medicine. I mean this can save lives too! If PRFID becomes a reality these politicians will surely become chips off their own block.


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