Prayer to Jesus Saves Woman from Bear Attack

Prayer to Jesus Saves Woman from Bear Attack

The mainstream media is negligently reporting on a woman who was attacked by a bear and dragged to the woods. The woman, Terri Frana,  left her (Lake Mary, Florida) house to call her children inside after seeing two bears rummaging through her trash. This is when one of the bears (at least 200 pounds) charged her. She said it all happened so quickly there was no time to react. The bear clamped down on her skull which required 30 staples to her scalp and 10 stitches to her forehead.

The 911 call to the police in Seminole County, Flordia

Her young son called 911 when his mother escaped the clutches of the bear. What the mainstream media is not sharing is the fact Terri prayed to Jesus for escape. She stated while in the jaws of bear and being dragged into the woods she prayed and heard Jesus speak to her! Terri said, “I literally heard Jesus say to me, it’s O.K., you will be at peace with us.” Terri replied, “Please, my kids need me.” Then the bear released my head. She let go of my head, and I knew I had to get up off that ground and get away. Otherwise, I was not going to make it.”

“I literally heard Jesus say to me, it’s O.K., you will be at peace with us.”  Terri replied, “Please, my kids need me. Then the bear released my head.”

– Terri Frana

I would like to address the fact none of the news videos I have seen even mention that she prayed to Jesus and was immediately released! They were not interested in the fact she testified she heard the voice of Jesus. You would think that would be big news, right? This is what I call a “Christ-Wash” because His involvement in this unbearable (pun intended) bear attack was purposefully omitted.

How come the major media outlets and their affiliates would not share this with the public? The power of Christ manifest blatantly in this woman’s moment of need. It shows the reality of Christ but the media emphasized the growing bear problem and trash. Christ is so hated He can not even get a shout out for saving the day in a bear attack. Haters ‘gonna hate.

The Terri Frana case presents a wonderful opportunity to illustrate the power of prayer. I recently had a commenter on Revelation Now claim I rarely offer solutions except “prayer.” Now you are seeing the fruit of prayer. It can be immediate and it works. Terri, was in a dangerous situation where she had no time to intellectualize her predicament. She went to the Lord with a pure heart and perfect clarity of intention.

Her “ask” to Jesus was to live for her kids! It was so sincere and powerful Christ caused the bear to open its mouth and release Terri. This should be a lesson for all of us. If our hearts and intentions are aligned with the Kingdom it creates a connection to the Most High with immediate results. She is going to live the rest of her life now not just believing in Christ but knowing Christ. That is a big difference and will represent a marked evolution in her spiritual journey! We should keep our eyes on Terri because through this unfortunate trauma she has been transformed in spirit.

In closing, these editors and television producers who have omitted the Jesus element from this story should be ashamed of themselves. This was Terri’s experience and it is news worthy. It also shows us a broad spectrum of Christ bias spanning across media outlets where “Christ-Washing” is common.

Terri, is an example of the Most High is always watching and available to us all. It is with the clarity of intention and pure emotion we connect with Christ. Terri, became a successful prayer warrior at that moment. In the clutches of a 200 pound black bear, she used spiritual wherewithal, where she called in a spiritual promise from Christ . . . Jesus saves. 

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