Eat the Sun: Unlock Amazing Human Abilities?

Eat the Sun: Unlock Amazing Human Abilities?

Is it possible the researched conclusions we have relied on for ancient understanding are incorrect? By this I mean the so-called experts with 2 to 3 letters after their names. The ones from academia who submit theories the masses soak up like sun rays without question. What if they are wrong due to ignorance, deception, or subversion of the ancient past? Most people are aware of ancient Egypt and their relationship with our Sun. Many people call them sun worshipers but what if this is incorrect?

What if they were not worshiping the Sun but were feeding off of it? Did the ancient Egyptians realize the Sun could be used to energize their bodies and eliminate the need to eat food? I know many of you are saying I would not want to live without food. Honestly, I feel that way about cheese . . . the stinkier the better! What if your body could be energized by the Sun alone? Furthermore, your body would not just be energized by the Sun you would begin to unlock other capabilities of the human body. 

This is why the ancient Egyptians embodied the Sun in many of their relief art. They were exercising their relationship with the Sun and were being nourished by the Sun. It would explain why they were so advanced and started a country which has spanned from ancient times to the present. Many ancient lands have gone through name changes like Turkey; it was once known as Lydia. Your empire will only be as strong your leadership and your people.

If the entire Egyptian civilization practiced sun-gazing then they were an advanced people. Sun-gazing is a slow and steady process that fills the human body with ultra-violet light. When the Sun rises (or Sun set) you have a 45 minute window to safely gaze at the Sun. You start off very slowly as to condition your eyes and your body. The first day is 10 seconds and you build each day in 10 second intervals until your reach 44 minutes. 

This can take 6 months to 9 months to complete depending on the weather. It is also critical you are barefoot on soil while sun-gazing. I believe this grounds the human body and promotes unadulterated charging. It is said as you progress through solar charging you will no longer have the urge to eat. You can still eat but it will not be because of hunger. You will also notice the taste and feelings different foods have on the human body.

Now I am sure some people will say sun-gazing is evil. They will try to label and compartmentalize it into something which is pagan. My answer is that is rubbish.  Are we to believe the Most High created the “pagan” Sun and we should not be nourished off it? The plant and animal kingdoms thrive off the Sun and so can we. The caveat is the Most High made us with greater abilities in all of His creations. We have yet to collectively realize them.

As you progressively mature into sun-gazing standing on bare earth you will begin to transform. Your mood will positively change your intuition will be enhanced. You will also begin to purify your body. Some foods will make you ill and some will make you belligerent while vegetables have the greatest positive effect. It is also claimed it will improve your overall energy level and health. The theory is you are actually purifying your blood through ultraviolet rays being absorbed by the optic nerve. By the time you reach 44 minutes your blood  will be completely purified. 

After you reach the 44 minute milestone you no longer need to religiously sun-gaze again. You will no longer require food and most likely you will make yourself eat. You will also have new abilities and they are downright astounding. There are cases of sun-gazers levitating and flying. There are also cases of men who could change the appearance of their face. Many of the astounding capabilities you read about were actualized by Yeshua.  Remember He went deep into the desert for 40 days.

Remember you have two windows of opportunity to sun-gaze. Once at sunrise and the other at sunset. You have a 45 minute window to safely gaze or you could damage your retinas. Your mindset is also important. You should look at the Sun as a creation of the Most High to help you reach your optimized potential. Knowing the Sun will transform your body and cellular structure is important to keep in mind.

If more people begin to sun-gaze then more people will transform themselves positively. It is said you will begin to work out negative emotions and replace them with only the positive. There must be something to sun-gazing because many ancient cultures practiced it only to have it vilified by modern scholars. Obviously, sun-gazing is a matter of perspective because how can the simple act of watching the Sun be evil?

Have we purposefully had our minds poisoned to our relationship with the Sun? Was this a concerted effort to keep us in the dark? There are many men alive today like Hira Ratan Manek who have not only testified to sun-gazing but have lived the solar lifestyle. There is also a book titled, “The Autobiography of a Yogi” which also address sun-gazing and people he encountered who no longer required food.

In closing, we should revisit ancient practices which have been cloaked in a layer called paganism. Sun-gazing is not paganism and it might be the missing link to energize our bodies in conjunction with the teachings of Christ. We must remember to only sun-gaze 45 minutes after sunrise and sunset. This is the only safe period. Your goal is to progress from 10 seconds on daily increments to culminate at 44 minutes. It is definitely worth a try especially if it can improve your health.

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