You Just Got Slits (Featuring Richard Dreyfuss)

You Just Got Slits (Featuring Richard Dreyfuss)

Earlier in the week an astute Facebook friend (I am sure wishes to remain anonymous) brought to my attention Richard Dreyfuss on the “Mike Huckabee Show.” She immediately noticed the pupils of Richard Dreyfuss appeared as slits. I noticed the common amber color of the eye and the pupils did not seem round. My friend posted a snippet of the broadcast on my Facebook page but I was hungry for more.

Today I found the video of the show and I was puzzled about the pupils once more. Is this some type of light refraction causing the pupils to appear elongated? The lighting must be intense in a studio so we must take this into consideration. How can we explain the pupil appearing as slits? Once this mystery is solved I may never have to produce a “You Just Got Slits” video again. Does anyone out there have any theories or actual reasons for this phenomenon? 

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Michael Erevna

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