Millions of Locusts in the Sky in Addis Ababa

Millions of Locusts in the Sky in Addis Ababa

Millions of locust have descended on Addis Ababa in search of food. The sky grew dark as the locust arrived in mass causing much concern from local farmers. Agriculture in Ethiopia is the foundation of the country’s economy, accounting for half of gross domestic product (GDP), 83.9% of exports, and 80% of total employment. Millions of locust are a threat to cash crop stability and the presence of the locust represent drought in the surrounding areas.

In other words,  if you are an investor in futures, then the crop decimation in Ethiopian presents a tremendous investment opportunity.  Many of the lifetime residents in Addis Ababa have never seen locust in the city like this before and they are fearing the worst. They are convinced the combination of drought and locust will rock the agricultural communities driving up food prices.

” Speaking to some of the old guard in the office, they have never seen locusts in the city like this before. Apparently, they travelled from the Red Sea, Somalia side. “

– Ethiopian resident

Locust can consume a 5 KM square area per day. Some people are making correlations with locust to the wrath of the Most High but Addis Ababa is hardly the hub of evil in the world. This has more to do with drought and the governments inability to take preventive measures against locust infestation. Once millions of locust are in the sky it is too late to call Orkin. We can only hope Ethiopia has more rain and can drive the locust away before all the crops are destroyed.

The locust are such a new phenomenon for Addis Ababa many are speculating it is the last days. Some even believe this symbolizes the beginning destruction of the earth. Obviously, this could be the result of earth changes and the unpredictable weather patterns. Keep your eye on this because this could devastate the crop systems in Ethiopia.

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