Return of Apis the Bull and Mass Murder?

Return of Apis the Bull and Mass Murder?

One of the latest agent of darkness, Elliot Roger, killed six people in a beachside college community and injured 8 people before turning his gun on himself. This is always the pattern from these agents of darkness as to not spill the beans on who really activated them to kill. These people always have a track record of making terrorist, racist, malicious, blood thirsty comments online and there is a link between them . . . psychotropic drugs. 

The Bull with the solar disk was worshiped since the ancient times. There must be a connection with Taurus.

Please note we have not heard much about psychotropic drugs which are a bridge for these dark spiritual entities directly into the minds of these killers. Almost every mass murder case we hear of the psychotropic drug protocol is involved. Perhaps, it is time to add this to the list of side effects? Why not? There is a clear track record associated with the drugs by now! Let’s not leave out the fact “sorcery” in the Bible actually means drugs.

These drugs open a gateway from spirits who attach themselves to the killers. They are able to speak directly into the subconscious of the shooters much like a hypnotist. Did John not tell us we can not see spirit but we must judge them by their fruit? Most of these mass murderers are hand picked from the spirit realm.

Prozac Suicide Warning

Prozac is one of the few antidepressants approved for the treatment of depression in youths. Unfortunately, however, studies on children have linked the drug to increased suicidal thoughts and behavior. As a result, the FDA issued a public warning in October 2004, and two years later extended the advisory to include young adults as old as 24.

There is a dynamic that crescendos into mass murder and the stars are frequently the backdrop and perhaps even the catalyst to mass murder. The shooter is usually silenced in the end by taking his own life. The Navy Yard shooter was the closet we got to a glimpse into the minds of these mass murders. It was here we learned of “voices” that triggered mass murder of innocent people culminating in the suicide of the shooter.

Never discussed in the mainstream media or by law enforcement is the cosmic pattern these killings have in common. Perhaps, because they are not explainable from a physical perspective? You would think out of 88 constellations the same ones ever present as the cosmic witnesses or instigators would raise the slightest questions from law enforcement. Only the spiritual minded are able to make a connection here based on scriptural understanding.

Because of Ephesians 6:12 we understand there are real dark spiritual forces in heavenly places. The warning was made because they interact and influence humans. The real war is not about man’s inhumanity to man on the surface but influence by dark spirits who wish to harm us. Is it possible there are conscious beings who are not of flesh and blood? According to the Ephesians 6:12 this is exactly the case!

So how does this translate to the frequent match of constellation of stars over the  murders? We all know the stars and planets have an influence over the human body. Billions of dollars are generated a year from people capitalizing on the astrology business. Is there more to it than this? Yes, because we have to keep Ephesians 6: 12 in our forethoughts! Are these particular stars being used to influence the killer and manipulate energy? If the dark spirits live in the heavens well that is their terrain, if you will.

We must assume because of the fact these same constellations are frequently overhead of the murders they are being harnessed by the dark spiritual forces. Have you heard the phrase, “Water seeks its own level?” If we are dealing with dark heavenly creatures not of flesh and blood then they are “energy” with consciousness. These dark entities are seeking and targeting individuals with a lower resonating consciousness. Their “water” is finding its own level or in other words similar energy patterns.

Most of these killers we hear about on the news never speak of spiritual teachings or are recognized for being religious. In other words they are perceived as being spiritually bankrupt. They cling to low frequency behaviors and yearnings, such as: weapons, sex, revenge, and the material. Once the parents and friends discover the troubling mentality of their children there is rarely a spiritual intervention. Leaving the killer’s mentality oscillating at a low primitive frequency.

Taurus with the Sun between the horns. Just like the ancient cults who embodied this cosmic mystery in stone and other art. This was above Las Vegas when the two police officers were murdered.

This makes them the perfect candidates for influence and most likely possession from the dark spiritual entities. It must be easier to “push” the killer over the edge and initiate the blood bath. These dark forces must be getting something out of the deal because this appears to be a pattern. The takeaway in the physical is quite obvious: fear, blood, pain, and chaotic energy hijack. What is the spiritual take away? Perhaps, it is simply “feeling” it or the ability to take form in the physical.

This is the real “meat” of the matter because “they” appear to have to do this! These dark spiritual forces are possessing the killers to experience thrill kills much like children breaking laws in Grand Theft Auto. These same dark forces are stealing the energy of the killer in order to continue to breach the third dimension. This is a mental takedown of unprotected people. It is easier to attack and possess the people who are already halfway down the road to the negative path.

The mass shootings are trending but why is the question? This question can only be deduced from a spiritual analysis based on analysis of ancient text, testimony, and the Bible. We must also include the cosmic patterns that continually appear over the murder sites. One of my readers emailed me about an association he discovered.

“First, I do want to say I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to star alignments and the occult. Yet, I do have minimal knowledge that I have learned over the last few years of my research, a lot from your site. So anyways, I thought to plugin the information from the Elliott Rodger case to stellarium.

The shootings supposedly started around 9:30 PM on 5/23/14. I rounded it down to 9 pm and plugged in Isla Vista, CA. I noticed that Virgo the Virgin is rising over the eastern horizon. It rises throughout the night and ultimately ends up dead center above Isla Vista at 12:00 PM. So the virgin killer does a mass killing under the constellation Virgo.

This has ritual written all over it. So then I remembered that David Attias had done almost the same thing in Isla Vista in 2001. He was another director\’s son who killed 4 people by running them over with his car. I plugged in the information from his case and guess what? At 11 pm on 2/23/01 in Isla Vista David Attias ran over 4 people under Virgo the Virgin who rose through the sky in the exact path followed in the Elliott Rodger case.

What are the chances that 2 directors son\’s go on mass killing sprees, both under the constellation Virgo the Virgin. These were at different times of the year, albeit a couple of months, but this shows it was intentional. Virgo represents the virgin in mother goddess worship. She represents Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven.

This deity has been worshiped since the beginning of time throughout many civilizations. It is still being worshiped today as Mary in Catholicism. Anyways, I found this to be strange. Any thoughts?  I thought this may be interesting to you considering your past research.”

I was tracking the “Lupas” constellation at the times of the massacres because it is a blood sacrifice constellation. The Bible tells us there are ancient things not yet complete. It is plausible ancient blood sacrifice is still practiced in modern times especially from the spirit realm. This very astute researcher targeted Virgo and made a pattern match of Virgo with two separate mass murders.

LUPUS constellation or VICTIMA (The victim slain): This was the constellation over the 2014 Isla Vista killings. It is a constellation for blood sacrifice. It is said this is the constellation Abraham was about to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Out of 88 constellations the odds of the same three rising over the murders is quite improbable. Now we can theorize the cosmic influence of the virgin was used to “target” the killer. This may sound far fetched but the astrology market is booming based on starry influences on the human body. We must remember based on Ephesians 6:12 we are dealing with dark spiritual beings with an advanced knowledge of the Universe including the human body!

What we can reverse engineer to the spirit realm are these mass murders are made to hijack energy and direct them at the constellation overhead. These same constellations are associated ancient deities who were also ritualized with blood sacrifices; however, this is not definitive because Virgo is also associated with the birth of Christ!

Everything begins with Virgo bringing forth the son of God. In Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius we see the first advent of Christ, His death, burial and resurrection, His battle against Satan.”  

– J.R. Church

Again, we see a reference to the “Golden Gate” with Scorpio and Sagittarius with Libra being the constellation of measurement while Virgo represents the birthing energies. The birth of Christ represents a positive intention from the realm of spirit regarding the affairs of men. So we know these stars were planned to influence the birth and they can be reused if you will.

I believe the Most High is the Creator of all things good and evil; there is not separation from His will! Obviously, the intentions of the dark spirits is to use energy to benefit their agenda. We know mass murder is part of it but to what end? We know the energy for the blood sacrifice can be directed/consumed or it would not have been practiced in the ancient times. We know life is in the blood according to the Word. 

Here is the problem in the nutshell. The majority of the world is oblivious to the fact the spirit realm is just as real as the physical. There are entities (high frequency energy signatures) which attach themselves to the mental body of people. From there they influence thoughts and behaviors. People are carefully selected based on their thought patterns and dark entities push them to achieve whatever diabolical act they conceive.

Although the shooting in Oregon (June 10, 2014) is not technically a mass murder we still see Taurus with Sun between the horns.

The only protection is to practice higher spiritual principles as taught by Jesus Christ. These spiritual principles elevate the consciousness to a point where you can not be possessed by these entities. These dark spiritual entities are opposed to love and will be repelled by it. This is why you do not hear of godly people going on a killing spree. These godly people have protected themselves and they are also protected by the realm of angels…that is a whole other story.

According to media reports these mass murderers did not follow the spiritual lessons of Christ or any other spiritual adepts for that matter. Most were into satanism, heavy metal, or just plain old vanilla atheism. You never hear the parents of these killers sharing with the public how they raised their children in Christ or spiritual truths. This leads me to believe these killers are targets from the realm of spirit. I have heard other researchers claim the “Virgin Killer” was a false flag because of a bicycle.

Well, the O.J. Simpson trial had tainted and planted evidence and I assure you people were actually murdered. We are dealing with fallible humans here and what makes you think everybody is “bright?” What we do know from near-death-experience is there is another realm your consciousness dwells when you die. According to Dr. Eban Alexander (neurosurgeon), this is not a phenomenon of the brain. He was brain dead and reviewed his own chart and was astounded the part of the brain responsible for dreaming was shut off! 

We as a people are actually under attack by these dark spiritual entities and they are killing us. This is war! The question now is: How do we fight back? We fight back by elevating our consciousness to a higher level. The solution is reminiscent of the scene in the movie the Matrix where Neo ask Morpheus, “What are you telling me? That I can dodge bullets?” and Morpheus responds, “When you are ready you won’t have to!” 

This is where we need to mature to as a people. Some of us are already protected because we are operating on a higher mental frequency. To act out of love is a difficult pattern to replicate because of our earth training. We must be truly born again like a baby and retrain our thoughts to always reflect love and faith in the unseen…that is our test. It is then not even a “Virgin Killer” can touch us. Be warned this war is real and escalating. Mankind has been targeted for termination by these dark spiritual entities . . . if you are reading this, you are part of the resistance!

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