Mega Church Files: TD Jakes Ducks Terminal Patient!

Mega Church Files: TD Jakes Ducks Terminal Patient!

Most people know these mega churches are nothing more than cash cows and you are more likely to find the Holy Spirit in Churches Chicken than a mega church. The majority of these mega church pastors own multiple properties, luxury cars, and even learjets! Many have used the pulpit as a vehicle for sexual liaisons, like Pastor Jamal Bryant. A mega church is a big business that sells the concept of God but the pastor is rarely a godly man. 

One of our sources shared a story with us regarding TD Jakes. Honestly, I was not shocked to hear the story because it is hard to be godly and serve materialism at the same time. Jakes was also “close” friends with shamed teenage boy mack Eddie Long; who preyed on hand picked teenage boys in his mega church. I suspect it is a matter of time before a disgruntled employee spills the beans on Jakes. Y’all know how I feel about Jakes after Tyler Perry was speaking in tongues (filled with the Holy Sugar Foot) and laid hands on Jakes who then did the “house quake.”

1 Timothy 6:5

and constant friction between people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.

Right now through the sharing of this story from his church we can get a glimpse into the character of this man . . . and judge the fruit. So here it goes! A woman was terminally ill and she attended a TD Jakes event in Atlanta. She had been telling her girlfriends if she could make it to TD Jakes and get him to pray for her she could get better. While at the event she was shocked how many times the collection plate came around. She said it came around to her at least five times.

Finally, she approached Jakes and put her prayer card and money into his hand. She told him about her condition and if anyone from his church would pray for her she would be so appreciative. Jakes told her, “I am going to pray for you and call you myself.” She left the church with great hope for her future. Over the next the next six months (because she filled out the donation card) she received phone calls during the week to solicit donations for TD Jakes.

She also filled out the prayer card with her contact details and her terminal medical diagnosis. She never received a call from Jakes or any of his staff about her prayer request. Needless to say the lady’s family loathes Jakes and his ministry. They do not believe he is spiritual at all but nothing more than a business man. All of her girlfriends who attended the event in Atlanta harbor much animosity toward him. If you ever want to hear these women get heated bring his name up in the hair salon.

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