Strange Cosmic Art in the Tunnels of Grand Central

Strange Cosmic Art in the Tunnels of Grand Central

Today I caught a late train to Grand Central Station and as usual it is hit or miss getting there on time. Because of the late hour the train arrived on a deeper lower level than I was familiar with. I ended up walking through a long underground tunnel you could drive an eighteen wheeler through. The tile work was amazing and I promise to take more pictures next time! The one picture I did take is the object of this post.

As I turned the corner to take the stairs up to 48th and Madison a strange picture caught my eye. It clearly captures a cosmic motif with a man in a fiery wheel navigating the stars. Underneath him is an elliptical circle with a cigar shape UFO at the bottom of it. I could not take my eyes off it trying to decipher its meaning. All I know is these east coast cities are steeped in esoteric architecture and motifs which can be linked to ancient Egypt.  

Listen to the insightful lyrics of this song by Sting. It has so many synchronicities to this post it can not be a coincidence.

Drop us a line if you know the story behind this one. I guarantee you there are always two stories behind things like this. One for the general public . . .  and then there is the truth. Our Founding Fathers are more than just politicians and statesmen; they are members of an ancient order that hides in plain sight.  We need only to seek the truth and we will find it. You have to admit that is a strange picture.

In my opinion the picture reminds me of those orbs we see flying around in the sky. I believe it is us piloting them! We have seen this same concept embodied in 15th to 19th century paintings. A man inside a fiery orb streaking across the sky. We are being bamboozled because “they” are using a free energy to navigate the skies and maybe even the stars. Wake up sheepocracy . . . wake up.

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