Superbowl 48 Ritual and the ISIS Outcome

Superbowl 48 Ritual and the ISIS Outcome

The connection between anciently revered star gates and Super Bowl rituals was the hidden element of an occult ritual. You see after Madonna’s performance in Super Bowl 46 I was suspicious the stars were some how involved. It was not until Superbowl 47 I could test my theory by predicting what cosmic motifs would be included in Beyonce’s performance. After this point it was no longer a theory but proof anciently revered star constellations are ritualized in these latest Super Bowl Halftime Shows. 

The inclusion of stars in conjunction with the ritual opened up the door to many questions; such as, what is the purpose? We can conclude the ritual is about harnessing energy and we will have to rely on the Bible and other ancient text to reveal the true nature of the star involvement. Jesus gave us a concept where whatever is bound on earth is bound in Heaven. Whatever is bound in Heaven would not be physical. 

Also, we are led to believe in the Book of Daniel dark spiritual entities are given geographic areas to watch over. We do not know the size of them but I assume they are gigantic and command spiritual minions. They have the power to block energy based on the fact Daniel needed an intercession from the Archangel Michael; in order for his “mental energy” to pass to the Throne. 

This tells us energy in the Heavens can be collected and stored because energy does not die . . .  it multiplies. I submit to you the Super Bowl rituals not only harvested the energy but with the intervention of the dark spiritual entities stored it! Now the energy can be directed and used at a later time. Now that the proverbial table has been set we can revisit the Super Bowl 48 ritual. 

I called 2014 the “Year of the Blood” because much will be shed in the world. I watched other analysis of Super Bowl 48 commercials and I have found one common fallacy. Most believe the “Prepare” sang by the children was directed at America. This is because of an intrinsic American arrogance and respectfully (I say) a lack of spiritual insight. 

I say this because many believe America is performing a super ritual to attack itself. Does that even make sense? Americans believe everything is about them. Like the Antichrist must be an American. People must understand America is the subject if Isaiah 47. We are the ones casting spells on other countries. We are the ones who call good evil and evil good. America is the machine spreading spiritual dysfunction around the world. 

Why would the satanic kingdom destroy the satanic kingdom? Unfortunately, Americans are living in the belly of the beast.The Super Bowl also acts as the witches’ cauldron which: creates, collects, and directs the spell. Remember according to Isaiah 47 America will receive all of her judgments in 60 minutes. This will be a quick and decisive strike and not a war of attrition like in the Middle East. So the next time you get your feathers ruffled by faulty spiritual intelligence regarding the destruction of America, please read Isaiah 47 with America in mind. 

Now let’s a look at the ingredients of the Super Bowl 48 ritual and see where it was directed. Like John says we must look at the spiritual fruit to ascertain which spirits are at play. Children were used in the Super Bowl performance because of their pure virginal energies to evoke a “preparation” for war.  There were lights used to map out (I presume) star patterns and synchronized repetition using the law of three; in order to activate the “preparations.” 

As Bruno Mars kicked off his set you observed him wearing a gold blazer to synch up with the acoustic alchemy of the “Golden Gate.” You were later introduced to the Red Hot Chili Peppers wearing silver for the acoustic alchemy of the “Silver Gate.”  We saw the ever present pyramid in the video screens and lyrics which had a duality resonating with spiritual markers in the constellation overhead. The pyramid symbol itself has a diverse definition depending on the intentions of the actor. 

It can evoke: fire, water, or destruction (etc.) and can be the symbol to call specific entities. All symbols have a counterpoint in the realm of spirit and this is why they are used in spells and rituals. We are inundated with them daily and their meaning has changed over the eons. Many erroneously believe the swastika is the creation of the Nazi regime when it predates them by thousands of years. 

We can not forget the horse sacrifice of Super Bowl 48 where I predicted the Broncos would fall as a tribute to Mars. The horse sacrifice captured energy from Mars in order to use war to make peace. We also saw the military featured in the halftime show. Here we saw soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division give shout-outs to their families. 

The back drop to the soldiers speaking was the logo of the 101st Airborne Division; the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts. We also saw a connection here with the Phillip Seymour Hoffman death; where the heroin packets he overdosed on were labeled the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts. This synchronicity is extremely important to the ritual in order to resonate with the physical and the spiritual. 

Now we have the actual armed forces mixed into the spell. Super Bowl 48 caused me to focus on the color scheme as well. This is all apart of occult alchemy where they plan meticulously to the lowest detail. The Seattle Seahawks resonated the colors of Islam with the green in their logo. 

I know this sounds strange but when you research occult science alchemy it is an integral part of casting spells in the ritual. It is important they resonate with the intended target. So understand color coding has a frequency and a counterpoint in the realm of spirit. This is also a part of creating energy to be harnessed and stored in the Heavens by the dark spiritual entities. 

Reverse engineering the variables used in the ritual from: people, wardrobe colors, symbols, spoken words, gestures, and star alignments seems far fetch until you see the fruit of the synchronicity. It is here you connect the proverbial dots to define the fruit and hopefully bring credence to the analysis. 

Hoffman shared the same birthday, July 23, with an ancient Roman festival known as “Neptunalia.”  Here the “god” of irrigation, the planet Neptune would be worshiped in order to ask Neptune for fresh water.   Ironically, Turkey dammed up the dwindling Euphrates River recently and this was not the fist time a country in the Middle East has done this. The New York Times ran a story in June of 2009 stating the very same action from Syria. 

As a result of the damning of precious water from the Euphrates River villages suffered with mass snake infestation. How did John know out of all of the rivers on the earth this particular river would dry up in the end times? We do know as a result of the Euphrates River drying up water is scarce in those regions that depended on it. 

Water is a precious resource needed for any military entanglement. Water would be necessary to keep the soldiers hydrated. It would make sense to include in the ritual a component to ensure water will be available for the soldiers. Now we can see how this part of ritual was necessary. 

This next part of the analysis came to me very recently. It was placed upon my soul to contemplate Scripture from the Book of Daniel. We will have to decipher how are thoughts work to tie all of this together but if true . . . this will be groundbreaking! Daniel prayed for 21 days to the Most High yet his prayer was blocked for 21 days. 

Daniel 10:13

But for twenty-one days the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia blocked my way. Then Michael, one of the archangels, came to help me, and I left him there with the spirit prince of the kingdom of Persia.

Science has shown us our brainwaves are energy and they can be measured by a machine. These machines can show us what are normal and abnormal energy levels but the bottom line is . . . our thoughts output energy. While praying, this energy can be sent and received by the Most High. Energy can not die, so what happened to 21 days of Daniel’s prayers. 

This dark entity not only blocked Daniel’s prayers but he stored them! He could not have let them go because they were earmarked for the Most High. Daniel’s prayers were eventually released with an intercession from the Archangel Michael. Then the Most High received the “energy” encoded in prayer. 

This tells us these Super Bowl rituals can store the energy created and then re-directed at a later time. We can assume if the Archangel Michael did not intercede 21 days could have been turned to 21 years. Once the energy was released it completed its journey based on the intention. 

Now the intention is very important to understand because the Super Bowl rituals have various symbolic motifs embedded in the ritual. This time around we saw the triangles emerged in fire. The triangle is also a symbol to evoke fire. Now we see the Middle East on fire with the intended recipient to weld the fire… ISIS.

Now we see the emergence of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) emerge setting parts of the Middle East on fire. How did a well funded and armed rebellion suddenly spring up? Or should I say they were conjured up? ISIS is a direct result of the Super Bowl 48 ritual and now we can understand the color-alchemy used by the teams. This concept should be nothing new to us because we have seen this same practice in witch movies; where the witch requires something personal or something similar to direct at the target.

All rituals require blood to be spilled in the realm of demons. The Super Bowl rituals are mega rituals and they require mega blood to be spilled to make them work. Most likely over 100,000 people have already been murdered. This number includes women, children and the elderly. Once the exact number is congruent with the spiritual energy necessary to manifest the killing will subside. 

Super Bowl 48 had an armed forces theme to it and now we know why. Many American researchers have erroneously perpetuated a false interpretation of the ritual. Claiming the children chanting “Prepare” or giants are going to get you was directed at America. I submit to you America is already under a spell. This is why the American culture has cosigned onto a Biblical unsound lifestyles which ended in the destruction of cultures . . . by the hand of the Most High. 

Again, people must understand there is more to prophecy than just America. All mega-rituals use Americans to create the emotional and sonic energy to capture and redirect later. Americans are nothing more than the batteries of the ritual. You also must remember if America is Mystery Babylon she will get all of her judgments in one hour. 

Now this is a debatable time scale because the question is are we talking spiritual time or earth time? Remember a day to the Lord is a thousand years and that would make one hour 41.66 years. So we could be in the throes of destruction right now! I just had to throw this in there for the devils advocates. 

I personally believe one hour means one hour after reading Isaiah 47. America will be taken down quickly and will not be able to recover. This tells me communications will be down and the infrastructure will be destroyed. This will happen much later because America is instrumental in bringing down the rest of the world with her. 

I am excited to have a working theory on how the ritual is used and directed at other countries now. We can truly see how the symbols and the motifs are used to direct the spell and which variables such as fire can be included for the desired effect. We have seen an example on how dark forces can trap our prayers (energy imbued with thought) and store it for extended periods of time. 

We have also learned the importance of praying for angelic interference in our behalf. Many of our prayers are being blocked much like faulty cell phone service, “Can you hear me now? Can you hear me . . . now?” The most important giveaway is we can pray for Archangels to disrupt their plans now! How great is that? We can direct events in the realm of spirit just by asking the Most High.

We have the ability to cause their rituals to fail! We have to do this collectively and intensely BEFORE the Super Bowl because 21 days it took the Prophet Daniel and he had the Most High on speed dial. Now we know why these Super Bowl rituals are carefully planned down to colors and acoustic; in addition, to the ever present symbols. Most of these entertainers are most likely unaware to the true purpose of their performance. 

We are now seeing the fruit of the ritual. We know Virgo (the birth constellation) was also used in the ritual. Thereby birthing ISIS unto the world stage. Many innocent civilians have been murdered and many are fleeing. This will be the regime the Antichrist will emerge from and this is the new State of Islam. Sorry folks, President Obama is not the Antichrist!

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