Lucy Review: An Explosion of Darwinism

Lucy Review: An Explosion of Darwinism

My son and I were running to the store late Friday evening. We saw “Lucy” was playing at the village theater and I parked while my son ran inside to check the schedule so we could watch it later. He ran back to the truck and said, “The next movie is at 10:00 pm, Dad.” I looked at the time and it was 9:43 pm and I said may as well see it now! So my son and I loaded up with one bucket of popcorn and a Pepsi slushi. It was time to see what Hollywood was attempting to subconsciously brainwash the masses with. 

I immediately was hot on the trial because the movie started out with “Lucy” the so called female first human according to mainstream science. I realized this would be a journey into Darwinism and the evolution of mankind . . . except this time it would be a woman. It imprinted into the human consciousness we all started with a female hairy monkey and there was no design of an Adam nor an Eve. This was straight Darwinism mixed with the blossoming Scarlett Johansson.

She plays Lucy a woman who is unwittingly duped by her grungy boyfriend into a delivering a mysterious briefcase (shackled to her wrist) to the Yakuza. For those of you who do not know Yakuza are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. They make the Italian mob appear reasonable and less violent if you can believe that! The Yakuza allegedly have over 100,000 members and place Lucy in immediate danger.

The movie segues between Morgan Freeman who plays Professor Dr.  Norman who is the leading world theorist on the potential of the human brain. He presents “what-if” scenarios on humans utilizing more than 10% of the brain all the way to 100%.  As he lectures in an auditorium each one of his slides presents the human brain evolution and the director switches back and forth between Lucy’s progressive brain evolution to 100%.

As Lucy progresses we see her becoming more and more godlike and once she actually burst into a ball of confetti light. Lucky for us Lucy was able to reassemble herself or the credits would have rolling. What stood out to me as she began to creep closer to the 100% she never encountered the other side many people with near death experiences encounter. There was no room for the Kingdom of the Most High in this movie only Darwin.

Donald Carl Johanson (born June 28, 1943) is an American paleoanthropologist. Along with Maurice Taieb and Yves Coppens, he is known for discovering the fossil of a female hominid australopithecine known as “Lucy” in the Afar Triangle region of Hadar, Ethiopia.

It even had a smattering of Sumerian science where it showed the formation of the earth where it collided with another planet to be formed. This was not just Darwinism but Sumerianism as well . . . so I guess it could also be labelled  “Darmeriansim.”  It was interesting to witness Lucy seeing the quantum energy packets in all things and she did make some spiritually insightful evaluations. 

She made profound statements about how ego, fear, and desire were obstacles on reaching the full human potential. The Bible teaches us these same things in order to connect to the Power of the Throne. We must remove fear from our minds and release our desires in order to be free. I found this dialogue in the movie the most insightful and the closest to the spiritual truths for this movie. It was exciting watching Lucy blossom into a fully conscious human. 

The problem was when she did she became like the Most High in a sense. Her total consciousness filled the universe! This was far reaching because not once did she communicate with the Most High. The director was unable to synthesize spirit and Lucy which in essence makes this movie soulless. 

This movie suggest that we as humans are on the road to consciousness like the Most High but without the Most High. All and all it was an interesting movie. The special effects got kind of silly near the end but it was exciting watching most of them. The Yakuza make the perfect antagonist because they are more powerful than the police in Japan. I left out the catalyst of the Lucy evolution in the movie because maybe you will go see the movie. 

After the movie was over my 12 year old son said, “This was everything I learned in Social Studies.” He told me Lucy was homoerectus and the earth started out with the Big Bang. Every teaching devoid of the Most High is being taught in the schools and Lucy is the high octane sci-fi version of it. It is another way to subconsciously imprint the fact we all sprang forth from nothingness. I calmly turned and looked at my son and said, “That theory is like Daddy passing gas and a fully loaded X-Box shooting out with WiFi capabilities.” My son said, “How much would that cost?”

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