African Man Creates 3D Printer for $100!

African Man Creates 3D Printer for $100!

I am sure any ladies reading this post are ecstatic because women love deals. I think Christian women love in this order: God, Jesus, children, husband, and then deals. I have to say I was taken aback when I learned of a 3D printer you could build for $100. I had seen the Makerbot and then the competition popped up in the 3D printer market. You have to pay a pretty penny to own one and the cost is too high for every home to own one. 

West African inventor Kogjo Afate Gniko is a game changer in this industry and that is probably why you have not heard of him. The story is he rummaged through a junk yard with computer parts heaped 6 feet high. There he located the hardware components necessary to construct a 3D printer. After seeing his 3 printer in action it works just like the other 3D printer on the markets.

His construction methodology brings light to the fact we are wasting old computer parts by the tonnage. Kogjo took parts from: scanners, hard drives, printers, and RAM. With these components he was able to create the 3D printer. What else can be replicated from this computer junk? Environmentally, this is obviously the  earth friendly best practice. 

Admittedly, Kogjo had to but a few parts to complete his 3D printer but he has proven they can be manufactured for less than the $1,500 price tag being marketed today. Kogjo is affiliated with which is a hackerspace in the city of Lome. His dream is to grow his recycling project into a nation wide initiative. On the horizon of his insights and dreams are ambitious plans to build plastic fabricated homes on Mars. If you are going to dream, dream big or do not dream at all. 

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