Alternative News, Shills, and DisInfo Agents

Alternative News, Shills, and DisInfo Agents

I made this call some time ago about these men excluding Mark Dice. I did in fact catch on to Mark Dice after he posted a video about Paul Walker’s death and he prematurely admonished “conspiracy theorist”  who would claim Illuminati involvement. Later on that month (if I remember correctly) even Mark Dice made an illuminati connection! In the end, none of this surprises me because none of these men are followers of the teachings of Christ. Mark Dice is the perfect example of this because instead of praying for your enemies and loving them he always verbally assaults them as if he is a sin free man.

I blew the proverbial whistle on Alex Jones long ago after Christian profits like Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns attempted to legitimize Alex Jones as a disciple of Christ. All the while selling fear from “secret” sources in the military. I can tell you as a “fly on the wall” who grew up around high ranking soldiers none of them would have any respect for these men . . . let alone risk their careers (and freedom) leaking classified information.  I took a good month of verbal attacks from their shills sent to my site to attack me for exposing  these spiritual charlatans.

One lady in particular would show up to my site to comment only if I mentioned Steve Quayle. It is obvious my post threatened their financial empire but none of these men can stand against the Word not even the profits. They eventually left me alone and focused on their “fear drunk” fan base and it has been relatively quiet. Now I will not be the only target because a YouTube producer by the name of “Red Pill Revolution” has realized what I believe many other people are waking up to . . . the alternative news media is controlled opposition.

The ink has not even dried on the death certificate of Robin Williams yet InfoWars has labeled conspiracy theorist “lunatics” if they connect the Illuminati as potentially involved. This is the same InfoWars who once claimed Russian missiles are headed to the USA and we should buy their “survival kits” if we want to make it. I believe these men feel they are telling the truth because they lack spiritual discernment. You can not serve two masters by constantly focusing on the material world and then the spiritual world.

If you were a police detective and you were aware of the Family Guy episode where Robin Williams was associated with suicide and the Internet forums predicting his suicide would cause an investigation. This type of thinking is not outside the realm of common sense especially since copycat killers are  dime a dozen. It is also no secret the occult world uses numerology, alchemy, symbols, and cosmic alignments to sacrifice their victims. If the InfoWar minions were aware of this they would not speak as they do.

In closing, most of what these men have you focus on is a distraction from keeping you from seeking the Kingdom within. The real power is what they do not want us to pursue. Their intent is to have you purchase their magic oil or other products to line their pockets off your fear. The spiritual principles that Christ attempted to teach us is where the real freedom is yet most are hooked on fear. I laugh at the argument when people say “they” are waking people up. How can you wake people up to fear and expect to follow the teachings of Christ?  He did not sell fear He sold love. Let that marinate and enjoy your weekend.

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Michael Erevna

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