Evidence of Baal Worship in Modern Times

Evidence of Baal Worship in Modern Times

After writing the post, “David Rockefeller and House of Baal” I planned on following up with more details on the post. When I first witnessed the pillars on the building I realized the building had an occult nature. I was stunned to learn the building on 26 Broadway in New York City was once the Rockefeller headquarters.  There is a connection to the architecture of this building and sacred pillars outlawed by the Most High in the Bible. These pillars or obelisk were used to call on demons in the realm of spirit.

Lucky for RevelationNow.net there are very astute readers of our site and one of them left the comment below which spawned a video!


“Hey Michael,

Great article. I know it is not the same building, but it reminds me of Dana Barrett’s building from Ghostbusters. Perhaps, similar in intent as a gateway.”


There is a connection to the movie “Ghostbusters” and the Rockefeller created rooftop at 26 Broadway.  In lieu of writing a post on this we opted to create a video to connect the dots for our readership. Here you will see the evolution of Baal worship and the sacred pillars which are still standing today. Many of these sacred pillars or obelisk have been constructed in modern times! Meaning Baal worship has never died. Folks, we are truly in a spiritual war and you have a choice to make.



You can sit on the sidelines and not make choice or you can join the spiritual war. Jesus Christ is real and these demons fear Him. Yes, you can achieve great wealth following the demons but you will become rich in spirit following Christ. He offers the only treasure you can take with you after death.

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