Secret Mechanics of the Super Bowl Energy Harvest

Secret Mechanics of the Super Bowl Energy Harvest

People gather and the clash begins for the delight of the senses, minds focused on the Super Bowl game, slowly unifying the energy fields, a fair amount of violence and everything feels electrified. Two virtual opposites under the same dome of feelings. Suddenly the halftime show begins pregnant with: shapes, colours, words, symbols, flesh and desires, wishes subtly merged and dark masters of ceremony. There are no divisions now just “minds” absorbing consciously and unconsciously every single piece of this exposition and assimilating them as their own.

The star constellations leading the march, are the same as millenias ago, the ritual has slightly changed; yet the stars recognize the ancient meaning. Here is where the hungry executioner comes to feed, where the sucking life force of the “egregore” begins. The etymology of the word egregore leads us to ancient Greece, where they used the word “egrégoroi”, which means “Watcher”, also transliterated as “Grigori.” The word can be found in many sources for example; The Book of Jubilee (Jub. 4:15, 5:1), The Book of Enoch and The Septuagint translation of The Book of Lamentations.

It is generally erroneously described as just the magical product of a collective mental effort, yet the mental substance and the egregore are part of an invocation system which materialize in the realm of the physical. This is actually an interdimensional symbiosis between a group and an entity. On a psychological level this particular hybrid merge of psyches creates a “personality” for the group or multitude creating equilibrium from the abovementioned inputs. On an energetic level the shared mind-cloud lacks: independence, authority, or will. Until the “egregore” or the entity reaches a level of autonomy granted by the inertial growth of the continuous symbiosis of the system.

The spirit realm program or inputs inserted into the collective and unified mind field follows the entity’s will and follows blindly. The directive is clear: to defend the feeders’ interests and wishes regardless of the awareness or not they could have over them. The unawareness of an assisting crowd regarding the true nature of spiritual objectives, or in other words the programing is congruent with the laws ruling the ritual. In the same way the individual minds don’t need to agree with the interaction of the forces which are not transmitted between objects, but instead are described by intermediary entities called fields, according to the current understanding of physics.

Eliphas Lévi, in Le Grand Arcane (“The Great Mystery”, 1868) identifies “egregores” (sic) with the tradition concerning the fathers of the Nephilim, describing them as “terrible beings” that “crush us without pity because they are unaware of our existence.” A synergy of thoughts executed and protected by an entity all the way long to manifestation of the interests of the hive. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians developed works on this kind of summoning through mind-thoughts, writers such as Valentin Tomberg had referenced this phenomena in various occasions. The egregore can’t allow any harm to its members.

As long as the feed continues the presence of the Egregore is a sure fact.  Chaos magic practitioners believe the word of God and egregore define the same thing. In their ego driven concepts they claim responsibility for the design of the being much like Dr. Frankenstein claiming authority over life and death but not even being prepared to control his abomination. For magic practitioners they believe they are the gods of the design not realizing they are just batteries for those “gods”. The first Book of Enoch speaks about the fall of the Watchers. The second Book of Enoch addresses the Watchers -egrḗgoroi-in greek, who are in the fifth heaven where the fall took place.

According to the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible by Karel van der Toorn and others, the “fall of the watchers from heaven” is found in Hebrew in the Damascus Document 2:18 echoing 1 Enoch 13:10. After the collapse of the semitic Akkadian empire by the barbaric invasions, Aramaic writers deciphered part of the knowledge of its Sumerian rooted religion, carved on Mesopotamian stone monuments which identified different egregores sustained across the centuries like an Olympic flame meant to never extinguish and rest in oblivion. After the fall of Babylon the different cabal offerings of the dark cult sustained several of the egregores  Semiramis wrote and exploited.

Occult texts describe the visceral methods of destruction by an Egregore, which include death by fire of every member of the inner circle, the main progenitors, destruction of the symbols bonded to the entity and group, as well as the writings alluding to the egregore. The death of the Eegregore is slow as the energetic starvation reaches its apogee. Therefore, it is common for agonizing egregores to force their influence in other humans, most of the time presenting themselves as divine influence, the will of the new host is seduced and subdued, the revelations of the rituals, identity and the material ways that will grant sustainability in this realm, are taught.

Death of the members by blood spilling is considered a sacrifice, and it causes an opposite effect enhancing the eegregore’s power by the inherent occult power of the blood. The rules of egregore creation can be found in many occultist works and sometimes hidden in plain sight. A good example is with the “rules of yoga”, which are gears of the invocation system, wisely camouflaged as simply gymnastic exercises. The book Spiritual Exercises of San Ignacio, is a work vastly known by the Jesuit acolytes and the very essence of the path leading to this particular spiritual symbiosis.

The constant cosmic laws, more specifically speaking the ones related to: time, seasons, durations; collaborate with the manifested egregore. Ritual ceremonies in: golden gate, silver gate, equinoxes, solstices, occult dates, the four annual divisions and its flows, are meant to fit specific astral configurations. The progression of the astral bodies, position, and orientation involved; is essential to gain influence and boost the objectives of the orders. In The Great Secret Levi says, “These colossal forces have sometimes taken a shape and have appeared in the guise of giants; these are the egregores of the Book of Enoch.”  

Later, he writes of these cosmic forces that rule over the energies symbolized by the planets, “…governed by those genii which were termed the celestial watchers, or egregores, by the ancients.” In the orders nested of Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic traditions, the Therionic egregores, many of which he claimed were awakened by him, are meant to convey the knowledge and power of eons with the “true will” of the organizations hence its members. The mechanic behind the summoning can be described as an analog of an electric transformer. Consisting of two coils isolated from each other, the main coil (in this realm) would be sourced by the feeders’ product…the sum of the mind.

Meanwhile, the secondary coil would represent the entities of the other realm. Liminality drives the induction and would be the core or nucleus responsible for such effect. The laminal separation of realms does present a curvature or disruption when the system is enabled; which basically is an irresistible invitation. So much energy sustained in liminality where the threshold will not be ignored for too much time. When the liminality is breached the connection is made and the feed starts. The trespassing can generate black-outs, like happens in high voltage transformers where the consumption is higher than what the supply can handle. As bigger the entity bigger the effects.

In 1994, there was a dark working called TIAMAT, a test of summoning and vanishing spell. This spell was bizarrely designed to act as an astral artifact for torturing demons and prove the possibility of a global synchronization on a summoning. Participants were stationed in relay stations in: the western US, Australia, Greece, England, eastern US and central US. The spell was configured so a line was added in every station. As the spell was almost complete, internet suffered a big breakdown, including a crash of the main Australian ISP and a power failure in California that knocked out both the UC Berkeley-based UUCP backbone and the Netcom ISP!

A couple of these outages have been identified by Revelation Now including one in Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show and the Jimi Hendrix, Rainbow Bridge Concert. Most of the contracts with egregores are for: power, material goods and interests. It happens as an emotional bond including an emotional persecution generated to maintain the victim under dominion. Vices, addictions, and unruled sexual activities do generate a commitment with negative energies, so there is a tendency to lose vital energy compromising the parasites in a monadic (an indivisible, impenetrable unit of substance viewed as the basic constituent element of physical reality in the metaphysics of Leibniz level).  In the Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut” we have a clear example of how an egregore is sustained, feed and utilized.

The hive collective “sexual magick-mind-thoughts” through rituals, yet it is maintained in an staggered state and a persisting cloud of influence over every orgiastic attende. Soon reality and the perception of the members gets distorted and oriented to the collective mind-set and objectives. What was cryptically exposed in this film was Kubrick’s death warrant. Mind-thoughts are attractive forms of energy. Can we be feeding an entity without being aware of it? It becomes hard to see the overlapping beyond the psychological processes; but, it is all about the minds, which we know, can be set off course. For example this happens in war-mind induced states or when exposed to fear mongering sources. Certain anxieties and  anticipations can be felt where a doctrine is taken, adopted without filter, mechanical behaviors.

The resignation of the followers experience an undescriptible lost of autonomy. Speeches are taken in detriment of the self as the hive sets up its gears on, acting as one very few are the dissonant notes allowed. It is a matter of time and exposition to the same words, impulses, and feelings to create a fertile ground from where the harvesters will feed. It makes you wonder which gods are they feeding today? We realize in our modern “civilized” world, the channels are many and the corrupted souls are ready and willing participants in their duties of the gods in exchange for the 30 pieces of silver. Most people seek their own profits and have no cares as long as they consume the nectar of their own domination. In the threshold, the game is on, the real one that is played behind our eyes. As the curtain falls these are the mechanics of this great and secret show.

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