Rest In Peace Dr. Emoto

Rest In Peace Dr. Emoto

On October 17, 2014 (12:50 AM) this world lost a spiritual visionary who transformed our views on water into a tapestry of our very own thoughts and emotions. He showed us the physical ramifications of our words which changed the crystalline structure of the water molecules in our bodies.  Dr. Emoto gave us the opportunity to see the beauty of love as it imprinted itself in the very water molecules of our bodies. Finally, he left us with the bare naked truth that love and gratitude is far more beautiful than fear and hate.

What The Bleep Do We Know- {Water Scene}

For me Dr. Emoto gave me the relationship between his work and the teachings of Christ. The deeper I delved into his work while cross referencing it with perfect love taught by Christ; I realized that Christ was also transforming our bodies through our minds. By acting in love and humility the water of our own bodies began to resonate into cymatics. Beautiful snowflake like patterns would form in our bodies.

The human body consist of 70% water and there is a relationship to baptism with water. I often wondered if baptism by water bonded with the water of the human body? By this I mean did the crystalline structures from the Holy Spirit pass over into the human body? When you get into patterns you are literally looking at a frozen frequency. This inaudible frequency is out of the range of human hearing because it is so high. We must understand when we are in the love state we are actually oscillating at the highest frequency.

Dr. Emoto became ill in Shanghai, China, while on a world speaking engagement tour. His illness rapidly progressed to pneumonia and he was placed in critical condition for several weeks before he was declared stable enough to be air transported back home to a Tokyo hospital. He passed at 12:50 am on October 17th, with his wife Kazuko at his side.

This very love frequency can suspend time and release endorphins that none of us will ever forget. When you are in love it is a feeling (a resonance) that changes the water of our bodies. Dr. Emoto was the forerunner into this research and since then other researchers have learned water can even store memories! I first became aware of Dr. Emoto when his work was featured in “What the Bleep DO We Know” which was a film about quantum physics, spirituality, and the human body.

“By holding the intention of peace towards water, by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards water, water can and will bring peace, to our bodies and to the world.”

– Masaru Emoto

Most if not all of us were amazed when first witnessing his body of work. I later purchased his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” and began to realize this was a case of mind over matter. He wrote several other books and I read them all because I am convinced there is a connection to the teachings of Christ. There is a clear parallel between Dr. Emoto’s message of love, gratitude, and peace juxtaposed against the teachings of Christ.

My only difference with him was that he believed peace could only be realized through the understanding of water and I believe it will be through the teachings of Christ. I do not ever want to minimize his research but there is thought transformation into perfect spiritual love by following Christ. Dr. Emoto, leaves us quite a resume where he performed over 1,000 lectures in 75 countries and published over 3 million copies of over 29 publications in 46 countries. Not to mention, YouTube videos that went viral with millions of views around the world.

His legacy will be carried on by over 300 plus certified Hado (Japanese word) instructors who are experts on the subtle vibrations on water. He will forever be remember for his valuable discovery and insight into the spiritual power of our intentions, thoughts, and words.  Dr. Emoto also carries the honor of being listed 18 out of 100 spiritual influential people on the planet. He has crossed over now and most likely all of the secrets he was seeking are plain truths now for him.

Dr. Emoto is survived by his wife Kazuko and his three children, Yoko, Kentaro, and Hiromasa, as well as two grandchildren, Riku, and Sora. Please be on the look out for a global live streaming memorial event near the end of November. For more details please click here.

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