Andraé Crouch (RIP) Joins Heavenly Choir

Andraé Crouch (RIP) Joins Heavenly Choir

Andraé Edward Crouch (July 1, 1942 – January 8, 2015) was an American gospel singer, a.k.a., “the father of modern gospel music” has died from diabetes, cancer, and a heart attack. He was a songwriter, arranger, recording artist, record producer, and pastor. Embraced and celebrated in the gospel music industry since the late 1960s. He is also given credit for bridging black gospel music with contemporary Christian music.

He was also just a man fighting temptations like the rest of us which was illustrated by his “chicken soup” incident in 1982. He told police (during a traffic stop) white powder in a vial was a “chicken soup” powder which turned out to be cocaine. Charges were never filed because Andrae told police it was his friend’s cocaine. Other than this he will be remember as a musical celebrator of Christ.

I have read man books about people who experienced heaven (near-death)and return to share the experience. It is said whatever musical ability you had on earth is spiritually augmented when you die. Can you imagine how Andrae will sound entertaining the celestial beings and Christ with his piano skills and voice? Wow!

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