Is America Israel’s “Little Nelly?”

Is America Israel’s “Little Nelly?”

Have you ever taken a step back and evaluated the alternative news movement? If you do you will find a commonality between mainstream news and the alternative news. Both of them are tight-lipped on putting Israel under the proverbial microscope. It is as if both new streams have agreed not to touch Israel. Why is that? Why attack American leadership constantly but never Israel? Especially those alternative news personalities whose whole persona is steeped in the Bible.

This very fact brings credence to the suspicion the alternative media is controlled by the very country they refuse to discuss . . . Israel. At times the alternative media sounds treasonous and plain anti-American especially when the Bible instructs us to pray for our leadership. The same degree of scrutiny nor conspiracy theories are applied to the country of Israel compared to America. These alternative news personalities appear to hate America and conveniently leave Israel out of their cross hairs.

Especially, these so-called Christian radio personalities who know Israel plays a prominent role in Biblical prophecy yet they do not discuss Israel as much as America. These very men claim to be pursuing the truth but apparently not when it comes to Israel. The Bible speaks of false jews and a synagogue of Satan yet again these self proclaimed watchmen will not touch Israel; maybe they are and maybe they are not but let’s put them on the table for discussion. The irony is the current residents of Israel do not believe Jesus Christ is the Son of the Most High!

How does that even work? It is no secret over the years Israeli politicians have been caught alleging Israel really runs America. These same Israeli folks have their hand in Hollywood, rap music, and news outlets. It is here the shape the culture of America by influencing the people through the media. These alternative news sites will not touch Israel because they must be working with them. If Israel is really the Synagogue of Satan then the alternative news folks are working with them or plainly playing into their hands.

Remember when Christ returns He collects His people in the clouds and they will descend to the NEW Jerusalem. Meaning His people are not there yet! Who are these Israeli people who currently reside there? We do not know for sure because the media nor the alternative media will even investigate. What I have learned about present day Israel is very troubling and even satanic (just like America).

Did you know that Israel host the largest gay parade in the Middle East? In fact, gay people consider Israel not just a safe haven for them but a supporter of their lifestyle. I say this because Israel proudly waves the Star of David flag as if their country is based on the laws of the Old Testament. They play behind the Star of David yet this culture is far from natural and the spiritual teachings of the Most High.

I will be the first to admit human sex slave trafficking appears to be a global epidemic. Israel has a serious problem with human trafficking but not even this is a hot topic for alternative media personalities. Why is there always a bulls-eye on America with them and not Israel? Is Israel above reproach? Key political Israeli personalities have been caught bragging how Israel controls America. Why not put them under the same microscope as America?

We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.

– Ariel Sharon

The Israel you see today does not believe Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father yet people call them “chosen.”  Who exactly are they chosen by? What does the Word say about denying Christ? You would imagine as a result of them promoting their culture as Holy they would live in harmony with the laws of the Creator. This is not the case at all. It appears the American media is mum on these facts in order to perpetuate a false positive and persecuted image for Israel.

These alternative news personalities would celebrate if America falls. They attack the American Government, corporations, people with aplomb, but, never Israel. We as Christians should be questioning all governments and people yet Israel is exempt from criticism from these alternative news personalities. We need to start asking direct questions to these alternative news personalities on the air to see if they will even entertain the questions. Their reactions will tell us volumes.

I challenge anyone reading this to question these alternative news personalities on the air and watch what happens. Let me tell you what to expect. You will either get attacked, disrespected, or disconnected and subsequently banned. We have a right to demand a forum predicated on truth with the freedom to exchange opposing ideas which should never be censored . . . not even by the alternative media. I am learning the alternative news media is nothing more than an extension of the six corporations which runs the media in America.

In closing, Israel is no better than America and needs to be under the same scrutiny. America is not just a target for the mainstream media but for the alternative media as well. Most if not all of the alternative medias topics are nothing more than spins on mainstream news. They really do not produce original verifiable news, do they? So the next time you have the opportunity to put Israel under the microscope see what happens!

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