Super Bowl 49: Occulted with Ishtar and Jupiter

Super Bowl 49: Occulted with Ishtar and Jupiter

Super Bowl 49 left Patriot fans celebrating and Seahawk fans shocked and dismayed. Who would of thought the Seahawks would get intercepted on the 1 yard line to close out the game? I can tell you who . . . the dark forces who influenced the game. As a football aficionado, I believed the Seahawks would win because defense wins Super Bowls; however, after the occult analysis I realized the Patriots would win. I kept my faith in what the Most High led me to see and stuck with it.

 “I just had a ‘vision’ I was going to make a big play and it came true. I am just blessed . . . I can’t explain it right now.”

Malcolm Butler on the interception that killed the Seahawks game winning scoring drive in Super Bowl 49

The Patriots, Malcolm Butler (#21), at the post game interview made a telling statement, “I just had a ‘vision’ I was going to make a big play and it came true. I am just blessed . . . I can’t explain it right now.” In my opinion, this is evidence of a precognitive intervention from a spirit who needed the Patriots to win.  Butler was clearly in a state of shock and disbelief because he “saw” the play before it happened and has no idea how he did it. What happened to the Seattle offensive coaching play call on the one yard line?

Who throws the football on the one yard line when you have a running back like Marshawn Lynch? He could pick up one yard just by passing gas and falling forward! Perhaps, the coaches were influenced by outside forces to make that play call and then it was shared with Malcolm Butler. The ending of the game made no sense except that the Patriots were predestined to win Super Bowl 49 by the dark forces.

Now let’s take a look at the halftime show and define what happened behind the veil of entertainment. In my post, “The Spiritual WINNER of Super Bowl 49,” I predicted Katy Perry would channel the mother of all gods/goddesses known as Ishtar.  This is exactly what happened if you are aware of Ishtar and her ancient past. Guess what animal she was known for riding? That is right a lion!

So now you see the lion has nothing to do with the “beast” from The Book of Revelation but a direct recreation of Ishtar riding the lion. Now whatever is bound on the earth is loosed in heaven so what was happening with the celestial counter part? First, we must return to Katy Perry and her relationship to pears. I know this sounds silly but bear with me so I can flesh this out for you. Let’s take a brief look at an excerpt from, “The Spiritual WINNER of Super Bowl 49.”

Now Katy Perry’s real name is Katy Hudson. She changed her name to Katy Perry. Perry is a surname of English origin, deriving from either the Old English pyrige (pear tree), referring to one who dwells by a pear tree; the Norman French perrieur (quarry), possibly referring to a quarryman. Understanding the realm of spirit is fueled by symbols and metaphors I contemplated if there was a connection to pears and a goddess. By doing this I discovered more spiritual bread crumbs, if you will.

In Greek and Roman mythology, pears are sacred to three goddesses: Hera (Juno to the Romans), Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans), and Pomona, an Italian goddess of gardens and harvests. I immediately saw the Juno connection. You also see Juno again and the relationship to Jupiter. Juno is the queen of all Roman gods and goddesses. Part of the reason Katy Perry was chosen was for her name.

As you can see “Perry” is a stage name for Katy Hudson and “Perry” can be linked to Juno and Jupiter. This connection is linked through “Perry” to pears and the relationship to Hera as the “queen” of all gods and goddesses. Just like the original queen of the gods and goddesses Ishtar. A reader even sent me an Instagram of Katy Perry where she posted a picture and captioned it, “Relates to ppl who choose pear as their jelly bean flavor of choice.”

With this being said let’s take a look at the cosmic canopy to see the celestial target of the binding spell. For this we will need to view the celestial footprint and the relationships, therein. If we look at the Leo constellation you will see the obvious connection to the lion Katy was riding. Guess what planet is in Leo? If you guessed right, you guessed Jupiter! All of these connections to Jupiter through names linked to a goddess of Jupiter!

Also, the constellation Juno is adjacent to Jupiter and another link back through Katy’s name to Ishtar:  Perry + Pears + Hera = Jupiter. This was necessary to bind the energies of Jupiter AND Juno into the mega ritual. What are the chances Perry would ride in on lion just as Ishtar is depicted? Then have so many links to Jupiter AND to actually see Jupiter in the Leo constellation?

We are certainly unaware of the exact invocation Katy Perry and her handlers recited before the show but we can bet it involved Leo, Jupiter, and Juno . . . in the name of her goddess. This should not be considered far fetched because we know Katy is affiliated with witchcraft through her shows and her Salem Witch Walk affiliations. So why did Perry wear the fiery costume riding the lion? Well, all I can submit here is Leo is a fire sign and Ishtar was known for firing destructive energy bolts in war.

Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot: Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show

Believe me when I tell you every piece of the halftime show was planned long in advance to resonate with a celestial counterpart. The holographic floor stayed true to the black and white checker board because it creates a portal between the earth and the Silver Gate. What we cannot perceive with human eyes are the spirits participating in the ritual. Once these spirits cross over they look to find a host to dwell inside.

I believe this was the purpose of Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot. Both of these individuals carry a higher melanin content than Katy Perry. What does this mean? It means they have the ability to conduct more crowd energy through their melanized skin. Of course they were also there to consciously and subconsciously promote same sex unions. The unknown facet of this equation is how the spiritual indweller manipulates and directs the energy from over 100 million people.

We do know from the Book of Daniel angels have the ability to block prayers from reaching the Throne of the Most High. So this proves they can control and manipulate mental energy after it is released into the Universe. It certainly was a strange combination of artist on the stage and Lenny Kravitz appearance did not bring much musical value except as an accessory to Perry’s song, “I Kissed a Girl.” I submit he was there for a dual purpose.

Jeremiah 7:18

The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes to offer to the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to arouse my anger.

Later, Perry ascended to the top of the stadium as a shooting star. Guess who else was known as a star? That is right Ishtar again. Ishtar is also known as the: remembrance of the goddess self, the remembrance of the divine self. She is Queen of Heaven, the morning star, the evening star, the shining star of Venus.  She is also the Queen of Earth, the fertility and the abundance of life.

Perry closed out her show flying above the crowd as a star. She resonated again another element of Ishtar at this moment. She played the goddess role and the question is what is the end game? We need only to look at the target coupled with the known energy influences of Jupiter. We know the Super Bowl was spiritually rigged by the dark forces for the Seattle Seahawks to lose. The Seahawks were the color alchemy part of the spell where their tin-blue resonated with Jupiter and the green resonated Islam/ISIS.

Let’s take a look at what these pagan occult minded folks hope to achieve using the energetic influences of Jupiter. Now I am only telling you what the energies are associated with Leo and Jupiter. This is their objective and they are merely harnessing the energies of the Most High for their own nefarious gains. Leo is a fire sign; with a fire sign Jupiter, the goal is to alter the perceptions of the collective consciousness.

One of the goals is to have the people identify strongly with the opinions of the government’s: agenda, beliefs, including their perceptions. Also, if we look at the outcome of the mega ritual of Super Bowl 48 we saw certain events that could be traced right back to elements of the mega ritual. This will be the same outcome of the mega ritual for Super Bowl 49. We must realize that Ishtar is also the Babylonian war goddess.

The main objective is to empower the “patriots” for war against ISIS. Do you see how they created the problem with ISIS and then create the solution by sending in the patriots to destroy ISIS? War energies have been placed into motion and there is no stopping them now. The opening of the halftime show was the meat of the spell and the flying star was the closing of the spell.

I believe Bobbi Kristina Brown was the celebrity sacrifice before Super Bowl 49. She was assassinated on the 33rd parallel shared by the stadium Super Bowl 49 was played in. She died exactly the same way her mother Whitney Houston died in a bathtub full of water. She almost died in the bathtub on a prior occasion which was the same bathtub (and weekend) her mother died in. This was not an accident at all but a blood sacrifice. Last year Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the blood sacrifice who also died in the bathroom. Next year I hope celebrities go camping during the Super Bowl weekend!

We cannot forget about the Silver Gate looming over the stadium. The ancients said this is how celestial beings exit heaven. Many spirits could pour into the stadium under the cover of darkness. As humans we cannot see them but trust me when I tell you they were there. We now know they can evoke other constellations by symbolizing them in the mega ritual. So it is not just about the Silver Gate.

In closing, this Super Bowl halftime show was less blatant than the last three Super Bowl halftime shows. It does not mean the spell was any less potent. As you can see many other researchers believe certain elements of the mega ritual are like a pop-up book from the Bible. This is not the case. Do you really think the satanic kingdom is trying to teach us Biblical Scripture? These mega rituals call upon the power of their gods and to hijack cosmic energy for their own plans. They are not trying to act out the Book of Revelation for us.

If we removed the lion, the star, and Ishtar from the Perry performance I consider it  “occulted-light” but still a mega ritual. Just bringing Ishtar and the lion into the mega ritual allowed Perry to call upon Ishtar and the energies of Jupiter. “They” must be terrified of Christ because “they” are working hard to stay in power and achieve their goals. The Holy Land will be the target again and not America for destruction. America is too much of a cash cow for the satanic kingdom and countries do not need to be destroyed to be networked into the New World Order.

Correction 2/5/2015 – I made an erroneous statement below from the Scripture which must be corrected!

“We do know from the Book of Daniel angels have the ability to block prayers from reaching the Throne of the Most High.”

Daniel’s prayers according to the Scripture did make it to the Throne but they were BLOCKED upon their return to Daniel.

I apologize for this oversight! – Michael Erevna

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