Hagmann/Quayle: REVENGE of the Money Changers!

Hagmann/Quayle: REVENGE of the Money Changers!

There is a saying down south, “a kicked dog screams the loudest” and what this means is, if you’re not guilty, just be quiet, and let the dogs that got hit, yell.  I have critically written about Joel Osteen, Louis Farrakhan, and T.D. Jakes (and their deviations from Scripture) and received nothing (not that their not guilty) but silence from them.  What many of you heard from these spin-doctors,  Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle, is that they were the guilty dogs yelling. Playing upon the emotionalism of their cult driven fans who worship them as idols; as opposed to staying true to the Word in the Bible.


  1. Spin
    public relations
  2. In public relations, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion in favor or against a certain organization or public figure.


It was a confirmation these men truly use the name of Jesus to brainwash people; and easily lie after setting the table with Scripture passionately vomited, as if they were ordained by the Most High Himself! After their behavior is revealed, you will learn this was all quite satanic and they are truly followers of the ideology and occult techniques of Satan himself. . .  the father of lies. This revelation will also show there is a vast network of self proclaimed watchmen, who work in collusion, to protect their business empires (money tables) created in the name of Jesus.You can identify them by who rushed to their defense with endorsements and flattery of these lying satanic devils.

Because let’s face it folks, when Jesus was in the desert for 40 days and nights, He needed hordes of freeze dried food and water to survive! I will prove to you these men went on the air and (printed) blended truth and lies to deflect attention away from the fact Doug Hagmann still cannot produce a police report which proves the police SWATTED him. This proves the fact these “under attack” stories on the air are nothing more than fabricated stories in order to keep their bank accounts swollen with sympathy donations and other product sales.



This is why Hagmann/Quayle dedicated a show to address the post coming out of Revelation Now. Why are they so scared of Revelation Now, verses a plethora of other sites which have implicated them as fear mongering shysters; with failed “imminent” danger prediction after prediction? This was a satanic plan (and not a smart one) to gain leverage against me in order to negotiate a “peace” in order to have all of the post about them removed from Revelation Now.

Two post on Revelation Now are linked to Marinka Peschmann’s site who provides evidence Hagmann/Quayle cannot substantiate a false NSA allegation and there is no police report Hagmann had a SWAT team deployed on him. 

Hagmann/Quayle left out many pertinent details about our prior relationship in order to create “spin” in the minds of their fans and supporters; who lack the critical thinking skills to challenge their stories the “boogie man” is out to get them. They played “dumb” about my identity (in their post and on the air) in order to play the victims of a “well coordinated conspiracy” because they are (as they say) “watchmen on the frontlines.”  I can now say with full confidence The Most High has nothing to do with these filthy lying unclean vessels.

Even Satan himself can quote Scripture and masquerade as an angel of light. They know I know who they are now and they thought they could intimidate me by publicly sharing private information I already shared with them! This was no great investigation by the pathological liar Doug Hagmann (Hagnochio) but a desperate spin on openly shared information from me to them.



This email represents the true end game of their retaliatory assault on my privacy. They were hoping fear would drive me to make a “peace” deal, as this anonymous person states. They felt like they had  leverage to coerce me to take down ALL the post about them on Revelation Now, because of a picture. If these men were truly spiritually advanced (as they try to appear) they would know there is no fear when the Most High is on your side. If anything they are the ones who should be afraid because they are money changers in the temple.


Let’s begin with breaking down Hagmann/Quayle lie number one.


Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number I

It is relevant to note here that it is our policy, when dealing with individuals using false names or pseudonyms on air and in published reports, is contingent on two-(2) conditions. The first is that they have legitimate reasons for doing so (e.g. whistleblower status), we are informed that the name is a pseudonym, and most importantly, we know their true identity. In the case of Kirk McLeod, we failed to exercise due diligence.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


I was introduced to Steve Quayle, June of 2013, telephonically through “V the Guerrilla Economist” while navigating through the toughest challenge in my families life. My beautiful lady was in her sixth month of chemotherapy fighting the most aggressive breast cancer a person could get. January 2013, she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, stage III and we were in the beginning of the fight of our lives. Please note how Hagnochio and Quayle made a point not to mention this in writing nor on their “On Air Admission.”

In a tearful confession with Quayle, I shared not only the cancer we were up against but my lawsuit against the Royal Bank of Scotland. Knowing there was the potential I could lose her and our three young sons (ages at the time: 6, 8, and 10) could lose their mother, was an emotional burden I would not wish upon anyone. It was the toughest challenge my family was facing and I freely shared this with Quayle who used my honesty against me, in the form of retaliation.

Many families battling cancer are faced with many unknown cost and let’s face it, eating healthy is expensive. Cancer is a billion dollar industry and there are certain cost some health care providers do not cover like the breast cancer gene test.”V the Guerrilla Economist” knew of my families circumstances and called me one day and told me they were going to send my family a generous donation. It was “V the Guerrilla Economist” who orchestrated the donation from the beginning.

Steve Quayle was sent my home address and last name and we did in fact receive a check for $5,000.  Steve made the check out to my lady which you can clearly see the last name “McLeod” and Steve’s signature at the bottom and dated June 20, 2013.  I was moved beyond belief by his alleged generosity. This check provides evidence about Hagmann/Quayle’s claim they were unaware of my “legal” name (as Hagnochio put it) which was a ruse.

This duplicitous display of victim hood was so they could activate the emotions of their listener-base otherwise known as playing upon the heart strings of the ignorant. Clearly, practicing the satanic duality of mixing half truth with lies. After seeing this check do you really believe Quayle was unaware of my last name as he claimed on the radio broadcast? Do not forget the amount of Scripture he spewed out of his filthy lying mouth in order to sound like a servant of the Spirit of Truth. I assure you when Quayle prays the Most High puts His fingers in His ears and goes, “La la la la la la la la la.”



REMEMBER Quayle stated this money came from his personal funds to build up sympathy and to appear noble. Please note the check is from his corporate account! PLEASE SEE LIE NUMBER 3 FOR THE ACTUAL EXPLANATION FOR WHO FUNDED 99.99% OF THE CHECK! ACCORDING TO QUAYLE’S ASSOCIATE “V THE GUERRILLA ECONOMIST” QUAYLE DID NOT ACTUALLY FUND THIS CHECK 50/50 AS HE CLAIMS!

Later that same year, after successfully predicting the symbols used in “Beyonce’s Super Bowl 47 performance” I shared my research with “V the Guerrilla Economist.” This was a stunning prediction (which came true) and discovery because it proved an occult science was being exercised on an unsuspecting public during the Super Bowl 47 halftime show. Honestly, I was excited to be connected to what I thought to be men serving the Most High with no hidden agenda. During this three party telephone conversation,  Steve told me I would  be a guest on the Hagmann Hagmann Report, in order to get the word out about my prediction and discovery to their listener base.


Psalm 7:14

14  The wicked conceive evil; they are pregnant with trouble and give birth to lies.


At one point in the conversation Steve asked me if I was using my real  name and I replied, “Michael, is my middle-name and my wife gave me the name “Erevna” because it is the Greek word for research. Steve replied, “Good, don’t use your real name in this business, it is safer.” After that point my name was never spoken of again. Steve then asked me for my home address in order to mail me a book of his which he never sent. Yet, again proving he had prior knowledge to my home address, city, and state. Please note how Hagnochio had to spin this as if he uncovered this from his investigation efforts.

“V the Guerrilla Economist” will confirm this conversation did in fact take place before I went on the air with Hagmann and Hagmann, in addition to the fact, Quayle already knew my last name, as previously indicated by the check he signed on June 20, 2013. Why Hagmann/Quayle included my lawsuit I filed against RBS is beyond me! What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I am sure Doug Hagmann has people in his family who have filed civil suits (or criminal incidents) with the law; however, it is devilish and unethical to print them; and they have no place in this post. I exercised my rights against illegal activity against a foreign investment bank in America, end of story.

I have succinctly provided you with evidence Quayle and Hagmann knew of my name from the beginning of our relationship based on the fact Steve Quayle himself drafted the check you see on June 20, 2013! This negates the premise they were “lied” to as they claim about my “legal name.”

I had a very important reasons for writing under pseudonym, one being, I was accurately exposing never before discussed occult mechanics and it made my wife feel safer. It is a mother’s instinct to protect her family and now more than ever because of her battle against cancer I wanted her worry free. Clearly, not the concern of Hagmann or Quayle; but, they are definitely threatened by Revelation Now linking to just two post on Marinka Peschmann’s site! Her investigation is the smoking gun many (if not all) of their on air stories are sensational fabricated unsubstantiated tales. In the spiritual realm you either serve truth or you serve lies which is an indication of your true master.

I am not making up unsubstantiated stories on Revelation Now like these lying satanist money changers. Because of their unethical and devilish retaliatory actions I could potentially have a bulls-eye placed on me. At the same time,  I will not whine about fear based scenarios because if God is with me who can be against me? If I am adversely affected by any of this . . . it is His will and not these satanic lying money changers. Amen.


Matthew 12:37

37  For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced.


In summary, if you believe anything these satanic filthy liars say after I have proved to you they began lying from the onset (of their post and on air broadcast) then you simply lack discernment. There is no way for Hagmann or Quayle to escape the fact they are caught in another lie by their own admission. In order to create an illusion they were victims of a man with a false name and by Hagmann’s own words, “In the case of Kirk McLeod, we failed to exercise due diligence.” The check signed by Steve Quayle proves different!


The fruit of the Hagmann/Quayle lies!


Due diligence was performed by the check cashing process. It also illustrates I was honest with them from the onset and if there were rules of engagement on their lying satanic radio show, they certainly were not shared with me. Ironically, they promote Hawk, V, W, and Dr. S. Do you not see the hypocrisy of these modern day money changers? They went on the air and twisted the truth as brilliantly as the devil himself. They are masters of spin and deception, in the name of Jesus, why they line their pockets with silver and gold. They feigned prior knowledge of my name on the air in order to play the poor persecuted victim card and to send their listeners on a mission of persecution.

Lie number one allows other lies to be built on top of it. I consider it the foundation lie or the lynch pin of their retaliatory devilish actions. It also sets the table for the next set of lies in order to divert attention from the fact the police have no record of ever of deploying a SWAT team on Doug Hagmann.  Most of their cult followers took their words as truth: hook, line, and sinker. To this day, Hagnochio has been unable to produce any official police documentation this SWAT incident ever happened. Do not forget Quayle asked for not only prayers but donations as well, based on these on-air fabricated stories.

As the evidence shows you, Steve Quayle, was well aware of my name and my mailing address since June 20, 2013, the date he penned on the check. In essence they were informed by me from the start! It proves again both of these devilish men will do and say anything to protect their money tables based on duping their listeners with: lies, sensationalism, and fear porn. They executed a satanic technique of the duality of lies by blending half truth and the rest lies. Please note all of the Scripture they passionately vomited in writing and speaking on air BEFORE shamelessly lying they had no knowledge of my name. This was not an expose as these satanic liars attempted to portray but simply retaliation or revenge for exposing this vast network of self proclaimed watchmen working in collusion. They know if one falls they all fall like dominos on a picnic table.


noun di·a·tribe \ˈdī-ə-ˌtrīb\
: an angry and usually long speech or piece of writing that strongly criticizes someone or something


To all of the Hagmann/Quayle cult members who emailed me and left snarky comments about “coming clean” I hope you have the strength of character to email those devils (Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle) and ask them why they lied on you. If you did have an ounce of spiritual discernment you would have seen through their veneer of their false holiness these money changers try to portray. I KNOW they are devils now and they know I know. Just by providing evidence both of these men lied (again, revisit lie number one) their entire diatribe against me falls like a house of cards.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 2

We never met either Kirk McLeod, a/k/a Michael Erevna or Marinka Peschmann in person, although had numerous telephone conversations with both. Initially and throughout our relationship with Erevna/McLeod, he sought airtime on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, and link status on SteveQuayle.com to elevate his visibility on the internet. To that end, Erevna/McLeod appeared twice on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, initially on 13 October 2013 with Steve Quayle.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle

Let’s begin dissecting the second lie spewed out of the devilish mouth of Doug Hagmann. “V the Guerrilla Economist” will inform you it was he who encouraged me to go on to the air, not me seeking air time. There was no need for me to “elevate” the visibility of Revelation Now because it was already “elevated” on the national news platform. On January 2, 2013, I was notified by my Facebook friend, Misty Hosier, that Revelation Now made the national news circuit including The Drudge Report and USA Today.

I was interviewed by various news stations and by news publications as well. For those of you who do not know my post, “The Next School Massacre Target” was delivered to the police in Virginia. After reviewing my pattern recognition related to prior massacres they decided to err on the side of caution. The next step of the police was to contact the Superintendent of the Giles County School System where he decided to close down the school system. During the closing the school system to evaluate and revamp security systems; even placing a full time police officer on duty to patrol the school property. Needless to say there was a media frenzy around this.



Revelation Now On the NATIONAL News Circuit:

Virginia officials cancel classes in Narrows after website connects town with Batman movie and Newtown shooting

‘Batman’ threat closes Virginia school

Schools close after ‘Batman’ theory connects Newtown, Aurora shootings; predicts future target

UPDATE: About 280 students absent from Giles County schools on first day back to class following online article

Map in Batman movie stirs concern in Giles County; schools closed Wednesday

‘Batman’ threat closes Virginia school’

USA Today: Conspiracy site says Batman movie led to Conn. shooting

This is just a sampling of national news coverage of Revelation Now available through a simple Google search using:  “batman + giles county schools” and there is a lot more I could have posted. If Hagmann believes his fringe show of fear porn junkies can compare to the exposure Revelation Now received from the national news network then he is delusional; but, we know this was nothing more than a ruse and follow up to lie number one.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 3


To assist Michael Erevna personally as his situation was described as “extremely dire,” Steve Quayle and another generous professional colleague gifted the sum of $5,000.00 ($2,500.00/each) to McLeod from their personal funds without any desire, request or expectation of reciprocation or repayment.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


If you listen to the very first radio appearance on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report you will hear me thank Steve Quayle for his generous donation. I was incredibly moved and thankful by this alleged selfless act of kindness and it helped defer the cost of my wife’s breast cancer protocols. Please take note how Quayle did not mention  “V the Guerrilla Economist” as also contributing to this money while on the air.

A few days later I was raving to  “V the Guerrilla Economist” about how great Quayle was and the fact he sent me $5,000 and  “V the Guerrilla Economist” corrected me. He said, “That was not Steve’s money it was mine he sent off my deal. He said, “99.99% of that money came from me.” Of course I was confused of why Quayle did not correct this fact on the air. I even mentioned this point in my post titled, “Steve Quayle: God Complex and Veiled Threats” printed on April 14, 2014. There was no emergency “On Air Admission” then to correct this fact or any email to correct this.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 4


Subsequent to Erevna/McLeod’s initial appearance, we began to become uneasy with the behavior of Erevna/McLeod, his elusiveness in answering certain questions that included, but was not limited to his professional connections. Accordingly, we initiated a due diligence investigation and found the following.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


Hagmann asked me to send him my professional biography which is basically a rip from my resume. Here is an excerpt from the advertisement for the show, “Stargates, Assassins & Massacre locations” below:


Tuesday, 8 October 2013: Imagine discovering a pattern to the mass shooting events we’ve seen. A pattern that would escape a normal review process, but clearly evident when viewed under different criteria. Imagine taking your findings to law enforcement, and after they review your findings, they actually close an entire school district because the information was so convincing?

That is just pat of the resume of Michael Erevna, the founder and editor of RevelationNow.net. Mr. Erevna worked for 20 years as a software engineer and some of the largest defense contractors and global banks in the world. Presently, he is an independent researcher with particular emphasis on Biblical prophecy, ancient cultures, and astro-spiritual mechanics.

In his capacity as a researcher in these venues, Mr. Erevna not only found a threat to a school system that prompted preemptive law enforcement action, but has also successfully predicted elements of occult rituals, including the elements contained in last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, thus turning his theory into proof.

Mr. Erevna has successfully connected the dots to decipher the true purpose behind the recent massacres we’ve experienced. There is a “method” to this madness.

– Excerpt from the Freedom Report – October 2013


There were no questions about this at all. I am an independent consultant who designs software and client/server applications for the private sector. Yes, I am guilty of the crime of having a well paid day job. It was important Hagmann/Quayle the liars spin my resume as some sort of “spook” in order to resonate with Hagmann/Quayle lie number one and false conspiratorial platform of lies. They even invited me to speak on their show “Weaponized Banking” because of my background in anti-money laundering information systems at UBS.

On this show you will hear me predict BitCoin will have many issues with anti-money laundering laws because of the lack of controls in the digital realm! A few months later the owner of BitCoin was arrested. . . for anti-money laundering charges! For the record Hagnochio get your facts straight. I made three (not two as you printed) appearances on your satanic lying radio show and I regret everyone of them because I was told it was the largest audience of the year for your fear-porn station.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 5


Michael Erevna does not legally exist, and was actually determined to be Kirk McLeod, the Executive Director of Spark Webber, an IT company based in Mount Kisco, New York. It was further determined that McLeod, individually and through his company, provided work to such government entities as the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc. In sum and substance, the very person who was speaking about deception within the government, among other issues, was found to have deep connections to the computer systems at the Pentagon and non-governmental entities that provide direct support of the military-industrial complex.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


Please return to their foundation lie number one and you will see how this sensationalized false follow up claim has no legs. Based on the check from Steve Quayle above you will see he knew the last name “McLeod” as of June 20, 2013. So folks, for 30 months prior to this false story from Hagmann/Quayle they were both well aware of my name and knew I wrote under a pseudonym. Especially, since I have successfully identified and decoded so many occult secrets being deployed on the masses. As you can see, it is these liars who have put me in jeopardy in order to protect their money tables out of retaliation. Yet, they claim to be anointed. Do you really think the Holy Spirit would anoint serial liars?

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 6


A current resident of Mount Kisco, Westchester County, New York, McLeod is using a company, unregistered in the state of New York by the New York State Department of State by the acronym ATSI to collect monetary contributions for his “research.” This is separate from his position as Executive Director of Spark Webber.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


I am assuming Hagmann/Quayle posted my village out of misdirected hostility. It was brought to my attention a gentleman by the name of Alexander Backman posted a picture of the residence of Steve Quayle in the comment section of Revelation Now. Now because of the actions of another man in the comment section of Revelation Now, Hagmann/Quayle decided with their devilish minds to print my village.

Ironically, Quayle is notorious for boasting about where he lives live on radio broadcast. It is also not difficult for anyone with an Internet connection to locate where he lives. People who have purchased homes are in publicly searchable databases and there are many on the Internet, as you read this. Meaning, anyone can locate anyone in mere minutes. This was another fake-out, that Quayle’s life and his families lives were now in “danger” and put in jeopardy; so the drunk sheep who idolize him would get emotional and attack.

I spoke with Alexander Backman and at no time has Hagmann or Quayle contacted him to take his comment down. Nor did they mention his name in the article or on their “on air admission.” Why are they blaming me for their countless enemies as a direct result of their lack of ethics, lies, and deception?  If anyone would be in “danger” it would be from someone exposing occult secrets rather than a satanic network of lying men on the air waves. I was nothing more than a scapegoat in this instance.



(n.) A scapegoat is an event, person, or object that is used to lay the blame on for all that goes wrong, regardless of the contributions of others. This will usually carry on until the scapegoat has gone, or has managed to successfully defend itself against the arguments presented to it.


Secondarily, you cannot locate a corporate structure by using an acronym in any state database. There is thing called “trade names” and it would be inconclusive. So for Hagmann to rush to judgement on an acronym is poor judgment and reflection of his so-called private investigator prowess. My web development company has no basis on any of lies from numbers one to six. This is just to create a smoke screen Hagmann cannot produce a police report to prove his SWAT fairytale on the air that Quayle built a prayers and a fundraiser around this particular lie.

Hagmann/Quayle True Story

On November 11, 2012, Kirk McLeod filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court of Connecticut for racial discrimination. The initial filing can be accessed HERE. The suit was filed against his employer, which is an indirect subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

A summary filing of specific answers to the complaint is updated HERE.

It is relevant to note that although the suit remains open, McLeod’s personal attorney ceased to represent him, filing injunctive relief with the court on October 15, 2013 (48 hours after his appearance on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report), citing irreconcilable differences in their working relationship.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle

I covered this in lie number one quite frankly this is only the business of the parties involved. It also shows they are desperate to create a smear campaign. What a bad man who filed a civil suit against a foreign investment bank! Like I mentioned previously, I am sure Hagmann has people in his family who have had run-ins with the law but they are not relevant to anything and they certainly should not be persecuted because of their past. I will not lower myself to the petty level of these lying satanic money changers.



Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 7


While we post, publish and speak using our own true names, operating not under the cloak of anonymity, but complete transparency, it is reasonable to ask why it is necessary for an alleged Christian truth seeker to hide behind a fictitious identity if he is not an active whistle blower or has anything to hide. Any reasonable person would consider this omission alone a serious violation of trust.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


As you can see their whole sensationalized lie is based on lie number one and I have already proven Quayle had knowledge of my last name since June 20, 2013. Just take another gander at the picture of the check with Steve Quayle’s signature. So do you now see the shameless hypocrisy from these lying satanic devils? There is also a witness to prove Quayle discussed my pseudonym with me.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 8


As truth became ever more elusive to us, we opted not to provide any more airtime or coverage of Kirk McLeod (Michael Erevna), or anyone else directly or indirectly involved in this issue. For reasons we can only speculate, McLeod became intent on making nuisance type allegations on the Internet, which we ignored.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


More like Steve Quayle, who is an Alex Jones cheerleader, realized I had written post about Alex Jones attempting to bond his political conspiratorial platform with the teachings of Christ, I spoke against it. I reached out to Hagmann via email on several occasions with no response after my last appearance on their satanic lying radio show. I say this to all of their drunk sheep who asked why these issues were not discussed in private. Late in my radio appearance relationship with them, I was supposed to return to discuss Super Bowl 48 and the mega ritual.

I never heard a response from Hagmann again. I was shocked to tune into their broadcast and listen to them reading my Spirit World WINNER of Super Bowl 48 prediction on the air . . . word for word! I realized something was wrong then but I was still clueless to what the exact issue could be. Now I was really interested in getting to the bottom of this and thought this was bizarre behavior from so called Christians. Why would they behave in such a manner? Next, thing I know Nathan Leal (an accomplice) was on the air babbling about the Super Bowl mega ritual! Look at the ethics of these devils!

I did not realize the true nature of the situation until I noticed a link on my site trending from Quayle’s site. It was getting hits and suddenly it stopped. Then a commenter left a snarky message and I am paraphrasing, “I am glad Quayle took your link off of his site because you talk bad about Alex Jones and he is friends with him.” It was at this moment I had an epiphany and realized this was not about the Most High but about money!

If you are not in lock step with the agenda of the satanic money changers (and this is why Christ whipped their butts then) you will be censored no matter what. Passionate “Jesus talk” is the front for this satanic lying network but “feary-tales” is also the currency they deal. You must promote fear and distract people from the true teachings of Christ to be a part of this vast self promoting network of self proclaimed watchmen. We can assume many other regular long term guest are in on this and they are also satanic liars. This will be evident by who jumps on the bandwagon to defend these lying satanic money changers or makes excuses for their transparent lies.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 9


Straining to maintain relevance and angry over being dropped from representing Hagmann in the press, Peschmann spoke telephonically to a few of our colleagues, stating her intentions to “ruin Hagmann and Quayle” by publishing a report claiming that the information contained in the sworn affidavit was a lie and we were profiting from fear. This resonated with former guest Michael Erevna (Kirk McLeod) and together, they began their public campaign of slander and libel in the fall of 2014.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


I learned about Marinka Peschmann’s article after a reader emailed me her link and told me to check it out. When reading her post I noted an email Quayle sent to her calling her an “abomination.” I received a similar email from Quayle calling me an “abomination” which birthed the “Steve Quayle: God Complex and Veiled Threats” post. Marinka and I operate in two different “ponds” where I am extremely fascinated and interested in the Word and esoteric while she is more of a political animal; and more importantly an authentic investigative journalist. Our connection now is we both have evidence these men are liars masquerading as servants of the Most High.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 10


Additionally, Peschmann and McLeod have maliciously misrepresented one of the most trusted tools in carrying our broadcast: the Hagmann & Hagmann App. Prominent on her website (as well as on McLeod’s), they devote much print space and feigned outrage over the apparent intrusiveness of the tool. Perhaps the best example of the lack of journalistic prowess of Peschmann and the IT abilities of McLeod exists here, as what they portray as an App that wants listeners’ private information is merely showing the default settings of the user’s phone. Unlike Peschmann or McLeod, we verified these facts with the creator of the app after this ludicrous accusation for clarification.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


Notice how Hagmann takes a dig at my IT skills (although he has no IT qualifications) yet I worked at the highest level of the corporate structures many times in my career. Do you really think I would be working at so many global corporations if I was not good? Plus, the fact we can already go back to lie number one and debunk anything “Hagnochio” says at this point! Let’s delve deeper into this so called “friendly” app of his and fellow satanic liars.



As a software application developer who codes in: C#, Visual Basic, HTML, and PHP, I am an authority on software builds. It is part of my job to know how they work and provide responsive service for my customers. I can tell you right now there is no application out which should be asking you for permissions like this. Anyone who even risk trusting these liars after I have proven to you they were lying about my identity from the onset are amazingly gullible! And I have a saying, “Get what you get.”

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 11


As you might be beginning to see, there seems to be something much more sinister propelling McLeod and Peschmann aside from mere maliciousness, duplicitous and deceit. Their obsession has been quite disconcerting to us.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


There is nothing sinister about exposing these satanic lying money changers. If Christ returns Hagmann/Quayle all better hide because he is going to whip you both like bad 4 year olds in K-Mart. This is nothing more that feigned victim hood but please go back and see lie number one. Their whole tale is based on the satanic duality of mixing half truth and half lies, unravels. Then we can return to the unanswered question, “Where is the police report proving Hagmann’s local police department deployed a SWAT team on him?” Because, do not forget that Marinka Peschmann has documentation there is no record of the police deploying a SWAT team ever on Hagmann.

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 12


Meanwhile, Mr. McLeod, using the name Michael Erevna, vociferously condemns us for allegedly profiting from spreading fear porn under the banner of Christianity. He portrays a sense of revulsion from our legitimate attempts to inform the public of the threats to our freedoms, and even warns people not to contribute to our efforts in any manner. While he appears to find disdain with our efforts, he himself appears to have established a fictitious company named ATSI in Mount Kisco, NY which he uses to accept contributions. Research with the New York State Department of State, however, found no record of this being a registered business within the state of New York under his real or fictitious name.

Again, he has never publicly admitted the monies he received to assist him with his research, and never disclosed his business entanglements.

– Doug Hagmann/Steve Quayle


Again, please reference lie number one and twist your head like a dog hearing a high pitched dog whistle. Yes, Hagmann/Quayle and the rest of your minions and fellow purveyors of fear, we were not given the spirit of fear.  The majority of content on Quayle’s site promotes fear and precious metals. I condemn and rebuke you Quayle, for taking advantage of elderly women who you scare the hell out so they can buy high volume precious metals and massive amounts of freeze dried food. I hope he had the decency to throw in free stool softeners! One 67 year old lady bought so much silver and freeze dried food out of fear she became cash insolvent and had to take out a second mortgage on her house . . . already paid for!

This was another lady commenting on her experience with Quayle when the microphone is off.

We now know your stories are fabrications in order to keep the cash flowing . . . in the name of Jesus. And finally, the real issue this satanic bunch of liars is concerned with when Hagnochio says, “and even warns people not to contribute to our efforts in any manner.” That is what this is really about . . . money. Please return to lie number 6 and that settles that! Have Hagnochio and Quayle declared their donation history or the volume of sales from their dooms day supply business?

Hagmann/Quayle LIE Number 13


Although we could expose more, we feel this is sufficient and have neither the time not the desire to hurt anyone. Our only desire is to briefly address this unfortunate situation.

To our listeners and readers, we submit to you that we are seeing exactly what author Tom Horn wrote about in book Blood on the Altar, where he writes about sinister demonic forces assailing true Christian ministries. Excerpted from page 31:


Ironically, they have already hurt a woman fighting stage 4 breast cancer who is now concerned for the safety of her family. It is unfortunate Hagnochio/Quayle have allowed greed to drive their bootleg ministry, while fleecing the pocketbooks of elderly listeners. To your listeners and readers you practice nothing more than the satanic lying technique of duality by mixing half truth and half lies.

Just like the father of lies! I have shown you all what they dropped on you not just in writing but orally on the air. Anyone that believes these hypocrites and shameless liars are just brainwashed and refuse to accept the facts. How can Quayle escape the fact he wrote my last name on a check? And then Hagnochio and Quayle play dumb on the air? Anyone who cosigns onto this is just as despicable as they are.

For Hagnochio to even infer this is a demonic attack is nothing more than sensationalism and piling on more lies. These men have no business representing Christ and if they had any moral fortitude they would step down. We know they won’t because they are proud calculating liars who maliciously attacked me for covering Marinka Peschmann’s post on them. They want my site down because it is promoting the fact (to this day) Hagmann cannot substantiate a false NSA allegation and now a false SWAT allegation.

In closing

I have provided you with enough evidence Hagnochio and Quayle twisted the facts of our prior relationship and lied to you all about my name. Their whole diatribe against me was hinged upon this lie. These men are not serving the Most High, they are serving themselves and appear to be practicing satanic tactics to protect their money tables. They will do and say anything to protect their money tables. They preyed upon the ignorance of their “flock” and sent virtual suicide bombers to attack me . . . based on a lie.

They also practiced a satanic brainwashing technique using the duality of truth and lie. It is no mistake they created “13” lies to activate their cult members, who I call the screaming sheep. Much of what they teach is not in conformance with the Word and that is because they are not serving Him. If they were they could never lie the way they did in their post and on the air with impunity.

Their “anonymous agent” who emailed me thought if they could sweeten the pot with the offer to remove the Hagnochio post about me (with the picture) I would be compelled to remove all  of the post about them . . . out of fear. The thing is I have no fear from these lying satanic money changers because I promote the Word accurately. If Christ returned today He would in fact overturn their money tables so they would not be mixed up with His teachings.

After they went on the air and passionately vomited Scripture to set the table for their lies I realized this was much bigger than I thought. People attacked me quite belligerently for not wanting to glorify myself by self promoting myself in the name of Jesus! How does that even work? I was not trying to gain celebrity status or line my pockets with gold and silver. I have not only provided accurate predictions but explained them free of charge. All of my research oscillates around the teachings of Christ.

I have never focused on “government deception” as stated by Hagnochio in his article but where I am led to focus my gift. Now I am focused on this vast satanic network of money changers and this is exactly why Christ overturned their money tables and whipped them like bad kids at Walmart. These money changers are serving three masters! Satan, themselves, and money. How else could they shamelessly and freely lie in writing and on the air so convincingly?

I encourage everyone reading this to quickly download copies of their post about Marinka Peschmann and myself as well as their “On Air Admission.” It is the smoking gun they are liars! Just by cross referencing their own words against the evidence I have provided proves they lied from the onset. The oxymoron is they quoted so much Scripture to set the table they are servants of the Most High while in essence they are satanic filthy liars. Jesus probably throws up in His mouth when He hears them speak.

I realized these men are surrounded by a vast network of self serving, self proclaimed watchmen, who work in collusion with them. This will be evident by any of them who stood up to support them during this so called controversy. They are connected to these lying satanic devils and are a part of it. I could have very easily started a website in my name just like these dark spiritual con men but I chose to make the Word the message.


Psalms 94:16

16  Who will stand up for me against evildoers? Who will take his stand for me against those who do wickedness?


I have actually been uncovering occult things which to my knowledge had never been connected the way I connected them. So to make my wife feel better I made a choice to support her wishes as well. Now that she is fighting cancer for the second time it was ever more important to keep her in a state of peace. Hagnochio/Quayle threw that away when they decided to retaliate against the fact they are getting caught in lies.

Do you really believe these men were acting in concert with the Holy Spirit where “their fruit” was to disrupt the healing of a cancer patient? People who follow these satanic lying devils need to realize they are supporting satanism as illustrated by their lies under the cover of Christ. This is a vast well funded (by donations and product sales) satanic network of men/women whose true god is money.

If they could shamelessly lie this easy on the air what else are they lying about? Do you not see how all of that pre-Scripture babbling was nothing more than a set up? They played their people like dumb sheep who could easily be directed in any direction they chose. All of you people who rallied to their false cry of injury are delusional and lack spiritual discernment which is the fruit of being regular listeners to broadcast of lies, deception, and fear porn.

If after all of this evidence proving they are satanist liars does not turn you away from them, you are not children of the Most High. You are not seeking truth nor do you love truth. You have chosen men over Christ and maybe it is supposed to be this way. Perhaps, the Most High has not chosen you for His Kingdom? At the end of the day, the writing is now on the wall. The question is: Can you read?

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of RevelationNow.net fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on Amazon.com. He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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