Occult Symbol of “The Walking Dead”

Occult Symbol of “The Walking Dead”


So, I have been taking a break from researching and writing while I focus on family. Like Martha in the Bible there are times to disconnect and let the peace answer your questions. I found a bit of peace and relief after being inundated with news from the fearocracy. I actually decided to watch a little television and this is something I do not do regularly.

I stumbled upon the AMC channel’s hit show “The Walking Dead” and its audience is only growing. I spent the weekend catching up to season five. The premise is a virus infects mankind and when a person dies they are soon reanimated as a human flesh eating zombie. It has diverse themes and moral issues which is the real training simulation for the viewers. The real reason is murder for any reason necessary.

I wondered if there would be any occult symbols conspicuously or subliminally placed in the scenes to drive home the message of “The Walking Dead.” Remember the real message is to kill for your own agenda and where does this fit into the Kingdom of the Most High? You most likely did not notice but the occult symbol in many of the scenes is on the end of a sword!

The character “Micchone” also known as “Samurai Girl” is the wielder of this samurai sword. On the end of the sword is an ancient symbol known as the “triquetra.” I covered this symbol in my Super Bowl 46 analysis where the triquetra loomed over the game; masquerading as the Mercedes logo.

Exodus 20:4

“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

This particular symbol was once used by the early Christians using three fish, but, it is the occult which has made it notorious. Three witches are the physical representation of this symbol spanning into literature and movies. The triquetra was made popular in the WB series “Charmed.”

This symbol represents and calls upon energies from the spirit realm where it can be directed at a target. It’s all about intentions! So we can assume the symbol is not inherently evil since the early Christians adopted it. We can also assume those who know how to activate, manipulate and direct the energies certainly have suspicious track record.

I have seen this very symbol on the wall as Lebron James practiced. Now, thinking I am on a haitus I see this symbol again. Serendipity at its finest? Or once you are in there is no getting out? Sure, this could be a harmless coincidence that the triquetra is subconscious in the show.

What does the “Walking Dead” really promote? The zombies are really the backdrop to an extremely fascinating premise.  When this premise is juxtaposed against the teachings of Christ would do you get? There is a black priest on the series and his spiritual values have conflicted with the post apocalyptic landscape.

Spiritual training failed him when he sacrificed the lives of his congregation to save his own life. He is a walking contradiction on the series and presents the teachings of Christ as weak and unrealistic. Only the killers can fit in and be valued as characters. There strengths come from their ability kill at will.

This series is a preppers Utopia and the end would finally justify their means. Each of the characters have become spiritually bankrupt in many ways. Is this the purpose of the triquetra? The searing of “The Walking Dead” character values into our unsuspecting subconscious minds?

“Music is a spiritual thing of its own. You can hypnotize people with music, and when you get them at their weakest point you can preach into their subconscious whatever you want to say.”

– Jimi Hendrix, ‘LIFE’ Magazine October 1969

I wonder if the abovementioned quote by Hendrix is also true for television? Are millions of people being hypnotized and indoctrinated with “The Walking Dead” mentality? The prophetic  books in the Bible speak of the dead rising but they will meet Christ in the clouds. Also, there is a tribulation period which sounds real bad but still no flesh eating zombies.

Maybe I am wrong and the triquetra is just there but Micchone is one of the most (if not the most) dangerous characters. She is the one carrying a sword adorned with a triquetra. I will be watching for other ancient symbols on the show now because I just cannot help myself. What do you think?

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