Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It seems weird seeing Han and Chewie again after so many decades. Han looks like he has a galactic AARP chip and shouldn’t Chewie be all grey by now? Or is he dying his fur? I have to admit after watching this latest trailer . . . I see a sick day in my future; I will be strategically placed in the 3D movie theater on opening day. I remember where I was the first time I saw Star Wars. This movie became the measuring stick for all other space based movies. There are many spiritual themes to this movie and some have even connected it to satanic occult disciplines.

If you are a regular reader on this site you know how I feel about George Lucas. I believe he has borrowed from our own ancient past which is clearly illustrated (if truly authentic) on a relief wall in Abydos, Egypt. The “land speeder” appears to have an ancient origin on the earth. I am not aware of George Lucas volunteering this information in interviews. On that note I am quite suspicious of the seemingly innocuous mental seeds it plants. It inserts the plausibility of advanced life forms which do not worship the Creator.

He in essence does not exist in these galactic depictions of life. Only the “fact” advance life forms spring forth without a Divine plan. Do not get me wrong this is excellent entertainment but those without spiritual discernment can be lead into many paths except the narrow one. Even so-called “aliens” have been quoted by their hostages as denying Christianity. The Star Wars franchise is about to explode into the consciousness of the masses and we should tell our children this is entertainment with a splash of ancient history!

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Michael Erevna

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