Saturn Home of the Fallen Angels?

Saturn Home of the Fallen Angels?


Many independent researchers and some scientist hypothesize the planet Saturn was once our Sun and giver of life to the planet earth. The Thunderbolts Project has created a venue for these theorems to gain attention in the alternative news channels. They build a strong argument using ancient art, ancient accounts, and surprisingly plasma physics.

What is evident is there was a relationship between mankind and the planet Saturn; in ancient times as well as now. Regardless of how close Saturn once was or is now. There is an unknown spiritual element to this but through ancient and modern evidence there is a parallel between Saturn and Earth; through symbols, archetypes, literature, and art.

We know the angels (who got beat down, literally) left their first estate and where exactly do they live now? Ancient accounts from the Book of Enoch (which is a book written for the last generation) state these fallen angels mated with daughters of man and a new race was created. The problem is when this new race died their giant demonic spirits were trapped on earth.

Caution: Some information is off base such as the promotion of aliens

Angels were not banished to earth they were kicked out of their first estate. Could they leave earth? Satan, certainly could according to the Book of Job. In order to accuse Satan had to be on earth and then travel interdimensionally to accuse man at the foot of the Throne.

This is where we are led to Saturn. Why? Because of all of the ancient evidence plus the NASA satellite images including video of the counter-clockwise spinning hexagram at its North Pole; so large you could fit four earths inside it side by side! The South Pole has a gas hurricane which stays in the shape of an eye. Are you seeing the connections to our ancient symbols and Saturn?


I discovered a connection between the Muslim practice of walking counter-clockwise around the Kaaba in Mecca four years ago and the counter-clockwise spin of the gas around the hexagram (cube) on the North Pole of Saturn. I have seen this discovery shared in many videos since. These very pieces of evidence link our worlds together.

The question is: Who are these beings on this world of Saturn? We can deduce they must be spiritual beings because of the inhospital conditions for carbon based life forms on this planet. Spiritual beings would be able to transition between physical and spiritual forms. These beings would have advanced knowledge in universal laws and mechanics.

Sharing their secrets only with their chosen people; most likely those of the seed of Cain. Their technology includes a planetary science where alignments are used to create portals and manipulate time. How do you manipulate time?

Mastery is achieved when ‘telling time’ becomes ‘telling time what to do’. ― Magic: The Gathering, Telling Time

This is why these elite secret societies are always linked to rituals which include archetypes, spells, cosmic alignments, and blood sacrifice. The very synthesis of these variables creates the Saturn magick they need to transport beings back and forth between the earth and Saturn; including time manipulation. They are manipulating time in an attempt to thwart Biblical prophecy and prolong the inevitable.

Do you really think Satan has not pulled out all of the stops?  Just by leaving the cosmic element out of the analysis of a very complex ancient whodunit  renders conclusions incomplete. With it you understand how planetary energy is being harnessed through earth rituals by Satan’s chosen people.

Thunderbolts Project: When Saturn Ruled the World

Even some of the moons of Saturn have garnered scientific attention for improbable terrain features and popular culture has compared one of the moons to the Death Star from Star Wars (A New Hope) and a heat signature that looks like Pac Man. Many prominent corporations incorporate Saturn into their logos.

The nation of Israel’s symbol is the Star of David which is related to the hexagram. Are you seeing the connections? Israel promotes itself as an abused “chosen people” who returned home; yet, they are connected to Saturn. Not to mention Israel is the gay capital of the Middle East. Hardly behavior in conformance with laws in the first five books of the Bible.

Pac Man Moon Saturn’s moon has a heat signature like Pac Man

You should now begin to see who the true players are for team Saturn. They are showing you in plain sight but telling you something different. Staying hidden is imperative for the success of the Satanic plan and this is why the connections between Saturn and earth are shrouded in mystery.

What we can deduce is Biblical prophecy outlining the players and the events we should be aware of as not to be deceived. This means Satan knows them as well and better than us. Satan would want to stop certain events but most likely cannot so he will attempt to slow them down.

This will give him more time to corrupt mankind to dismantle natural laws as well as universal laws leading mankind to death. Other independent researchers are suspicious of the CERN Project and they should be.

The alternative media feels mankind is playing with forces they do not truly understand or do they? All of the specs for CERN were upgraded for more power to supercool the wires; in order to delve deeper into particle research. Can we tie particle research into Saturn?

Let’s read this next statement regarding particles. “The weird way entangled particles stay connected even when separated by large distances — a phenomenon Albert Einstein called “spooky” — has been confirmed once again, this time with a key loophole in the experiment eliminated.”

What this means, in my opinion, is CERN is actually a teleportation machine which is linked directly to Saturn. The elite have been working hard and patiently waiting for the technology to create CERN. Ironically, CERN is located in Switzerland which is where serpent/reptilian symbols are artistically carved into stone on ancient buildings.

Chatzefratz:The Reptilian Lizard House and the Dragon Castle in Switzerland

The serpent is considered sacred to the planet Saturn! Do you see the connection? Our education system is designed to keep us in the dark regarding anciently understood planetary laws. This is why these teachings are shrouded in symbolic mysteries through many ancient orders.

I hope I have presented a thread between all of these points. It seems like much jumping around but there is a Saturn relationship between them all. We can not see through the clouds and gas of Saturn but the hexagon on the North Pole has received the most attention.

The hexagon has 6 sides and Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and Saturn has 6 letters. If you study cymatics you will learn each frequency has its own geometric pattern; the higher the frequency the more complex pattern. What is the frequency of Saturn? If the earth could tune to this frequency then the vibration of Saturn would resonate the earth. Remember the earth’s core is iron-nickel which will vibrate.

Cymatic Experiment:See what happens when salt takes the shape of the frequency

If I had to bet on which planet the fallen angels set up shop Saturn would be my first choice based on the evidence. There are far too many Saturn references within ancient culture and modern behavior. It has never died out only cloaked in different forms. We cannot forget we are now living in the Age of Satanism.

It is now operating in plain view and those who speak against it are labeled haters. I have seen many pictures of persecuted Christian women crying thick black mascara tears. This truly is the time of one ring to rule them all. The Bible tells us Satan will have a final stand and you are witnessing it.

I believe Saturn was rising over New York during 9/11. That was a powerful ritual which required blood and fire to open a portal into our world. They later replaced the towers with One World Trade Center and to me the architecture is part of a machine. Its purpose is to allow spiritual entities into our world.

Please watch the video I included and as usual use your own discernment. There are many premises I do not agree with but there are some good points in the video as well. We need to think comprehensively and interdenominationally to understand what is unfolding around us. Peace be with you all.

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