Baltimore Gang Say “We’re trying to STOP what is going on!”

Baltimore Gang Say “We’re trying to STOP what is going on!”

I am surprised the television media would give gang members the opportunity to speak after several media outlets reported Baltimore gangs have formed an alliance to kill police officers. This is the perfect illustration how the mainstream media is “programmed” to promote sensationalized false news.

Normally, during this time key legislation is passed without resistance or a covert operation launched. I thought it was interesting the coalition of gang member representatives felt compelled to speak out.  After several media outlets claimed there was a gang truce in order to target police officers for assassination. What ever sells, right?

The gang member stated the truce to kill the police was unfounded and he categorically denied the false media reports. In fact, he stated the gangs were attempting to squash any rioting. People depending on the media for truth should question more and not rush to judgement after this repudiation by the gang members.

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Michael Erevna

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