The Pyramid Movie: A Bit Too Physical

The Pyramid Movie: A Bit Too Physical


I have to be honest; I am a sucker for a good archeology movie. It is fascinating to see archeological evidence framed on the silver screen. The Indiana Jones movies did an excellent job making archeology the backbone of the plot. The movie, “The Pyramid” is not on this level but an interesting movie, nonetheless.

I had seen two of the actors in previous movies and both are solid actors. The lead actor is Ashley Hinshaw and her most notable role was in the 2012 movie “Chronicle.” The other notable and more seasoned actor is Dennis O’Hare. He was in “Dallas Buyer’s Club,” “Milk,” and “The Proposal.” He is probably better known for his role as Russell Edgington in the Showtime series “True Blood.”

Now we can move on to the movie. The acting was solid enough and the special effects were not bad. What made the movie interesting was bringing the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” to life. I will not drop any spoilers in this post. You do not necessarily feel bad for them because they were blinded by ambition.

Did they not see “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” My problem with the director’s interpretation was he physically interpreted spiritual things. Many of the hybrid creatures you see on relief walls in Egypt are regularly encountered on Ayahuasca trips. Other than that it was a pretty interesting movie that did not take itself too seriously.

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