Solar, Wind, Powered Egg-scape Pod for Outdoor Freedom

Solar, Wind, Powered Egg-scape Pod for Outdoor Freedom

When you hear all of this “the sky is falling news” you wonder how you could survive if civilization returned to the dark ages. What if the line between civilization and total anarchy was erased or maybe you just want to go to camping? What would you do if there was no more publicly served up electricity, fresh water,  or shelter? There is also the question of affordability. You need a budget for necessary tools and accessories to live off the grid.

The ECOCAPSULE is a futuristic looking mini camper offers self charging electricity and rain water catching with a purification system. You can also cook in the kitchen area, shower, and sit on a porcelain throne for waste management. It also makes use of all of the space with storage ability as well. The only draw back is there no trailer for it as of yet.

I am a big fan of the fact there are two systems to generate and store electricity. There is a wind mill which generates electricity when in low sunlight conditions and solar panels integrated around the rain catching architecture. All in all with a fishing pole and bow you could seriously survive and stay hidden in the wilderness. With a price tag under $3,000 it is affordable for two people looking for basic need bug out self survival.

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