UFO Seen Over Northern Virginia Skies

UFO Seen Over Northern Virginia Skies

A reader of Revelation Now sent us very interesting photos of a UFO in the skies of Virginia. I believe some UFO are man made while others I believe are manifestations of angels; and finally I believe some are living creatures. This gentleman who sent me the pictures knew he was seeing something out of the ordinary and it was not a plane, blimp, helicopter or swamp gas. Have you noticed people are witnessing more and more of these luminous orbs in the sky?



These luminous orbs appear in the daytime and nighttime while appearing to make bizarre maneuvers and eventually disappearing. What is the purpose of these “orbs?”  The photos were taken on Vint Hill Road between Nokesville, VA and the Gainesville/Haymarket/Warrenton area; as he was heading home on 10/28/2014 at 4:33 PM. He shared the digital photos were taken rapidly within 1-2 seconds of each other.


This was the second of 3 that I have seen (pretty sure I saw another 2 nights ago on my back deck) and the only one I was lucky enough to capture in photos.


The moment he realized he captured the luminous orbs can only be described as serendipity. Because he was out photographing chemtrails. He had taken a high volume of pictures on his way to work. There were so many chemtrails in the sky that day he noticed a waffle like pattern. He believes the Holy Spirit prompted him to take this pictures because he did not notice the orb in the sky before!


The behavior was pretty much a burst of light moving through or above the trail and then it vanished. I wasn’t even sure I got anything until I looked at my phone later after I was home. I was amazed at the first shot which shows whatever it is before it went full “orb” and then vanished. Since I was driving, I couldn’t watch it the entire time and when I looked up again it was gone.

After reading his experience I wonder if there is a connection between chemtrails and these orbs? I believe every covert operation unfolding in our skies is to counteract Biblical prophecy. There very well could be a connection here. One thing is for sure, there is certainly more orb activity in the skies of the earth. We will learn the truth one day.


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